Welcome to Yogi

Hello and welcome to Yogi. Maybe not the best picture of him. A very big and fluffy newfoundland. 

He has been through the mill at a very young age! His very vigilant owners have worked hard to not give up on him and push for answers. And rightly so. After discussions of hip dysplasia, which it was not, he got sent to Vets Now referals who did an MRI after Yogi had been displaying severe hind limb paresis.

MRI revealed a mass in his spine causing a 90% compression of the spinal chord! This dog is a miracle as he made it through. The surgeon did a wonderful job removing the mass. He had an added post operative complication of a 4.5ltr seroma. That is possibly like him carrying a small jack russel on his back! But he got over this fine too.

He has now come for rehabillitation. He needs to get some more strength and to try to improve his co ordination. He is doing so well already. And we have no doubt he will make a full recovery with his amazingly diligent owners. He has been given excercises to improve his strength and get his nerves firing more so he thinks about his movement. 

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Yogi! 

Dog and Bone – New stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD

Welcome to Dog and Bone - New Stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to have our second stockist on board. The Dog and Bone company have seen our DVD and think its so great, that they wanted to stock it of their customers too.

Dog and Bone are an educational company. They already sell several excellent

Dog and Bone

Dog and Bone

educational DVD's for dog owners. They also provide courses for owners so that they have every opportunity to learn all they want to about their dogs needs. They cover training and calming. They have music, books, DVD's and seminars. Their seminars are held in multiple locations in the UK so take a look and see what's available. They also have a selection of leads, harnesses and other items.

Thank you for joining us Dog and Bone, and for helping to share the joy of dog massage.

The Puppy Massage DVD will make an excellent Christmas gift for any dog owner. Learn how to massage your dog in the comfort of your own home, from a highly experience animal physiotherapist, Donna Wills. Start them young and get life long benefits. Help your dog to become calm and confident.

Puppy Massage DVD - First Stockists

Puppy Massage DVD


Welcome to Charlie

Hello and welcome to Charlie.

Another old boy suffering the effects of arthritis.

This is an interesting case as he has had issues since 6 years old. He is now 15. At 6 the owners noticed his hip kept popping out of joint. So off to Fitzpatric who gave him a new one. It was hip dysplasia.

But now as he has lived so long, his other joints have spent a long time compentlsating and are now struggleing with the extra work. Ideally he'd have had physio to keep him using his body better before. But they hadnt been told this. They had been doing hydrotherapy though so this kept him going well for a long time. 

But the years have taken thier toll. Now he has a very crunchy hip and 2 very sore elbows and shoulders and a sore back. 

But we can still help. We have started him off with a home massage regime to get his muscle more comfortable. He has a more suitable home walk regime. And we have advised PEMF therapy. An electrotherapy recognised by the world health orgaisation to be very safe, and has great effect. 

We'll see you again next week Charlie. Keep up the good work mum and dad. Charlie has a very loving mum and dad.