Two cats need a new home

We don't usually have any rehoming situations, but we had a request for help and so here is a post from a lady who needs to find a new home for her 2 cats...

2 beautifully natured DSH cats looking for a new home without children. Both incredibly soft natured, Liquorice and Peanut would love a quiet home together. Liquorice is an all-black 9 years old neutered and microchipped male and loves to chase a paper ball! Peanut is an 8 year old tabby, also neutered and microchipped female and loves nothing more than a lap to curl up in. They are used to being indoors and a change of circumstances means that they reluctantly need a forever home. Call Kirsty 07904195766 if you can give Liquorice and Peanut a home. I'm based in Wandsworth, SW18

Looking for new born puppy footage!

For a part of our Puppy massage DVD, we would like to have some footage of some newborn puppies!

So we are on the hunt for anyone that may have some good footage, maybe filmed on a good camera, though mobile phones are also very good these days.

If you would like to allow us to use the footage we would love to see if its good enough to use!

Or if you know of any puppies being born soon, maybe you could let us know so we can contact them and ask about filming options.

If you think you can help, please contact us

or email

Thank you!

Puppy love!

Imola and Monza

Speaking at the animal rehab expo in the excel London

Today has been intence. But wonderful.  I am proud to say I had excellent feedback from my seminar at the animal rehabilitation expo at the excel in London.

My seminar was on physiotherapy in the multimodal approach to treating osteoarthritis. I even had people sitting on the floor to catch it. Assavp were very grateful of this seminar being done on their behalf.





Welcome to Meg


Hello and welcome to Meg!

The owner is no stranger to us! Her late boy Hovis was a very regular patient as he had such bad arthritis. 

The owner has now welcomed a new addition to the family.  This girl has had quite a life before, having had a few litters and she was also a working dog.

Meg now enjoys a much more restful life. She can enjoy her retirement in countryside tranquility. 

The owner brought Meg to see us so that she could learn luxury massage and grow thier bond.

It  was wonderful to meet Meg. We know she'll be very happy and loved!

Rabbit Physiotherapy video

Beautiful Leah came for physiotherapy as she had a lame leg. She was a wonderful patient and enjoyed it immensely so it had to be filmed. The owner did call me wondering if I would say "yes" to a rabbit. My answer was "of course!" We have treated many rabbits over the years.

This owner is a big fan of Animal physiotherapy Ltd and had has all her cats treated with us over the years. It was nice for the rabbit to get a chance.

On the ASSAVP Committee

Thank you to Katie Lawrence, chair woman of the ASSAVP. This is the Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy.

Katie has asked me to join the association as a committee member. I am proud to have been asked to join and look forward to helping move the profession forward in a highly positive way.

ASSAVP is purely a scientific association to promote the scientific approach to animal welfare. It is a member of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, and therefore has direct access to MPs, Government Ministers and Peers. Go to their website for more information.

Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy

Welcome to Dyffryn

Hello and welcome to Dyffryn

This hansome labrador has sadly ruptured his cruciate ligament.  He is very sore but due to his age he has been advised to do conservative treatment and avoid surgery.

So he has been referred to us!  We are using a combination of ultrasound and gentle excercise to keep his muscle up whist the body makes some repair.  The ultrasound works well on ligament and will encourage healing.

So far mum has  been very dedicated and Dyffryn has been loving treatment! Keep up the good work!