Welcome to Tiny


Hello and welcome to Tiny.

Tiny in many ways! She is very cute!

But sadly she has ruptured her cruciate ligament. Her mum is trying conservative options for now as tiny is an older patient. But we'll see how it goes as she may need surgery to help this one and then rehab to follow.

But we have set her up with a gentle excercise plan and started ultrasound treatment. So good luck Tiny and mum.

Good bye chip! Fixed now!


This was such a perfect picture of our Chip.

Signed off!

He came to us needing rehabilitation following a femoral head and neck excision (hip bone removed) because his hip was constantly dislocated. He was a rescue and it was very painful. As a result it was also effecting his behaviour.

The wonderful new family had the surgery and have been so dedicated to the physio regime that the recovery has been perfect. In less than 6 months and only 7 physio sessions, he has all muscle back and full flexibility. He is a much happier dog.

We couldn't be more proud.

We'll done chip and family.




We had to share this picture.

Meet Tiggy.

He comes for help with his arthritis in his hips. He is a regular. But his mum assures me that at home he doesn't like fuss or cuddles. He likes his own  company...

Well even his mum can't believe how much he likes our cuddles!

Bless his furry socks!