Welcome to Maggie

Hello and welcome to Maggie.

We seem to be meeting a lot more Bassett hounds lately! This lovely girl was happy and enjoying life until she woke up one morning with serious back pain. Her mum and dad got her straight down the vets, who investigated and then sent her to Fitzpatrick referals for spinal surgery. 

She was in for a week and got discharged just 4 days ago and has now come for much needed physiotherapy. 

She is doing really well as she is already standing. But she is very wobbly. So we are working on her strength and balance for now and getting her gently mobilised again. 

Good luck mum and dad and keep up the good work Maggie. There is a road ahead amd we'll support you down it. You'll feel better soon. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

I wish you all a Merry Chritsmas and a Happy New Year from Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

I have had a wonderful 2016.

I organised and hosted the amazing Paws in the Park dog show in Bracknell. I am eternally grateful to the sponsors of the event.

We completed the editing and production of my Puppy Massage DVD and had the official Launch at Paws in the Park. I have seen it go strength to strength, and it is now stocked by 4 companies. I remain proud to have seen it backed by T.V. vet Paul Manktelow and given 5 star reviews by the president of the British Veterinary Nursing Association and the Editor of Dogs Today Magazine.

As this time of year draws in, we remember past patients and loved ones, who will always hold a place in my heart as I can’t help but grow a bond with all of them.

And I have welcomed many new patients to my company. It’s wonderful to meet so many amazing animals with their stories of how they have become debilitated, and then help them to feel better. They all have so much inner strength and passion to get better. I have to of course, also praise the wonderful parents of these patient’s, who work so hard to make sure they are doing all they can for their loved ones.

I am soon to be entering my 12th year of running Animal physiotherapy Ltd, and it never gets old. My patients and clients are always a delight and the success stories will always warm anyone’s heart.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our story of 2016.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2017.

From Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

Donna Wills MD

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Welcome to Bertie

Hello and welcome to Bertie.

This lovely cockerpoo has got some amazing parents who have really taken the time to notice the small signs of a problem. Signs started with sitting differently after a long walk. The signs persisted and niggled though they were not debilitating or severe. But mum and dad knew he wasn't right. 

So a vet investigation later revealed mild bilateral hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament laxity on one side. This is great as the information whilst sounding a little scary, is useful so we can make plans and adjustments accordingly and stop it getting too bad too soon. 

So Bertie has now had his assessments and we have discussed an ideal lifestyle and made suggestions to keep his muscle well built in his hind, whilst not over doing the stress in the joints. 

We dont need  to see Bertie again for a while as he is doing really well, but we will see him from time to time to make sure he is staying on track and pick up any signs of anything progressing, as sadly he is likely to get arthritis sooner than others.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Bertie.

Welcome to Evie

Hello and welcome to Evie. 

This super cute border collie is starting to feel the wrath of shoulder degerative joint disease. She also has mild hip arthritis and cruciate disease. So a lot going on. But its all in moderation and she is coping well.

We have got her started on a gentle non-impact muscle building regime in the hind, and some home massage on the shoulders for relief. We also altered her home excercise regime. She has now been back once and we are so pleased to say she is responding quickly. Her shoulders are already less sore and she is happier to stretch them out fully.

Well done mum, dad and Evie. There is plenty more we can do yet.

Welcome to Star

Hello and welcome to Star. Star by name star by nature. Such a sweet dog with loving parents who rescued her from a sad life of breeding in a dark garage.

She is now in a lovely home and very happy. But she is starting to show some signs that her joints weren't quite right, like bunny hoping instead of a nice run. So she has had investigation by the vet and this has shown several issues. So she has been referred for physiotherapy.

So we have now assessed her and found her issues and started her in a home regime to correct her weaknesses. 

We'll have you feeling better soon star. Keep up the good work mum and dad!

Welcome to Benny

Hello and welcome to Benny.

Such a hansom chap. He loves his physio!

