Welcome to Murphy


Hello and welcome to Murphy!

This gorgeous collie cross is also a rescue. He had a sad start in life and so can be quite anxious.

He sadly had a degenerative spinal disk issue diagnosed. Luckily Murphy now has a wonderful mum who noticed early. So all the symptoms have now been relieved with lifestyles changes and a short course of medication.

But mum wanted to make sure she was doing all she could for Murphy. So following an assessment we saw how well he was doing. We have given som further advice for the future and we will see Murphy again in the future when mum wants him to have another check over and treatment.

Well done for recovering so well Murphy and mum! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Chip


Hello and welcome to Chip. This gorgeous Corgi cross is a rescue. Sadly he had a dislocated hip when rescued. He was coping well with it but it was sore.

So he has now had surgery to remove the top of his limb bone. The body will then form a preudo joint also known as a faulse joint. The body makes this out of tissue it uses to fill the empty space. The body is so clever!

Our job is to keep the range of movement up so the limb will be fully functional when healed.  We will also look after the other legs that are working harder whilst healing is occuring.

Chip and mum are doing very well and so Chip is healing fast. Keep up the good work! You'll be great in no time!

Welcome to chip


Hello and welcome to Chip.
This gorgeous Corgi cross was rescued with a dislocated hip! Poor thing.  He had been left this way so the body had tried to heal. Sadly it remained painful, unsuprisingly.

Chip had surgery less than 2 weeks ago and had the top of the limb bone removed. This means the body can now form a comfortable pseudo joint or false joint out of the fibrous tissue the body will put into the space.

The body is so clever. So our job is to keep Chip using the limb in a good way. We also need to keep up the range of movement in the hip so that the limb heals comfortably and with full function. We also have to look after the oyher limbs to make sure they cope with the extra work.

Chip is making excellent progress and he will be back to normal movement very soon.

Well done chip and mum! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Indie


Hello and welcome to Indie. Indie is a maincoon cat. She is enormous!  But truly beautiful. Such a calm cat.

Sadly she suffered a collapsed disk and this put immence pressure on her spinal cord. Even the specialist was suprised she has made the recovery that she has.

Following surgery she did have physio by the owners and this helped alot. But the owners stopped seeing progress so they have come to us for further help.

We are pleased to say she is doing really well. Her mobilty is very good and she can walk arou d well, but she gets very stiff when she rests and she has trouble with balance. And sadly she just cant scratch her right ear!

The owners now have a new home regime and a renewed sence of hope.

Keep up the good work dad! Indie will get there in the end! This one just may take a little time.

And well done indie on all the hard work you've put in too!

New lecturing position!

We are very proud to announce that Animal Physiotherapy Ltd has been given a new lecturing position! We are now also providing education to Justo development.

We are so pleased to be so well respected, that we are regularly being asked to help teach the next generation of animal physiotherapists.

Don't worry, this is along side seeing patients, as we wouldn't be without helping the patients in need!

Its lovely to be a part of shaping the future of rehabilitation in the next generation.


Lecturing at the Excel, London