Welcome to Barley


Beautiful Barley had a real surprise hiding under the skin. No one knew there were any problems really. Then one day, Barley went to a routine booster and the vet found the knee cap (patella) was dislocated. This can be quite a common problem so isn't as bad as it sounds, but it will cause terrible future arthritis.

Barley went for x-rays and surgery to correct the fault. The vet actually found that the whole of he thigh bone had not formed properly. This meant there was no grove for the knee cap to sit in. so really it had been free to sit wherever it liked all of Barley life.

This has now been surgically corrected and Barley is having physiotherapy for post operative rehabilitation.

Barley is doing very well Swelling has gone and we are getting better. There is still some way to go as Barely isn't using it properly yet, but she will get there.

Keep up the good work Barley and mum!

Welcome to Gina


Not a common bread these days! Hansom and calm Gina has come for physiotherapy with regard to her spondylosis and hind limb weakness.

We have set her up with an exercise regime to get her more confident in her hind so she will build muscle. We will also keep her back comfy.

Lovely to meet you Gina, we'll have you feeling better in no time!

Welcome to Charlie


Charlie is a hansom border Collie cross. Sadly he became the victim of a dog attack. He suffered multiple wounds including a punctured lung. This was repaired by specialists and he made an excellent recovery.

However, the skin wounds were extensive and whilst they healed well, they also formed adhesions and scar tissue. This means the skin was not as mobile as it should be. It was tight and restricted Charlies movement and was uncomfortable.

Just 3 physiotherapy sessions was all it took to break this down. The owner was given a massage technique to help between sessions.

Charlie is now fully recovered and full of the joys of Spring!

Well done Charlie and mum!

Welcome to Molly

Molly is a beautiful briard. She has had a bit to contend with over the last several months. Her gradual decline in motivation was so slow that it seemed just love normal old age creeping in.  Then very suddenly a mass appeared from behind her shoulder blade.

Vet investigation showed mild hip dysplasia with early arthritis. So the mass was moved from the shoulder and she was sent to us for physiotherapy.

The mass removal made a great difference to her energy levels so that was a great start. We them set her on a more manageable and comfortable muscle building program for the hips.

So far she is showing great progress and better hip extension and she is more and more keen for her walks.

Keep up the good work Molly!


welcome to Roxy

Hello and welcome to Roxy. This poor little sweetie has been under alot of stress in the past several months. This has lead to some behavioural problems, but has also manifested as back pain.

Many medications and calming aids have been tried, but with no success. So the owner decided to try physiotherapy.

Back pain was evident, though she was determined to hide it. So our treatment consisted of a full body massage concentrating on the back.

We showed mum how to do some massage at home which she would do daily before bed to ensure a relaxed nights sleep for everyone. Mum took it all on board, and went home.

We are so pleased to hear that just 3 days later all the behavioural problems have stopped. Mum has been vigilant at doing the massage as instructed and so far its all worked out perfectly.

Keep up the good work mum and stay calm and happy Roxy!



welcome to Hollie

Hello and welcome to Hollie. Hollie has has a long history of hip dysplasia and then this developed into arthritis. The owners have worked hard over the years keeping her comfortable with a regime of hydrotherapy and then later, accupuncture. Sadly this has now developed into further issues. She is now struggling with balance and co ordination.

So she has now been referred to us for physiotherapy. We have started her on a muscle building program and some exercises to increase her ability to "find her feet". Good news, having had only one session and a week of work with the owner, the owner reports she is already looking stronger and more confident.

Keep up the good work Hollie!