Welcome to Rocky


This poor little bean has been through a lot in his life, but he's a total fighter. This rescued dog has had a hemilaminectomy, which is spinal surgery. Sadly he didn't respond well and needed physiotherapy. It wasn't given early on and now he has very little use of his hind legs. But he's a happy boy and in no way hindered, so everyone is working hard to give him an excellent quality of life and see if we can get him making use of the back legs again.

keep smiling Rocky!

Welcome to Drum


This hansom man has joined our physiotherapy club to help get better. He has been diagnosed with coronoid disease. More commonly known as elbow  dysplasia. This type of elbow dysplasia means little cracks can form in the bone causing discomfort and limping.

We are pleased to report he is a very happy boy and enjoys a full life. But arthritis is now adding to the problem so we are helping him have some new lifestyle actions that Will keep him more comfortable for his happy years ahead.

Lovely to have you and your parents on board Drum!

Welcome to Timmy

Timmy is a beautiful cat. Sadly he got hit by a car and he broke his jaw. After being wired, it healed well. But a few months later and his jaw has seized up. He can still eat and drink and is very happy, but its just all very messy.

X-rays showed that there was no issues with the bones so it had to be muscle. So his vet referred Timmy to us.

Even after his first session he was showing improvement. We showed the owner what to do daily and they have been very good at following the regime.
He has continued  to make progress and already has a better yawn!


Welcome to barney

Hello and welcome to barney. This beautiful boy has had a TPLO which is an operation to fix his knee when his cruciate ligament broke.

He is recovering very well and walking confidently. His muscle is building and he is feeling happier already!

Well done to mum and dad for working so hard on his rehabilitation plan. Keep up the good work.


Supporting local business – Casey’s Drivin

Casey, our local award winning stunt girl celebrity, and entrepreneur, has set up a brand new event to Bracknell.

Casey's Drivin allows you to turn up in your car and watch a film in an open air field. It is in support of local charity sebastians action trust. And most important to us, its dog friendly! Your dog will be with you the whole time!

Hurry, as this is an exclusive event and there is only showings on 14th and 15th September, so see the website and book quickly before all the tickets run out!

Tala’s progress

Tala's mum is so impressed, she decided to do  a video which she has kindly uploaded to YouTube for us all to see.

Tala had a femoral head and neck excision only 41 days ago. This means the top of her thigh bone was removed, so her body will form a more comfortable false joint.

Look how well she is walking. She has been having weekly physiotherapy, and the owner has been an excellent roll model and followed the home exercise regime well! The work has paid off!

Tala after the operation

Improve international seminar

Our 2 day seminar "An introduction to animal physiotherapy" was very well received and had great feedback! The seminar, which was both hands on practical based, as well as presentation, was attended on 30th and 31st July.

One comment was that it was great to have a veterinary nurse doing physiotherapy! As donna, our speaker, is both a veterinary nurse and animal physiotherapist, she can give an experienced view of the subject from a veterinary perspective too.

Thank you to all who attended the seminar, and thank you to improve international for hosting and providing the course.