He is an active indoor cat, and one day a jump went wrong amd he ruptured his cruciate ligament. A common injury for footballers in the human world. So he was referred to a specialist to have surgery. They did a TPLO. Also called a tibial plateux leveling osteotomy. They did a wonderful job as his recovery has been incredible. He was fully weightbearing very quickly. 

So he has come for physio to help him heal to his best potential. We have got him on a muscle building program and we are working on his confidence, so he uses his limb properly again. 

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Benny.

Welcome to Rufus

Hello and welcome to Rufus. We dont see many bassets these days, but we had 2 basset lovers in one day!

This lovely man had a tough start in life when he had a spinal trauma at less than a year old. By 14 months he needed spinal surgery in his neck. This was done by the man we now know as "supervet". He recovered well, but did have a few remaining signs that things weren't totally right. But it didnt matter to him. He got on with life and has been happy and enjoyed many fun walks.

But then 3 weeks ago some signs started to worry mum and dad. So they went back to thier vet. They tried rest and pain relief, but it didnt seem to work. 

So the owner contacted us to try physiotherapy. Thier vet eagerly agreed that this was a good choice of treatment.

So we have now done a fully examination of Rufus and talked about his lifestyle. We have found his weaknesses and set him up with a home excercise regime. We hope there will be no need for further spinal surgery.

Good luck Rufus and keep up the good work mum and dad! 

Welcome to Sadie

Hello and welcome to Sadie. This lovely little girl has had to start physio early. She has been showing signs of hip problems at a young age. So she went to the vet for investigation. Bilateral hip dysplasia was diagnosed. 

They were seen by a specialist and have been told they will both need hip replacements. The specialist also reccomended for them to do pre operative physiotherapy prior to surgery to grow some muscle as this will keep the hips stable whilst she grows and also help post operative healing. 

So we have got her started on a good home excercise regime, and she is starting some hydrotherapy too. 

Good luck mum and Sadie. Such a shame, but your in the best hands possible.

Welcome to Snoops

Hello and welcome to Snoops. Such a sweet man. Sadly he went out one day and there was a yelp and he was paralysed in his hind limbs. So scary for everyone. He went to the vets and then to a referal specialist. He has done amazingly well. There has been no medical treatment so far but he has still made an amazing recovery. 

The referal center diagnosed a spinal disk protrusion or FCE. Either way, a bruise was caused on the spinal chord. As this has healed he has regained mobility gradually. However there is still a defecit as it takes time for the nerves to heal. He is 6 days into recovery, he still has hind limb weakness and proprioception issues in the left hind. So the vets said physiotherapy was imperetive.

We have now got him on a bespoke home care regime that will help him regain confidence in his hind limbs, rebuild muscle that has already been lost, improve his proprioception and remind him to lift his limbs properly. Our excercise made him lift his right hind impressivly, so hopefully the left will improve soon.

Good luck Snoops and keep up the good work dad. We'll have you feeling better soon.

Welcome to Hardy

Hello and welcome to Hardy. This hansome chap has got serious degenerative joint disease in his hock. its likely this started in adolescence but he's made it to 10y without too many problems.

But now he is showing signs in his hind like looking wobbly and dragging his paws. He had and x-ray which was checked by the specialists. This showed sever remodeling in the joint and some tendonitis in the Achilles on the other side. His range of movement in the joint is poor and the limb postire has changed shape as he has adapted how he holds the limb. So there is a lot going on. But inspite of all this he remains happy, full of life and playful! 

So the hearts willing so we are here to help. The owner has already done some things to adress the issues. Without prompting they have started weightloss, got carpets in the house to make the floor more grippy, helped him with the stairs and got him started on hydrotherapy. 

We have now changed the walk regime to a more gentle program of little and often. We have asked that he write a diary so we can assess mobility and how it is improving and try to find a pattern causing the worst days. Dad will apply ice packs to the joint after walks and massage once a day and do passive range of movment 4 times a day. we have made sure he is confident and competant with all of this and we will see how its all gone next week. 

Keep up the good work dad! Hardy we'll have you more comfortable soon.