Welcome to Pepper

Hello and welcome to Pepper. This very fit working Labrador has had a painful front Leg for a little while. Originally diagnosed as an arthritis issue, it was later re diagnosed as biceps tendons. It recovered well for a while but has never quite healed fully so the owner now wants to try some physiotherapy. As a human physio, she saw the benefits of this route and so wanted to be able to use similar methods on her dog.

We have set them up with a moment exercise regime and some gentle massage and mobilization techniques. Its important in this case, not to over massage as this can irritate the inflamed tissues.

Good luck Pepper and mum!


Welcome to Boris


Hello and welcome to Borris. This hansom border terrier has pain in his back and a lump on his side. Both causing him difficulty and discomfort even he walks.

He has started physiotherapy now so we can make him more comfortable in his later years. He certainly enjoyed his session.

You'll feel better soon Borris!

So what colour is a skunks skin under the fur?

Not something you've ever thought about?

Neither did I until it came up!

Many animals have different skin colours to the fur colours. Some cats have black pads on thier paws when they have white fur. Many dogs and cats have various skin pigments. Polar bears have black skin under thier white fur. This is thought to help them attract heat in he arctic conditions. Chows have black tongues!

So the answer to the skunk.....very pink skin.

Steve has now had a cruciate operation to fix his knee as that joint had become unstable. She is now receiving physiotherapy to help her recovery. So far she is doing really well. Keep up the good work Steve!






Welcome to Lottie


Hello and welcome to Lottie. This very sweet Labrador has a few fused spinal bones. This means they dont bend as they should. This causes her trouble in

a few ways. Most of her life she has coped absolutely fine, but now its starting to cause more issues with her mobility and become a little painful.

We have started her on a regime of massage, stretches and exercises that together, will make her more comfortable. So far her owner has learnt lots about what helps her to feel better and worse, and also learnt to understand the issues better.

She is currently on very conservative medication and is doing great!

When she first came to see us she ws quite nervous and worried, but as you can see, she is now very relaxed and happy to have her session! She is a delightful patient!

Keep up the good work mum and Lottie!