The Good Pet and Vet Guide – Now Selling the Puppy Massage DVD

The Good Pet and Vet Guide - Now Selling the Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to announce that the Good Pet and Vet Guide - Now Selling the Puppy Massage DVD

Thank you for for wanting all dog lovers to join in with the gift of massage

The Good Vet and Pet Guide

The Good Vet and Pet Guide

Puppy Massage DVD - First Stockists

Puppy Massage DVD

New Puppy Massage DVD stockist, Forest House Veterinary Group

New Puppy Massage DVD stockist, Forest House Veterinary Group

We welcome another new Puppy Massage DVD stockist - Forest House Veterinary Group.

Thank you Forest House Veterinary Group for wanting to share this great DVD with your clients and their loved ones.

What a great Christmas gift!

forest-house-vets stockist


Puppy Massage DVD - First Stockists

Puppy Massage DVD

Sam’s Progress

Well we had to share this lovely update on Sam's progress.

Only last week we told you about Sam who came for physiotherapy for lameness of unknown cause. On exam we could see he had a very sore back. We did a treatment session and also taught the owner how to do home massage so he can be relieved daily.

The owner came back one week later for reassessment. What an improvement. The owner was over the moon. Sam went home and was instantly improved. His dad was an A star owner as he also did his home massage. And over the week he was able to see how much Sam loved his massage and often came to ask for it. Sam also let the other dog sleep with his head on his hips, which he would never have allowed in the last 6 months. He had also gained confidence and would walk past the other dog, which had also stopped. And finally he had also become his old vocal self and resumed singing to the world. 

His dad sent us some photos to share of him post home massge and enjoying some time with his other dog friend. 

We are so pleased that he is doing so well so fast and thank you for sending the pictures! 

Welcome to Sam

This hansome lutcher is a rescue. But he has had a happy life since, thanks to his lovely mum and dad. 
He has come to see us for idiopathic lameness. On exam it was clear to see he had a very sore back. He had a few other issues but the back was the main one.

He was given deep tissue massage and sent home with a home regime to be done daily. Mum and dad are keen to do all they can. 

Good luck Sam and family. We'll have you feeling better soon. 

Welcome to Mollie

Hello and welcome to Mollie. And a big welcome back to Mollies mum who came to us with her late dogs over the years too.

Mollie has been lame and x-rays and vet checks didnt show any reason. So she was referred to us for physio and investigation. 

We are pleased to say we have found a problem, although it would obviously be better for there to be nothing wrong. Mollie is only 3y so we dont expect to see many issues at this age, but she does love her ball and accidents do happen. 

On exam we found all of her body to show no problems except the right shoulder. Here she had some discomfort on opening the joint fully. We feel there may be some ligament damage as there are some many ligaments in the area and it didnt present like the more common biceps tendonitis. The diagnosis is for the vet to decide but we can treat what we see.

So we have set her up with a home regime of lead restriction and we will give her 8 weeks careful excercise. she will also have home massage. We may use ultrasound for this issue too but we will reassess next time and update the correct course of treatment.

Well done mum for bringing her for physio. good luck with the home regime and rest. We'll have her feeling better soon.

Welcome to Angus

Hello and welcome to Angus.

This gorgeous maincoon is a real sweetheart. Sadly he started to show lameness as a very young age. He was only around 7 months. investigations showed that he has a rare disease which meant he had to have his femoral head and neck removed on a hind leg. 

Sadly the lameness then started on the other hind. So the other hip ball was also removed. 

The owner got him through his recovery well but she felt he had not made a full recovery so she came for physiotherapy.

On exam there were clear issues in hind limb muscle. So we have given a home regime of stretching and light massage to begin. We will then start some muscle rebuilding.

Cats are great with physiotherapy and respond well. But they have different behavioural needs and require you to respond to thier behavioural ques sympathetically and confidently. 

Angus really enjoyed the session, much to the suprise of his mum.

We are pleased to have him on board and help him with rebalancing his body.

Well done Archie! surgery cancelled as vet said physio has done the trick!

12 weeks ago Archie came to us for physiotherapy following diagnosis of bilateral luxating patella. This means both knee caps were dislocating when he walked. The vet said to try physiotherapy and to come back if it doesnt work.
We are so pleased to report that Archie has had the all clear and the vet has decided surgery is no longer needed! 

The owner was a super star and stuck firmly to the home excercise regime we set. She also did some hydrotherapy for as many weeks as the insurance would allow. 

All this combined meant that Archie rebuilt sufficient muscle to keep the patellas stable. 

Mum was very happy with the outcome and the home regime. she will keep it up to ensure there is no decline.

We now see Archie again in 3 months to make sure everything remains good and stable and keep mum and Archie on track.

Well done mum and Archie!

Welcome to Simba

Hello and welcome to Simba. 

A beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback. Poor thing needs to be a bit more careful in the woods. 

She went off chasing the fun wildlife. Her mum heard a yelp and then she couldn't be found for a scary 10 minutes. when she got to her mum she was totally lame and holding up her front leg. 

She was rushed to the vets and an x-ray showed no damage. So she was given Nsaids and rest. 

So mum decided she should see us.

It does look like she may have subluxated her shoulder. This means its pops out just a bit and goes back in. This means there can be soft tissue damage but nothing to see on x-ray. It is still very painful.

Simba is recovering well. we have given her a home regime that will encourage a gradual return to work. she has issues twisting so we have given excercises to encourage this movement in a controlled manor allowing safe mobilisation.  We expect her to take it easy and allow 8 weeks recovery incase of ligament damage.

Mum has been excellent with her home regime so far and the results can be seen. wedone mum and Simba. Keep up the good work.