Welcome to Thomas


Hello and welcome to this very cool Chow! Poor Thomas has arthritis and a bad limp. He also has an amazing mum who is doing all she can to make him more comfy.

He's now started physiotherapy and mum has some exercises to do with him. We'll have him feeling better soon.

Keep up the good work mum! And thank you for the great photo!

welcome to Chitto


This Hansom Bengal kitten tried to have a fight with a door and sadly came out worst. She fractured her leg at the top of the femur. The best option was to do a femoral head and neck excision. This means removing the top of that bone.

He's now recovering really well and we have started physiotherapy to give the kitten better strength and flexibility through the recovery. This will mean a more successful outcome and a happy kitten full of life and able to do everything he wants to in life!

Happy recovery Chitto!

Welcome to Ludo


Hansom labradoodle sadly couldn't avoid the hip dysplasia. His highly vigilant owner noticed the stiffness early. The vet did an x-ray and diagnosed hip dysplasia in both sides with early stages of arthritis.

We now have Ludo on a program of muscle building and stretching and we've set a better walk regime. He'll soon be much more comfortable and we Will keep him that way for many years to come.

Well done dad and Ludo!

welcome to coco

Coco is a beautiful Labrador. He had a cruciate repair a few months ago and was healing wonderfully. Then sadly he started to get lame again.

He's now been referred to us for physiotherapy and we haveĀ  set Coco a new home exercise regime. It may well be the effects ogre arthritis that is now causing through lameness. So we are giving an appropriate regime that will suit arthritis as well.

Good luck Coco, see you again soon!