Our day on Ch4 Sunday Brunch

Our experience at Princess Studios, London recording Sunday Brunch was a lot of fun. Thank-you to all the amazing people we met, including Tim Lovejoy (presenter), Stacey Solomon, and Richard Wilson and everyone in the production team. We felt very welcome.

Catch us on episode 27 of Sunday Brunch through 4OD

It's wonderful working with the Harrods Pet Spa team.

The dogs really enjoyed the day and their treatments, with all of them loving their relaxation massages during the show. So well done to the real stars of the show - Gizmo, Charlie and Holly who were fantastically behaved during the whole show.


Will be lecturing at “All for Dogs”!

We are lecturing at "All for Dogs in west Berkshire"

Its been organised by Kris Glover of Pets in Practice.


Be there to learn about all sorts of dog care and have a good look around the stands too!

Our talk is a general over view of physiotherapy so you can a glimpse of what is involved and who can benefit, and how!


See you there!

Welcome to Puppy!

Poor puppy was born with swimmers syndrome. It can be fatal, but this one is only a mild case so she is doing well, but needs a little more help along the route to strong mobility. She has come along wonderfully in the last week so mummy is going to try all she can. We've set her up with some strengthening exercises, but not too much as she's only a young puppy.

Free Mobility clinics ran by nurses

We lectured in Chichester to teach nurses how to run successful mobility clinics. In the 1 hour CPD (continual professional development) the nurses learnt how to spot mobility problems in dogs and cats; how to ask the right questions to the owner for a thorough history and some basic home exercise regimes to help improve the patients life. They now know what to refer back to the vet and/or physiotherapist and which patients are doing ok so they can put the owners mind at ease.

The clinic is suited to older dogs who may be starting to show problems, any owner who just wants a free mobility check, puppy owners who want to make sure they are getting thier dog off the the best start; post operative patients who have had operations on thier joints, for 6 monthly mobility checks; working and sporting dogs who's owners just want to see if they are coping ok.

All this for free, at Downlands veterinary group

The lecture went really well! Thank you to all those that attended, you'll be great!


Welcome to Maizy and Teezle

Welcome to Maizy who needs help with her lameness. Her nerves arn't working so well at the moment but we've given her a new excercise plan so she can start burning off some of that energy she still has, safely! And hello again to Teezle who has been up to silly capers and ran into a gate! A few massages and stretches will have her comfy, happy and full of beans again.

You'll both feel better soon!