BBC London radio – changed to prime time slot!

We have been asked to go on BBC London radio show with Jo and Anna. "Barking at the Moon" was a show on every fortnight at 11pm.

Today we have been moved to the more prime time slot of 3pm!

We don't know many details yet, but we will keep you posted! It is on 6th December we will put up lots of pictures of the day.

Such fun!

Welcome to Frodo, Charlie and Daisy

Hello and welcome to Frodo, Charlie and Daisy.

All of whom, have come with bilateral hip dysplasia! Its such a common problem, but also one that can be helped so much with physiotherapy. So we will have them in peak condition soon!

Daisy actual had one hip replaced 3 years ago. Surgery was a great success  but the recovery was long and difficult. Although Daisy did so well, they have chosen physiotherapy as the course of treatment now that the other hip is starting to show problems.



Will be on BBC London barking at the moon!

Donna Wills has been asked to appear on BBC London barking at the moon. This will be on 6th December 2012. 11pm. Don't worry, it will be on i player so you can listen later!

The show is hosted by Joanne Good and Anna Webb.

Donna first met Jo and Anna at Harrod's,London on their opening of the pet spa, and again when they visited when Donna was spending the day massaging her dog in the window of Harrod's, on Brompton Road.

We will keep you posted!

Telegraph news feed – dog that does the best “play dead”!

Telegraph put this news post out.

The dog is happily playing, and then does the most amazing "play dead". Has a quick peep to see what the other dog thinks. And then gets up to play some more!

We though it was worth every one seeing!


Welcome to Quigley, Gerrard, Coda, Angel, Zara, Sampson and Humphrey!

Quigley, Gerard, Coda, Angle, Zara, Sampson and Humphrey have all recently joined our ever growing patient list!

A big welcome to you all!

All their treatments are started and treatment plans set.

Quigley is our famous face. He is the face of Companion care, but now needs help with his osteoarthritis. His years of bouncing and carrying branches that were far too big, are starting to show. But hos progress has been amazing. After the first session the owner was shocked at the immediate improvement she saw in Quigley. He is now far more mobile and happy for walks.

Its good timing to get in early before the cold weather really kicks in, if your pet is starting to show any signs of ageing  stiffness or slowing down. If you are not sure, try our mobility checker!

Gerard has had a history of shoulder OCD and bilateral hip dysplasia. He is only young, and the highly vigilant owner wants to ensure she is doing all she can for him. He is doing very well. The owner has her own hydrotherapy pool, so he is getting excellent therapy!

Coda and Angel are sisters so they share their dysplasia's of elbows and hips. Its only mild so again, great owners making sure they get on top of their dogs problems before they get bad. They have their exercise regimes set and are doing well.

Sampson has a very poorly front leg and so is having antibiotics for now, before we can do anymore for him, but he will recover soon.

Humphrey is a beautiful old cat. He is having many problems, but the one he see's me for is osteoarthritis in his back leg and poor ability to use the limb. Following our second session, he was using the limb well again! His mum was so happy to see this, it made it all worthwhile.