Welcome to Barney

Hello and welcome to Barney. 

This beautiful rescue westie has had luxatung patellas in both legs. This means his knee caps dislocate. This has caused arthritis.

He had surgery on the worst side but he didnt cope well so only the worst was done. Over the years since he has done really well and the better side never caused any issues. But he has now started to have problems in a fore leg. 

So he has now come for physiotherapy. On exam we found a few issues with various joints and muscles, but he really was not doing too badly. We've seen alot worse! 

So we have given a treatment. Given a home excercise regime to increase the range of movement in the worst joints and to bring fresh nurturion to these joints more regularly. We have given a more sensible walk regime and asked mum to start a mobility diary. 

See you next week Barney when we'll reasses, treat and update your home regime. Keep up the good work mum. We'll have you both feeling better soon! 

Welcome to Dorris

Hello and welcome to Doris
This beautiful girl has had a horrific accident. She got ran over. The car even stopped on her neck unaware she was under it.

Incredibly when the car moved she got up and ran away. Her loving mum took her straight to the vet who did xrays and discovered there were no broken bones at all. She was treated for shock and went home the next day, not even lame. 

But mum feels she has got something going on and so wanted her checked over. 

Of course you can't come out of an accident like that fully unharmed. She has a haematoma behind her left shoulder causing some stiffness and reduced range of movement, her lower back was mildly reactive and her quardaceps mucle on the left side were also tight. But her neck range of movement was incredibly good.

We are shocked she came off so well after taking on a 4x4. But we are also so glad! She will be fine and recovered soon but she needs a few massages to help her through her stiffness and to help reduce the heamatoma.

Keep up the good work mum and Doris.

Welcome to Alan

Hello amd welcome to Alan

This very handsome chap has been told he has elbow dysplasia in both sides. We are not 100% sure of that diagnosis yet though. But we do know that he had no mobility problems prior to an incident of rough play, and he has had some intermittent problems since.

So he has come for further assessment and treatment. We have done this, and found Alans weaknesses and given a home regime to support his body and his own individual needs. 

He has a very figilant mum who doesnt miss anything so we are sure to give him a comfortable future.

Keep up the good work mum and Alan. 

Article in the VN Times! Crowd Funding Accomplishment; a DVD case study

Article in the VN Times! Crowd Funding Accomplishment; and DVD case study

We are so pleased to see an article in the VN Times! Crowd Funding Accomplishment; and DVD case study about our story.

They very kindly help space for this story, and its now in print for the world to see.

vn times article

vn times article









Here is the article before it went to the VN Times.

The Puppy Massage DVD

By Donna Wills PGC A Phys, RVN, MIAAT, MASSVAP


Just over 1 year ago I started a crowd funded project through Kickstarter to raise funds to film my Puppy Massage DVD. 16 months and a lot of hard work later, after a successful campaign, it’s here!

In April 2015 I wrote an article telling everyone about my crowd funding, and what a wonderful way it is to raise funds to bring your own idea to life. I am pleased to say my campaign was a huge success and 45 days later I raised 134% of the goal I had set. My backers came from far and wide. One was from Japan, two from California, many were clients of mine, and some were past colleagues and employers. I was amazed to see the people found my project to fund from overseas and that I had never met these people before. I had many veterinary professionals and animal physiotherapists back me too which all helped fuel my confidence that this DVD was a great idea. So now I had to fulfil my dream of filming the Puppy Massage DVD and getting the Backer rewards to my Kickstarter funders.

The Puppy Massage DVD helps teach owners how to massage their own dog at home in a safe, step-by-step way. It gives them the tools to confidently deliver massage all over the dog ensuring the puppy grows up to be confident with all over body handling. This makes visits to the vet a more positive experience. It also gets the dog ready for the future as they may need a manual therapy, and this way they will be used to this type of handling and the owner will have some basic skills that the musculoskeletal therapist can build on for home therapy plans. There is also the added bonus of the strong bond that touch and massage can help strengthen. We of course already know all the physical benefits of massage like endorphin release, increased circulation and movement of toxin build up.

It was quite a journey and I had to learn a lot about film recording and production along the way. I had many plans in place but I soon learnt that a plan in my head was very much more difficult in real life. But I got through each challenge in turn. We found a beautiful location for filming, which was private so we had lots of time. One of my backers let me use her beloved Moremma puppy as the star, but as we all know from our work, they often don’t want to do as they are told when you need them to! Many hours later we had our footage. We then had to spend hours recording the voiceover for the film. My editor, Adrian Hamilton, then spent many hours putting it all together, and I had to sit there for many evenings too, to get it all correct. It was a big challenge as he hadn’t edited a film like this before.

Then the artwork had to be done and finally the proof checks and the big order. I was amazed to find that although I thought I had ordered my DVDs from the UK, they actually came from the official Sony production factory in Austria. My enormous palette of DVDs arrived on my doorstep just 9 days before my official launch. Scarily close timing.

Whilst all this DVD production was going on I also had to organise a launch event. No product can go without one. I teamed up with my local council, Bracknell Forest and Bracknell Town Council, as they had lost funding for their annual dog show, and so I made the annual “Paws in the Park” show the official launch of my Puppy Massage DVD too.

