Cute puppies!

Today was the end date for the kickstarter project!

Cute puppy!It has been an amazing 45 days! And I am so proud to say, that it has been great. I am so proud to be part of the small community of successful kickstarters and I am so touched to have had so many wonderful comments and such a great show of support.

27 backers and 133% funding means this has been a wonderfully successful project.

Now to turn it into the final product!

And so I wanted to show the potential new puppy off! Heart melting cuteness! These puppies grow up into gorgeous polar bear looking dogs!

Cute and happy puppy!

Camera for your dog!

How amazing is this?! A camera that has been made so your dog can take its own photo's!

Its attached to a heart rate monitor so that every time your dog gets excited, it will take a photo! This could have many great uses. It will show us what makes them super excited. Though we may know this already. But it would also show us if there is anything that makes them really scared.

Technology really does seem limitless. If you click through and watch the video clip, it was also showing us a turtle that had a new jaw made by a 3D printer, as its old jaw bone was damaged by a boat.



Kickstarter successfully funded!

We are so proud and excited to announce that we have done it!

The project is now fully funded. In fact we are actually 127% funded!

The project still has 6 days left to run so there is still time to be part of it if you want to join in!

We have been overwhelmed by the support of this project and we look forward to sharing the gift of massage.

Thank you to everyone who has been in support and has helped share and promote this project. And a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has backed it!

Next step, filming! We can't wait!

Kickstarter Puppy Massage DVD

Officially an international lecturer!

We are so proud to announce that we are officially International lecturers!

We have been asked by Improve international, a post qualification education service for veterinary professionals, to lecture for them in Denmark!

This will be our first time over in Scandinavia, and we really look forward to it!

We will be teaching  veterinary nurses to do physiotherapy in their practices. We are proud to be spreading this skill.

The course is long and in depth and will be approved by the ESVPS (European school of veterinary postgraduate studies) and requires us to write the content and exams.

Its a distance course that requires several short trips over the next 2 years so don't worry, we are still providing physiotherapy here in the UK as usual.

Watch out for more news as we have it. Its currently only being advertised in Denmark.


Broccoli is the answer to osteoarthritis!

Well, we all knew we should eat our greens, but we didn't know it would be this important!

It has been discovered that an enzyme released when eating cruciferous vegetables such as sprouts, cabbages and particularly broccoli, can ease the symptoms of Osteoarthritis! Sadly it is the process of digestion that makes the compound that blocks one of the osteoarthritis enzymes, so in order to make it work we would have to eat a lot more than anyone would desire. So a pharmaceutical company has managed to make a synthetic version that is stable and so one tablet would be the equivalent of eating 2.5kg of Broccoli.

We always love hearing about new ways of treating osteoarthritis and we really hope to see a cure one day.

See more of the story here.

Osteoarthritis affects nearly nine million people in the UK, costing the NHS over £5 billion a year. Other than pain relief and joint replacement, there is currently no effective treatment or cure. The RVC's professor of skeletal dynamics, Andrew Pitsillides said there is "massive" potential for SFX-01.


Human trials are already well under way, so keep eating your carrots so you don't miss the news when broccoli tablets are officially on the pharmacy shelf!


Supporting local business – Performance accountancy!

We like to support local business. Its very important to us here ant Animal Physiotherapy Ltd.

Here is a shout out for Performance Accountancy. Owned by chartered accountant Louise Herrington.

Uniquely, they specialise in accounts for professionals of the arts! Louise has a professional background in operatics. But they are clearly able to turn their hand to any field of industry. You may even get a little song whilst you discuss your accounting needs.

"As a Chartered Accountancy practice in Berkshire we are specialists in assisting personal and business clients and give advice to those paying UK Taxes.

We have extensive experience in guiding United Kingdom Tax payers.

We take pride in helping a diverse range of clients with their financial affairs and aim to provide a professional accountancy service to all of our clients."

You can also sign up and get a FREE book keeping spreadsheet.

Louise Herrington - Accountant in Bracknell Berkshire.

Supporting local business – Oscar Pet food

We like to support other local business here, so here is a mention of a local pet food supplier.

