Welcome to Bryn


Hello and welcome to Bryn.

This lovely boy has come to have some help with his arthritis.
His owner is no stranger to us. She has come back with her second dog now.
On exam we have found a very sore shoulder with muscle spasms so we have given mum lots of massage to do. Bryn is very happy with the treatment!

Bryn is making progress already. So keep up the good work mum and Bryn.

Easter lecture on physiotherapy in the exotic patient


This Easter we gave a 1 day lecture on physiotherapy in the exotic patient.

Probably quite fitting as we covered rabbits in detail.

Thank you to all my lovely students for comming and to TCAP for giving the lovely Tryingham hall for the event.

The day went really well and students enjoyed comparing specie variation in skeleton, muscle, behaviour, diet and lifestyle. We then looked at thier potential therapy regimes.

We covered many species including cats, Rabbits, skunks, Alpaca, cows amd others inbetween!

Welcome to Layla


Hello and welcome to Layla. She is a very happy staffie!
She now has arthritis so she has been brought to us for help.
She has now had her second sessin and we are pleased to report that her mum thinks she had an amazog recovery! Our examination also revealed the same! She has been doing her excercises well and the first session gave her muscles so much relief, that she has been trotting with a bigger spring in her step ever since!
We are glad to have helped so much!
See you again in a few weeks Layla, keep up the good work!

Welcome to Milo


Hello and welcome to Milo
What a handsome boy. But a little naughty.
Poor bean torn his cruciate ligament. His vet did a wonderful job of repairing his knee with TTA surgery. But sadly one week into the recovery he jumped a step and fractured his tibia!
So another surgery was done and the owner is now on a very careful regime.  Sadly Milo is not sure what all the fuss is about! So we are getting him an optimum recovery so he can get back to his fun and frolics as soon as possible.
So far he is doing really well.

Keep up the good work Milo and mum!