TV Vet has given the thumbs up for the Puppy Massage DVD

TV Vet has given the thumbs up for the Puppy Massage DVD

This is the latest update on the Puppy Massage DVD and and a famous TV Vet has given the big thumbs up!

I am so pleased to tell you that the final part of the DVD puzzle is in. TV Vet Paul Manktelow BVMS MSc MRCVS Veterinary Director Vital Pet Health, has said this for the front cover...

"Learning to massage your puppy helps create a strong loving bond and encourages confidence when being handled by you, your vet, therapist or groomer"

I am so pleased to have him on board and giving a big thumbs up! I am also hoping he will join us for the Launch in August, but one step at a time!

I am shocked to say that it has now been 1 year and 2 days since the project was successfully backed. How time flies! I have learnt a lot on this journey and I am sure there is still very much more to learn. But for now, I will get the final bits of the artwork together and get this DVD to press. Exciting stuff!

Paul Manktelow

Welcome to Ellie


Hello and welcome to Ellie.

A very sweet dog. She has spondylosis which is arthritis in the spine. This has effected the way she uses her body causing muscle changes in other areas.

We are working the problem back and addressing the body as a whole and not just the spondylosis. We cant get rid of the spondylosis but we can help her to cope with it better and make her more comfortable.

We have now had 2 sessions and she is already responding really well.

Keep up the good work Ellie and mum!

Pet Remedy supporting the free goody bag at Paws in the Park

Pet Remedy supporting the free goody bag at Paws in the Park

We are so pleased to tell you that Pet Remedy are supporting the free goody bag at Paws in the Park 2016.

Pet Remedy are supporting the show by sponsoring and adding to the goody bag. Kindly giving a 30% discount voucher for their product.

"The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is Valerian based and works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets."

Pet Remedy natural de-stress & Calming

Pet Remedy, adding to our Free goody bags!

Pet Remedy works alongside the brain’s natural ‘messengers’ called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’. In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads on to the many different signs of stress we see in our pets.

This is the first year we are having FREE goody bags for the visitors of this years Paws in the Park, Braybrook Park. Make sure you come along and get your free goodies! We have many companies supporting our community event and giving away discounts and samples for your to try.

We are so grateful to all our wonderful show supporters, helpers and sponsors. And not forgetting, the big thank you to Duncan Yeardley Estate agents for being the major sponsor of the event. If you want to get involved, then please do contact us. We still need more stands, volunteers to help on the day, and maybe someone to show off some agility dogs.

Broadreach Nature+ joining is at Paws in the park 2016

Broadreach Nature+ joining us at Paws in the Park 2016

We are so pleased to tell you that Broadreach Nature + are joining us at Paws in the park 2016.

Broadreach Nature + are kindly holding a stand, sponsoring the smiliest face competition and adding to the goody bag. They do food and health supplements for any life stage of dogs and cats. Grain free and hypo-allergenic foods available. The company founder was motivated by satisfying the needs of her own much loved dogs. Such a great reason to start a company and make sure the product is right!

Broadreach Nature +

Joining us at Paws in the park 2016

We look forward to seeing everyone at Braybrook Park, 11am 20th Aug. The support for this show is immense. Its going to be an amazing day. Thank you to all our supporters!

Duncan Yeardly

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016

Hello to George


Hello and welcome to George!

This is bailys new brother and not yet a patient. Baily has been comming in for a while and now he has a new brother doting on him and copying his every move. Baily loves him amd he is so cute that we had to show him off too.

His mum is one of my Puppy Massage DVD backers so George will be a very lucky puppy!

We wish you a long and happy life George!



Sea Treats giving free samples in our goody bag at Paws in the Park

Sea Treats giving free samples in our goody bag at Paws in the Park

We are so pleased to have Sea Treats giving free samples in our goody bag at Paws in the Park, Bracknell, 2016

Sea Treats "We produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much loved pets, using fish ingredients sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK, and with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities."

