Mitsy update!


Some super star owners! They have cracked on and made the ramp we asked for! It took them half an hour and some bribary to convince Mitsy to do here excercise, but they have managed!

Well done!

So far Mitsy has already become more speedy around the home, more interactive with the other cat and is doing the stairs faster! We are so pleased to hear she wants to go out and is trying to jump again! Dont jump yet though Mitsy!

Mitsy needs to rebuild muscle in the hind so this carpeted 10 degree ramp will help. She was a little sore after our last session as we used an intrasound machine to deliver more effective massage where needed. But she recovered well as this only lasted a day amd the effect will last far longer! This type of therapy helps the body remodel its scar tissue into the correct shape so its not as tight and restrictive around her knees.

Well done Mitsy and parents! Keep up the good work!

Now there is proof cats help you feel better!

We are sure that any cat owner will know this already! But an interesting new study has been published on the MRCVSonline website, telling us how wonderful cats really are for their owners.

cat purring

It is widely accepted that pet ownership can have a positive effect on both physical and mental human health.

According to research carried out by health psychologist Dr June McNicholas, and commissioned by Cats Protection, our feline friends help us cope with many of the demands of everyday life.

Findings suggest that during January and February, cat owners experience 60 per cent fewer headaches than non-cat owners.

Just over a fifth of participants were found to be less likely to catch a cold or flu, and reported feeling significantly less miserable, impatient and tense than those without a feline companion.

Around half of the participants aged over 55 said their cat had helped them in a crisis, while 46 per cent said their pet helped them deal with bereavement.

Furthermore, over 80 per cent of children aged 13 and under said they would sometimes share their feelings with their cat rather than a friend or family member.

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Trained dogs detect thyroid cancer with great accuracy

Its always wonderful to hear how amazing our dogs can be. We found this story about dog detecting thyroid cancer, at the MRCVSonline website.

Dog nose

Scent-trained dogs can sniff-out thyroid cancer with almost 90 per cent accuracy, according to research by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

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Thank you around the world!

We have had our website statistics in and we are surprised at the results!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone one in the UK who has looked at out site. But also a big thank you to all the people who have looked from the USA and Brazil!

Hello and thank you to everyone clicking in India, Japan, Spain, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, the whole of Europe, South Africa and all the 93 countries who have had a look.

We are so proud to see we are of interest all over the world and so pleased to see there is such a vast interest in rehabilitation world wide!

Thank you! And keep watching!




Poor dog allergic to humans

We are always hearing about people being allergic to dogs and cats. This can be one of the reasons why we are limited in taking our pets everywhere with us.

This poor dog is allergic to people! The full article was in the mail online.

Good ending though so don't worry. They were able to make an antidote so that Adam could heal and then live comfortable around people. So it has a happy ending. Thankfully! He is a rescue but we are sure he has a new home by now!

Poor pooch: Adam, a rescued black Lab in Indianapolis, was found blistered and balding with wounds where he'd bitten and scratched at his body because of unbearable itching

Improving: Being in the hands of kind animal lovers dedicated to making him better has already helped Adam improve

3D printers, how amazing!

The world of 3D printing is exploding. Its incredible what can be made with so easily now.

We came across this article on a company that has been using a 3D printer to make implants for animals. So for any of our patients out there who have had a TTA operation to fix their ruptured cruciate, these guys may well have made the implant.

Its so interesting to see how things move forward.

For anyone who has the stomach to read more. This may well be the future of our meat....

BBC news published an article reporting how they are using a 3D bio printer to print meat cells and grow them into raw meat. There is lots of work on 3D printing for our food industry. Well, it definitely changes the future of animal welfare, but it will be strange to get your head around.

A cow


New physio studio!

We are very proud to announce our new physio studio!

This room is designed to offer a calm environment for patient and owner comfort.

With good heating, dimmable lights,  and well insulated walls, the environment is calm, warm amd free from any noises that may cause stress. There are no vet smells, sights or sounds here!


Contact us to book in

Royal charter for vet nurses!

We are very proud to share the news! The royal collage of veterinary surgeons has been granted a royal charter for veterinary nurses.  This means all qualified vet nurses are now chartered and officially carry the post nominals RVN.

Donna, owner and founder of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd, began her career in veterinary nursing and so now also carries this regulation. WELL DONE to all fellow vet nurses out there!

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Welcome to Mitsy!

Hello and welcome to Mitsy!

This gorgeous little one sadly sufferd with bilateral luxating patellas. This means both knee caps kept slipping out of place. Sadly for her the surgery didnt work out in this unfortunate case. So she has very poorly knees.

Luckily she has a wonderfully caring mum amd dad who haven't given up hope on making her feel better! So she has now started a phyiotherapy course.

Mitsy has touched alot of hearts along her path, including that of the wonderful vet who referred her.

So far they are all doing very well and Mitsy is making great progress! They are having to work hard and massage around her knees daily, and do weight shifting excercise to rebuild the muscle and daily stretches.

Her mobilty is getting better and we wish her good mobilty in her future. Keep up the hard work mum, dad and Mitsy!  You're doing really well!


Electrotherapy update

In the veterinary and veterinary physiotherapy industry it is essential that we dont let our knowledge get out of date and old.

This weekend we have attended a fantastic course updating our knowledge on various electrotherapies. This was ran by the infamous Professor Tim Watson who has done more research in these areas than you can begin to imagine!

Thank you Tim for a wonderful update.  I am very proud to say that it is still felt that our choice of using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in osteoarthritis treatment is still seen as the best choice of elecrotherapy. So we have not missed anything remain current in our treatment choices.

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