NCDL physio story, that tugs on your heart strings!

This story tugs our hearr strings. Juliet (Wonkey) was born with short carpel flexor tendons, so she couldn't walk properly. After just a few weeks of physiotherapy she is now able to walk normally and enjoy a happy life!

She will soon have a new and happy home. What a cutie!

Well done Juliet!


Supporting local business: Berkshire dog training

Berkshire dog training has been set up by a highly experienced and dedicated dog trainer. Gemma, who set up Berkshire dog training has a long and high level of experience in the agility and dog training field. She cares highly for her dogs and that's how we met, so rest assured, she will care highly for yours too. There is a full team of highly experienced and caring trainers too.

This centre helps your puppies and dogs, learn obedience and other skills for life in a fun and enjoyable way for both owner and dog.

There is multiple locations and many different classes. So visit the website to see what's on, to get involved!

Welcome to Aston, Harley, Poppet, Logan, Dougal, Pi, Wallis and Lucy!

It has been a busy month for us, with many new patients coming in. The winter months have taken their toll. Welcome to everyone....

Hello and Welcome to Aston and Harley. Two brothers with hip dysplasia. Both now having physiotherapy to relive the symptoms. Two lovely dogs.


Logan is a giant breed, Borzi who has lameness in the fores. He is in need of rebalancing and a new home exercise regime that suits his age and size better. He is just getting older now and needs a little help.

Poppet has had corrective surgery for luxating patella's. She now needs rehabilitation to rebuild muscle and maintain good, comfortable range of movement.




Dougal needs relief for his elbow dysplasia. He is coping very well at the moment and we want to keep him that way.




Pi had an accident and was sadly hit by a car. Such a strong dog though, Pi made a great recovery, but has nerve damage to her right fore limb. We are getting those nerve stimulated again and hope to get the limb back to full working order soon!

Wallis is a very hansom man who is a rescue dog that was very badly treated as a puppy. Sadly now he is worried most of the time. But he has the most patient new mum who has now brought him for physiotherapy as he is starting to feel the effects of getting older. We made him feel totally comfortable before therapy commenced. We are relieving his stiffness and making him more comfortable every day.

Lucy has a sore fore limb. She is limping but the vet is not sure why. She has been referred by the vet, to me to see if we can get her comfy again. So far she is feeling better already and its only one week since we started treatment.




Article for T.V. vet Paul Manktelow

Donna has been on the professional panel of experts for Vital pet health for a while now. This is an informative website ran by T.V. vet Paul Manktelow. He has been busy recently filming a new series called Junior vets. He reported that working with both children and animals truly is a difficult as it sounds, but he enjoyed it all. We love seeing animal work and care being promoted to our next generation.

Paul asked Donna to write an article for Vital pet health to tell everyone what its like to be an animal physiotherapist. The day in the life of an animal physiotherapist.

See the article on the site!

Free owner training in the comfort of your own home!

Petsavers are giving free webinars to owners!

As veterinary professionals, we all have to keep on top of what is new and upcoming in the medical profession. This means keeping our knowledge and skills up to date. We are required by our regulators to do this so that we keep our qualification and stay members of our governing bodies.

One of our CPD (continual professional development) providers is now doing a series for owners! Its FREE and is designed to update owner knowledge.

This is great news, afterall, things change all the time and so what a great idea to help us all stay fresh.

Most importantly it couldn't be easier! Click the link and its all available online as a funky webinar! This means you can sit back and listen in the comfort of your own home.

Happy learning!

Welcome to Ben!

Ben is a beautiful Labrador. He has had a hemilaminectomy and so has a difficult path ahead. But he also has a highly dedicated mum and dad who are doing all they can.

They now have an intense home exercise regime and Ben is remaining happy. His back legs are growing stronger already and we hope to have him on his feet soon!

Good luck Ben, keep up the hard work, your a real trooper!