Phil Lepp runs Oscar Pet Food Wokingham. They deliver Oscar Pet Food straight to your door, FOR FREE so that saves you a trip out!

They do a variety of food, and cover a variety of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and more.

There is even, currently,  a competition to win free food for a year!

Good luck!


We’re in the Veterinary Nursing Times!

See page 22, of the Veterinary Nursing Times, under "career focus".

We have nearly a whole page dedicated to our article. We couldn't be more pleased be be sharing our kickstarter experience and helping to encourage others to find a way to achieve their career dreams and goals.

It has been truly wonderful to see how much support we are getting for our Puppy Massage DVD, from the veterinary industry.

vnt kickstart article. Sadly this hasnt scanned very clearly, so I have put my copy of the article below

Logan enjoying his massage

I first came across Kickstarter a few years ago, when I saw some very innovative ideas, ranging from printable housing for Africa, to a mini space craft that was so affordable that anyone could join in space exploration with their own mini space craft. It sounds incredible, but they were successful!

This fuelled my imagination as this new method of funding is for anyone. All you need is a unique idea! Kickstarter is a leader in crowdfunding, but there are many sites so you can find one that will totally fit your needs. They give you full guidance, encouragement and support every step of the way.

You have to prepare your pitch, as you’re asking everyone in the world to back your project. As a “backer”, you become an investor.

This is not like with the banks, where you have to invest large sums of money for very little return. You invest whatever amount you choose to, and in exchange you get rewards that are totally unique! It’s often a great bargain and these rewards are often not available at any other time.

You get to join the project journey as it unfolds from start to finish, and know that it’s because of you, that this is here today! You can pitch for any amount of money, but the catch is that you have to get all your funds in less than 60 days! So you must be realistic. If you don’t get the fund goal, then the project ends and you get no funds at all and the backers get all their money back. This is great protection for the backer as it means they don’t lose out just because you didn’t reach your goal.

So while your project is running, you need to do all you can to market your campaign. This is brilliant as it also helps publicise the end product.

Social media is a big help. The crowdfunding site will give you tips on how best to do this, but again, it’s your imagination that will help here! It doesn’t have to cost anything!

My project idea was born from my career as a veterinary nurse. Seeing pets that weren’t exceptionally great at being handled and were nervous in the consultation room was always a little sad.

More correct handling as a puppy was always the most effective route to getting a confident and happy dog that was totally comfortable being examined.

When I became an animal physiotherapist, I learned good, effective massage techniques. I had to use this as part of treatment. I regularly had to show owners what to do to help with successful rehabilitation at home.

Owners loved to learn the massage and their dogs loved to receive it. But it did take some practice to get it right, and there is no better way to learn than actually seeing something being done, rather than just reading about it or looking at pictures.

So the idea was born – a puppy massage DVD. designed to teach owners how to massage their new little bundles of joy in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Rather like the very popular baby massage, new mums often do, owners will be able to form a strong bond and learn to confidently and correctly handle their puppy and touch them all over.

I believe this will be great for the consultation room, so vets have happy confident puppies to examine. And there are of course all the other well-known benefits of massage including endorphin release, increased circulation and much more.

This would also be a good grounding, so that if the owner ever has to learn any therapeutic massage techniques in the future from a professional, then they will have a better understanding of how to do this.

Television Vet Paul Manketelow MRCVS, founder of Vital Pet Health is also in support of this project.

Visit to see the project and maybe even “back” this project.

While you are there have a look at the thousands of other projects and see if you may be inspired to find a project of your own to do. It’s a very exciting way to get your own business ideas off the ground and make dreams a reality.

Kickstarter – Half way there!

Just to update you on the progress so far.

We are proud to say we have 48% of our goal pledged already!

A BIG THANK YOU to the backers we have so far!

We still have some way to go to achieve the full goal. So if you want to be part of the project, and get your name on the Puppy Massage DVD credits, with your business logo, or you want an onset photo shoot for your dog with out on set photographer, or you want a copy of the DVD before general release, then back this project! Click and take a look at all the rewards and full project details.

And tell your friends!

We have a few veterinary practices backing us now too!

Kickstarter Puppy Massage DVD