Welcome to Tom

Hello and Welcome to Tom. Tom is a miniature poodle has been diagnosed with Legg Perths disease. This means the vet had to do a femoral head and neck excision. this means remove the hip joint. Poor tom also has cruciate ligament laxity as well.

So Tom is now on a program to get him confidently using the limb that has had the surgery on as quickly as possible so that we can work on the cruciate issue. If that becomes worse, or breaks (ruptures) he could need surgery on that too, so its essential we get him comfortable fast.

Removing the hip joint is not as bad as it sounds. Many dogs and cats have this procedure and do recover very well with a fully functioning leg. The difficult thing is that small dogs are so good at using 3 legs, that they tend to not try to use the poorly leg. So that's just one of the jobs the physio has to do...remind them that they do have 4 legs!

We'll have you feeling better soon Tom!

Welcome to Zac

Hello and Welcome to Zac. Zac is a Labrador with bilateral hip dysplasia. The owner is highly aware of Zac's needs and has done many forms of therapy in the past. She  has now come for physio as her vet has recommended it.

Zac has a muscle building program to do at home.

We'll have you feeling less stiff soon!

Welcome to Millie

MillieHello and Welcome to Millie. Millie is a lovely Jack Russell cross. She also had a hard start in life and so, is terribly nervous  The wonderful owner has also worked in dog rescue, so has dedicated her life to helping Millie, and many others.

Millie is suffering lameness in the hind from mild cruciate disease. She has been referred by the vet as he feels we may be able to avoid surgery. She is 8 years old.  But we shall see as sometimes cruciates can be stabilised with exercise  but this takes dedication form the owner and co operation form the patient.

Good luck Millie, keep up the good work and hopefully we can avoid the surgery.

Welcome to Isobel

Hello and Welcome to Isobel. Isobel is a fox terrier with elbow dysplasia. She only shows mild lameness at the moment, so the highly vigilant owner has brought her to start her physiotherapy nice and early. This is excellent as it avoids the bigger problems that will happen in the future, occurring as quickly. It also means Isobels issues will be picked up before they become too bad meaning she can avoid getting very painful.

Mum also gets the much needed emotional support as she is terribly worried. We all worry about our pets. They are a much loved part of the family these days so its no wonder we all need a sympathetic ear when there are medical issues. It is very worrying.

Isobel is in good hands, with the vet and physio now!

Welcome to Zig

Hello and welcome to Zig. A gorgeous springer spaniel that has had surgery following cruciate ligament rupture.

Zig is highly spirited and young. the owner needs emotional support through this one too as its very scary when you have a young dog that doesn't want to take thier time to recover.

Zig is doing very well, and now he has a physio regime, both owner and Zig will cope far better.

Keep up the good work Zig and mum!

Welcome to Roxy

Roxy is a beautiful English pointer living in London. She gets to enjoy wonderful trips to the countryside at the weekends. Sadly she has got lame in her fore leg and needed some help to become more comfortable and get back to health. It was an infection that caused the initial lameness, but she's not quite right yet. Any lameness can impact on the rest of the body by throwing it out of balance and causing muscle to build on the limbs doing the extra work, and muscle to decrease on the side that is not working as hard for now. In turn this also impact on the joints as the dog loads their weight through the limb incorrectly.

Her owners have been given exercises to work on her problem areas.

Keep up the good work mum and dad! You'll all be back bounding around the countryside soon!

Welcome to Dylan

Dylan is a very hansom Rottweiler. Sadly he has severe bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis already, and he is only 6 months! He has had to be put on some strong pan relief  But this is only temporary. He has been sent to us for physio so we can build his muscle in a sensible manor. This will make the hips more stable, which will reduce pain and reduce the aggravation of the arthritis.

The owner already has an excellent walk regime, so this helps. We just need to give more specific, non-impact exercises to help the hind build up without causing more damage and inflammation.

Hip dysplasia is a very common problem and can effect any breed, not just Labrador  Physio is an excellent form of therapy for this disease. It won't fix the bone shape, but building muscle is the best treatment. Then they can live much more normal lives.

Welcome to Dippa

Hello and Welcome to Dippa. Poor Dippa has bilateral (both sides) hip dysplasia that is already turning arthritic. She has been referred by her vet for physiotherapy so we can build muscle and get her more comfortable in her movement. This will help Dippa feel less pain every day, so that she can lead a happy life and still have lots of fun.

Dippa now has an exercise regime that owner and dog will do at home, to keep her comfortable.

Welcome to Betsy

BetsyHello and Welcome to Betsy. Betsy has a very cute face. She has been sent for physiotherapy to relieve pain in the lower back area and also build strength in her hind. She has a grade 1 luxating patella, so strengthening could and hopefully should, mean she will avoid the need for surgery.

So far she is taking to her home exercise regime very well and she is certainly enjoying the massage for her back.

Keep up  the good work mum and Betsy.

Welcome to Ted

TedHello and welcome to Ted! A beautiful, if a little noisy, west highland white terrier. He has Legg Perths disease. This effects young dogs and causes hind limb lameness. In more severe cases they need to have the head of the femur removed (hip joint). This is what happened to Ted. So he is now having physiotherapy to rehabilitate following the surgery.

Typical of many small dogs, he is very happy on 3 legs, so he sees little need to try to use the leg that has had the surgery. So our job is to help Ted regain confidence in the limb, regain good range of movement and build strength. This is all under way and is going very well.

Keep up the good work Ted!