Welcome to Bruno

BrunoHello and welcome to Bruno. He is a wonderful Border collie with severe hip dysplasia in both sides. Poor little angle had a tough start in life as he was rather unwanted. But now he has a new daddy and loving family, who are caring for him immensely.

He is on a muscle building program  with stretching. He is far more comfortable already, which is great to see as he is only 3yrs and and a whole life ahead of him.

Bruno was very nervous of the whole idea of physio when he first came, but he quickly settled in and love his sessions.

Welcome to Yuki!

Hello and Welcome to Yuki. Yuki is a Siberian husky who does mushing. Mushing is sort of like sledging work, so they can work in a way like they were bred too. Yuki was brought to us to have a check over and just make sure she is in the best body condition so that she is fit and healthy for her exercise.

Many athlete dogs and working dogs can benefit from having check ups, just to make sure they are in peak condition. This can save any serious injuries occurring by picking up on any issues when they are in the early stages.

Happy mushing Yuki!


Thank you to everyone for your words of congratulations! I had an amazing wedding and my Logan was the most amazing ring bearer in the world! There are some picture here as requested by all! Including an action shot of Logan catching his bubble!