Welcome to Stoney

Stoney the Staffie has suffered a fibrocartilagenous embolism! Sadly this causes paralysis for various lengths of time. The only real treatment is physiotherapy and time.

We are pleased to report that Stonies paralysis was short lived and he was active and mobile very quickly. Physiotherapy was still needed as he still had difficulties in certain movements and needed to regain his strength.

Stoney has been set up with a series of excercises that will improve his proprioception and confidence in the effected limbs.

He is doing really well! Keep up the good work Stoney and dad!


Welcome to Lucy

Beautiful Lucy had a tough time in her earlier life. Then her loving new mum came to the rescue!

She is now in her greyer years and so her mum felt it was time to get her mobility checked and learn some techniques she can  use at home on a daily basis to make her life more comfortable.

Lucy loved her massage and benefited greatly. The owner now knows where her weaknesses are and has some techniques to use.

Lovely to meet you Lucy and good luck mum.


Welcome to Jenny


Hello and welcome to Jenny. This beauty has had a wonderful and mobile life but now shes in her greyer years she is starting to struggle with her arthritis.

We are giving her pain relieving massage and mobilisation exercises for the owner to do at home, and she is feeling better!

Keep up the good work Jenny and mum and dad! We can make arthritis more comfortable to live with!

Welcome to Alfie

Hello and welcome to Alfie. A highly spirited little one, and one you wouldn't expect to have this issue. Alfie is suffering hip dysplasia in both sides!

We have got Alfie on a muscle building program and so far he is coping better with his walks already.

Keep up the good work Alfie and mum!


Welcome to Sally

Hello and welcome to Sally. Sally is a beautiful border collie. Sadly she got a fibrocartilagenous embolism. This meant she was suddenly paralysed in her hind legs.

She had emergency care and was given physiotherapy  exercises to do immediately.

This worked so well that after just two sessions she had recovered fully and now she is a freely running, happy dog again.

Well done mum for putting in all the necessary hard work! It paid off!