Sea Treats Grimsby

Giving free samples for the show goody bag

How lovely that the  lucky dogs that come to the show in Braybrook park will be able to try these treats. A great opportunity to try them for free! So make sure you come to the show early so that you can guarantee getting your free goody bag. 1000 available.

We have a great line up for the show and its getting bigger and better by the day.

Get in touch if there is anything in particular you might like to see at the show. We are aiming to cover all bases and make a wonderful family event.

Duncan Yeardly

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016

Akela Joining us at Paws in the Park

Akela Joining us at Paws in the Park

We are so pleased to have Akela  joining us at Paws in the Park 2016 in Braybrook park, Bracknell. 11am

Akele is holding a stand, adding to the goody bag and sponsoring the best in show competition. They are even going to give goody bags to all finalists from the competitions when they enter the best in show at the end of the day.

"Akela is a British brand providing 80:20 Kibble and 70:30 wet food. We are the top rated food on eDogAdvisor and we achieve the full 5/5 from We will be handing out free samples and will have show offers at our stand.

Akela WholePrey's Profile Photo

Thank you Akela for supporting our show. We look foward to seeing you there!

Another 5 star Puppy massage DVD review from Dogs Today Magazine!

Another 5 Star Puppy Massage DVD review from Dogs Today Magazine!

We are so proud to tell you about our second review to come in. We have been given 5 stars again from Beverly Cuddy, Editor of Dogs TodayImage result for 5 stars

Beverly said this...

“Every dog wants their owner to watch this!”

“If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."

DT logo 2014

The DVD will be available from 20th August 2016.

Cute puppy!

Welcome to Millie


Hello and welcome to Millie.

Such a sweet little girl. She has had a long life time of skin problems that have been under fair control over the years, by the care of her vet.

But a while ago lameness was noticed and x-rays were done. She had osteophytes and some sclerosis in both elbows. So arthritis. This was generally managed well and she remained happy.

But a few weeks ago she was taken into the vet for a routine check. The vet was very thorough with her check and noticed a lump in her forelimb. This was checked and found to be an aggressive tumour. So the vet acted very quickly but the best option was to remove the whole limb.

Millie has recovered wonderfully and is adapting well to her new body. But the body has to relearn alot and makes lots of adaption to cope with 3 legs. We also need to remember that the other elbow also already had signs of early arthritis.

So Millies mum has brough Millie in to start physio to ensure she looks after the body as best she can and therefore the health of the remaining elbow too.

Well done Millie for doing so well so far and well done mum for all your hard work too! Well keep Millie happy and healthy together.

Thank you Duncan Yeardley, Major sponsor for Paws in the Park 2016

Thank you Duncan Yeardley, major sponsor for Paws in the Park 2016

Duncan Yeardly

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016

We want to say a big thank to Duncan yeardley, for being major sponsors for Paws in the Park 2016.

Duncan Yeardley are a local independent, family run Estate Agents established in 1987. Nick Thring is now the owner since Duncan retired in 2012. They are great supporters of community events. We are so happy that they have decided to help keep this event alive.

After the funding for the event was lost by the local council, we have been trying to get as much help as possible so that we could ensure this successful event continued. The event raises funds for all the charities that attend on the day. All businesses that attend the show donate 10% of their taking on the day to the charities. The event is non-profit and last year saw 2000 visitors attend. Its a great opportunity to meet fellow dog owners and enjoy a day with your dog and your family. You can find out new things about dog care and enjoy some shopping and possibly the odd bargain!

We look forward to this great fun dog show on 20th August at 11am at Braybrook Park, Bracknell.

Come to the show for displays, information, shopping, meeting the Duncan Yeardley team on thier stand. They are also sponsoring one of the competitions for your dogs to join in with. And their is of course the launch of the puppy massage DVD. This DVD has been given a 5 star rating by the president of the British veterinary nursing association.

Do follow our Paws in the park facebook page to get the latest news on what going to be at the show. Or click going on the event page so you will get notified of news for the event.

Duncan Yeardly

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016