Welcome to Pixie


Lovely little tiny Pixie has had a raw deal so far in life. She has been diagnosed with bilateral luxating patella. This means her Knee cap dislocates regularly. It was so bad that she needed surgery to reduce the problem in one side.

Surgery went very well but following this it was clear she needed some help building her muscles.

She was referred to Animal Physiotherapy Ltd for physiotherapy. We have set her up on a muscle building program.

Sadly this case is complicated by the fact that she is so small and so its difficult to make her do some exercises correctly. She also has now become very afraid of people touching her. But we have still managed to work a program around all of this and she is making progress.

Good luck Pixie and keep up the good work mum!

welcome to Charlie


Hello and welcome to Charlie. Poor Charlie had a serious fall. he had a serious fracture to his pelvis.

But he made a great recovery. So Much so that mum struggles to keep him calm, even though thats for the best.

He still suffers the odd ongoing effect of the injury so mum decided to seek further help....us!

Charlie has has some mild issues identified and has been put on a rehabilitation program. He continues to do well and is making more progress everyday.

Well done Charlie, keep up the good work!

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