BBC article, confirms what us dog lovers already know!

BBC article reports on a highly humane study where dogs brain activity was studied in an MRI scanner, and compared to that of humans. Out come was that it was very similar!

As any dog owner will tell you, they are highly in tune with our emotional state, but its nice to see some science proving that we are right to believe that our dogs understand us and totally deserve our constant conversations with them. They really are listening. Now lets all give our dogs an extra big cuddle today.

Dogs in scanner

Welcome to Meg

Hello and welcome to Meg. This beautiful retriever has reached her later years and is now struggling with her neurological system.

Her dedicated parents are giving her lots of time, patients, love and care. She has started physiotherapy for muscle building and proprioception help. She is now already enjoying little walks and can get up on her own again.

Keep up the good work!