Organising a dog show and a DVD launch event was a big job, but with lots of reward on the big day. The show and DVD launch was on 20th August in Braybrooke Recreational Ground, Bracknell. I had so much support I still can’t believe it.

The Bracknell Town Mayor Ash Merry came and was a huge support, she was joined by both the deputy Mayor Clive Harrison and The Borough Mayor of Bracknell Forest Tony Virgo.

BBC Radio Berkshire’s Sue Kinnear did her live broadcast from the show. It was wonderful to have the information about the benefits of the Puppy Massage DVD broadcast live across Berkshire.

Channel 4’s Bentley the ChiWOWhua famous from “First Dates” joined us and Immy, the Puppy Massage DVD star. Immy was now considerably larger than last year so she needed a bandanna to point her out!

We even had an international circus act “Chimney Sweeps” from Circle of Two. It was amazing to have so much volunteered support for my show and my DVD.

The official launch was at 12pm and it was important to me that it had a lovely Hollywood feel with a dog twist. So I did a premier viewing. I had an astroturf carpet with daisies on, white picket fencing and lots of posters on the walls. We even had 1000 packs of Pup-corn given out by my two lovely friends working as promotion girls. This was for all the dogs who came to view the premier, though I think many owners were actually eating it.

The dog show was a roaring success and the local council were proud of the turnout of about 2000 visitors. This was impressive since the weather was dreadful and many people had to abandon their event shelters and gazeebo’s as the wind was making them fly away. Luckily the rain doesn’t hold a dog owner back.

It was a proud moment to see my dream finally come to delivery. It was wonderful to have this successful project available to the public. This was a momentous thing for everyone involved. Over the months so many people have been giving their support or this project, that it finally felt like I could say a proper thank you!

T.V. Vet Paul Manktelow had watched he DVD and supported it and even put his face on the cover. He said “learning to massage your puppy helps to create a strong loving bond and creates confidence with being handled by you, your vet, therapist or groomer”. The President of the BVNA, Samantha Morgan had given a 5-star review and said “Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with your puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well-being of your puppy". The DVD also had a 5-star review from the editor of Dogs Today magazine, Beverly Cuddy who said “Every dog wants their owner to watch this! If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before." It was of course wonderful to be able to show the backers what they helped create.

This journey of funding, creation, production, marketing and the launch event has taught me a lot. But it has been great fun. It’s wonderful to see that there are ways to reach your goal, whatever it may be. I now have a product to sell that reflects my business and I know how well supported it is. I would recommend to anyone who has an idea, no matter how big or small. Have a go at making it happen! There are people out there who will want to support you too. I thank everyone of mine.

For the Puppy Massage DVD, the marketing and sales chapter begins. I have made some sales already and I have one registered stockist. If you want to stock the Puppy Massage DVD for your clients, then get in touch. donna@animalphysiotherapy.org.uk or find more information and the trailer at www.animalphysiotherapy.org.uk/puppy-massage-dvd.




Welcome to Frodo

Hello and welcome to Frodo.

Yes, his giant feet mean he really was named after the Frodo from the shire.

This poor little man has been through the mill. Nearly 1 year ago he lost use of his hind temporarily after having a nasty accident. He had ran into brambles and one managed to puncture his spine!

He recovered from this in Fitzpatric referrals. But rescently he has had more trouble. He has gone very lame on a hind. 

This time its that cruciate ligament. He has come for pre surgery physiotherapy and assessment, which is always realy useful. He has been given a sensible home regime and he is booked in for surgery. We will see him again afterwards.

Good luck with the surgery Frodo and we'll see you again soon.

Wecome to Maisy

Hello and welcome to Maisy.

This very sweet dog has spent many sad years before getting her forever home with her new wonderful family.

She is much loved and cared for. 

Sadly she is struggeling with a neurological problem causing weakness in her hind. 

She has now come for physio to help. Her joints are really good so we have set her up with a program to work on her proprioception and strength. This will mean her nerves fire more and help her to regain her co ordination, balance confindence and in turn, strength. 

She is very good at her home regime and it will help to stop or at least slow down any potential deteriorarion. She is doing very well.

Keep up the good work dad and Maisy.

Our first stockist for the Puppy Massage DVD

Our first stockist for the Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to announce we have our first stockist for the Puppy Massage DVD!

Its so exciting. Danetre Health Products felt it was an excellent educational tool to sell along side their Photizo.

Thank you Danetre Health products for being our first stockist.

If you would like to join them and become a stockist with the Puppy Massage DVD on your shelves, then contact us.

Puppy Massage DVD - Stockists

Puppy Massage DVD

Welcome to Chester

Hello and welcome to Chester.

This handsom man has elbow arthritis and some sore hips. But the hips are not too bad.
His wonderful owners are doing lots for him to keep him comfortable and mobile so he has an amazing multimodal treatment system. This is gold stamdard arthritis care. He has his medications, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. 

Its working really well. The improvements are subtle, but they are there. He is clearly more comfortable, but remains slow. But most importantly, he is happy. 

Chester now has a new home regime and mum amd dad are doing a great job. Keep up the good work mum and dad!