DVD update with Launch date!

We now have a DVD update with launch date!

There has been a lot going on and we wanted to be sure of a few things before we told you all, but we now have our DVD update with launch date!

The DVD is not yet complete, but it is nearly there and it is looking fantastic! we are so proud!

The next piece of very exciting information is about the launch. We have been in meetings with my local council. They are very kindly letting us launch the DVD at thier dog show this year in exchange for us organising the whole event. So there is lots of work ahead, but it will be a great day!

The date!

So keep yourselves free on 20th Aug 2016, so you can join us at the launch in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK. We will update you with more details, but that will be the premier viewing.

Last year there was approximately 2000 people at the show, so this year there will be even more!

Thank you again for all your support. We couldn't have done it without you.

If you would like to support the show or enquire about advertising opportunities at the show then please do contact us.

Immy is looking so grown up now!

Immy is looking so grown up now!

Immy is looking so grown up now!


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the exotic patient

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the exotic patient

Saturday 26 March 2016 - Aylesbury, Berkshire, on behalf of IAAT CPDSteve cropped 7

How to Approach Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the Exotic Patient. This will also include cats and rabbits.

In practice we will be asked to treat the odd random species. This is daunting and can leave you not knowing what to do.

We will look at

* How to begin to look at the exotic patient, exploring comparative anatomy, gait and movement.wpid-20130906_163224.jpg

* Behavioural differences and how to use this to your advantage

* Dietary difference and how this affects you

* How to approach, assess and treat the new patient type

* How to set a home exercise regime for the owner of the patient

Run by Donna Wills PGC A Phys, RVN, MBVNA, MIAAT, MASSAVP

£65 Per person

for further details and to book contact us and we will send you an invoice.



Had paralysed front leg, but all functional with some physio!Cow receiving physiotherapy! Really enjoyed it and felt so much better afterwards!

Welcome to Frankie


Hello and welcome to Frankie

He is a lovely labrador with a sore hip. He as osteoarthritis and is starting to struggle. He's in wonderful condition for his age and looks like a real spring chicken!

We have done an assessment and sent Frankie and mum up with a brand new home regime.

We'll have you feeling better in no time Frankie!