Welcome to Toby!

Welcome to Toby. 

He was in need of a massage! He has responded very well to his treatment and relaxed into his massage and stretches. The owner now knows how to massage his hocks to help him stay comfortable between his sessions and we have given advise on warming him up before he goes out for his hacks.

He's doing very well, and was a dream horse to work on.

Improve International CPD courses

We provide physiotherapy lectures for Improve international.


Our next 2 day practical course is due on 11/03/13. Book your places soon to ensure you get a space as places are limited.

We have now also been booked to deliver a new lecture in 2013. A one day practical, to update your rehabilitation skills, for vets and nurses. Keep an eye out for information on the Improve international website, and email them with to register your interest early!


Welcome to Puppy!

Poor puppy has come for physiotherapy for rehabilitation of a rare disease commonly known as "swimmers". Its termed as this as the puppies often look like they are trying to swim, due to the flattened shape of their chest.

Puppy fortunately had quite a mild form of this, that was only effecting her hind region. Having been diagnosed with "Swimmers" she came for a physiotherapy session. Puppy was able to walk, but the owner had noticed that she had started to lag behind in her development. Fortunately this owner had lots of veterinary help on hand and so was already doing many of the right things at home.

I set her up with some more exercises to do at home, designed to encourage her strength, ability to hold her hind limbs into the body, and improve her co-ordination. She also did some hydrotherapy. The owner was to do these exercises multiple times a day. We had to be careful not to do so much as to over exercise the puppy as she was only 5 weeks old at our first consult.

When I next saw the puppy she had improved greatly! She was catching up with her litter mates and was running and enjoying being a puppy. She still had some strength issues, and this was mostly showing when she was trying to climb over obstacles.  I set her another exercise that would encourage a movement called adduction. This is when you move a limb inwards, towards the body. This movement still needed strengthening.

Good news is that the owner thought she would struggle to find a suitable new home for her. This was all OK as she was happy to keep puppy anyway. But lady luck was shining on her, and she now has a new loving mum who is going to keep up her home exercise regime so she can make a full recovery.

If you need help with a "swimmers" puppy or know anyone else who does, then do contact us.

A professional expert for T.V. vet Paul Manktelow

We are proud to announce that Donna Wills has now been head hunted to join the team of professional experts for Vital pet health.

See her "meet the experts profile" on their website.

Paul Manktelow is a famous face on the T.V. vet world and is also head veterinary surgeon for the PDSA. He has set up this online service to give advise to owners when they have health and pet care questions.

Don't worry, Donna isn't going anywhere. She is just writing informative articles for the website and answering questions as they come in.


Cows can have physiotherapy too!

Cow receiving physiotherapy! Really enjoyed it and felt so much better afterwards!Meet Highridge Eternity

A farmer in Swindon shows some of his cows. He went to a show and sadly Highridge didn't win. He was told by the judge that he probably would have won if his gait was good. However he was throwing his left hind out.

So the farmer called to see if there was anything physiotherapy could do to help. There certainly is. Donna has a farming background from before her nursing years and so was able to draw on this knowledge and with some extra research and investigation during the session, a solution was concluded and physiotherapy was delivered.

The farmer was given a home exercise regime to follow, which he did.

When the case was followed up a week later, the farmer reported that "Highridge was better immediately following the session", and with the guidance given she has stayed sound in movement. He said "you can give yourself a pat on the back for that one" and he has also recommended us to the other farmers at the show, even though there was a lot of surprise when he told them he had sought help form an animal physiotherapist.

Highridge was a wonderful patient to work on!



Doga Pictures at Harrods as promised

Harrod's recently started new Doga classes!

Doga has been around quietly for a long time, but it has just hit America hard. It has also been shown by Stacy Solomon (Who we met a few weeks ago on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch) and her dog on television.They have a specialist Doga instructor who has a long history in using yoga as therapy for children. Mahny now specialises in Doga too.

Harrod's asked Animal physiotherapy Ltd to come and join in for a Doga class to see what it was all about. It was very different to what we expected. It was a wonderful opportunity for dogs to bond with their owners, and their owners to get a great yoga work out, and finally also, for dogs to socialise with other dogs!

Admittedly, its a little bit better if you have a small dog. Donna went with her border collie cross, and it was....interesting, when the lifting parts were to be done. But on the other hand, far less flexibility was needed to stretch down to fuss him on the floor!

What was clear was that all the dogs really had fun and played and mingled, and all owners had a great Yoga work out. And as the session went on, the dogs did all get involved with cuddles and joining the owners as they stretched. And by the end of the session, when the owners were doing their relaxation breathing, the dogs were laying down, relaxing with them. Well, 3 of the dogs laid down on the floor licking the face of the camera man, which did make us all laugh a lot!

It was definitely a fun thing you can do with your dog.

Learn calming massage ready for fireworks season

It's that time of the year again. Fireworks will be randomly heard by our pets from now, until after January. But there are things we can do to help!

Your vets will have lots of excellent advise to give you, and will include herbal remedies to encourage a sleepy feeling, or pheromone therapy like D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone) or Feliway (happy facial pheromones for cats). All are excellent to promote calm and tranquillity.

But remember, it takes a whole happy home to create the best environment for peace and tranquillity. If you can make the home a totally peaceful zone, then your pet can rest and relax no matter what is going on outside.

So how about learning how to massage your pet! We offer a 1 hour one to one session. The session is for you and your dog, cat or rabbit. We will show you how to be calm and relaxed and feel confident delivering safe, calming massage. You can then use these techniques at home or in the park, or anywhere else that they maybe worried and in need of emotional support. 

Learning massage techniques like this works well in conjunction with the other forms of therapies, or on its own, depending on how worried your pet gets.

Contact us for more information



In Reading post!

Today we were in the Reading post!

Thank you to Castle vets for putting the article in. Just a small one this time, so no online cover, but there are plenty of stories following us from Reading post, in their archives.


Business profile, and a beautiful picture of Elsie, one of our many hip dysplasia patients. She was very sever, but she is still doing so well!


Donna Wills treats Alaskan Malamute Elsie


Profile following Donna Wills, with a much loved and missed Raffles. We kept him so comfy for many years after his knee surgery


Physiotherapist Donna Wills looks after Raffles.


One of our more sad stories, Milo got a crush injury in his crate. But with the hard work of the loving owner and intense physiotherapy, he made an outstanding recovery to full mobility!


Milo with owner Joanne Brown


There are many articles out there, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay alerted as they come in, and watch this site for updates!