Welcome to Bo

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Welcome to the very excitable and happy Bo. She was a rescue, so well done mum! Poor thing started to show some odd signs early on, in her walks, so she was taken to the vets. Following referral to a specialist she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips.

Referred for physio, we set to work on a muscle building program that will try to keep her strong and comfortable for many years to come.

Thank you for joining our Club Bo!

Welcome to Tala

Femoral head and neck excision

Femoral head and neck excision

Hello and welcome to Tala. Beautiful and highly spirited Tamaskan. She was referred for pre-operative physiotherapy to build her up ready for a femoral head and neck excision (removing the top of the thigh bone). This was a great referral so well done to the vet! It gave the owner and dog the time to get used to the regime they would need to follow in the future and allowed us to be able to build some muscle. All this adds to the successful outcome of the surgery and a speedy recovery.

It worked a treat. Tala has now had her surgery and will be in far less pain once recovered. We wish you a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with the very worried mum!

She has her exercise regime and we'll keep updating it as her recovery progresses.

Well done for all the hard work so far!

Welcome to Ben


Wobblers Disease

Wobblers Disease

Welcome to Ben. He has had spinal surgery after he was diagnosed with a disease called "Wobblers disease". This is the common term for disease in the neck region of the spin.

The surgery was a success, but he is still a bit unsteady on his paws, though he is very mobile and getting around very well!

We are giving a new plan of home exercise to help him improve his co ordination further so he can feel more confident in his movement.

There's lots we can still do Ben! Keep up the good work!



Welcome to Rouke

Rouke is a hansom wire haired Hungarian Weisler. This amazing dog is really in the

Poor boy, poorly skin and bone!

Poor boy, poorly skin and bone!

wars, but fortunately has the most dedicated mum, and veterinary team doing all they can for him.

He has come for physiotherapy to rehabilitate, having had a femoral head and neck excision. This means the top of the femur (thigh bone) had been removed. This is a common option when a hip replacement is not appropriate. Rouke also has an extremely complicated skin condition, which added complications to his surgery and recovery.

But he is seeing a specialist veterinary referral centre for his leg and skin, so we hope he is feeling better very soon.

Welcome To Gracie

Welcome to Gracie. A beautiful German Sheppard, sadly suffering hip dysplasia on both sides and arthritis in the right side, making it even more painful.

Beautiful girl with hip dysplasia and arthritis

Beautiful girl with hip dysplasia and arthritis

She has been put on a muscle building plan and she is doing very well.

We welcome her to the Animal Physiotherapy club and we will keep her strong and comfortable so she has many comfortable years ahead.

She is already much more comfortable!


Welcome to Jed

Jed is a beautiful border collie. He tore his Cruciate ligament and had to have a Cruciate repair surgery.

He thinks he's ready for his walk now!

He thinks he's ready for his surgical repair.

He has come for physiotherapy for his rehabilitation. We are pleased to report he is doing excellently. His muscle is building well and he is almost back to full strength already.

A wonderful new patient and owner!