Welcome to Harvey

Hello and welcome to Harvey.

Handsome German pointer. He had had an amazing healthy life. But at nearly 12years, he has now been diagnosed with possible spondylosis. 

This can be incredibly painful. It is arthritis of the spine. Anyone with a bad back would sympathise. 

So he is on pain relief from the vet, and is starting physiotherapy as well.He has enjoyed his first session and first massage. We have given his dad a home excercise regime to suit the family and Harveys needs, as the program needs to be achievable. We will see him again next week to reasses and update the programe.

Good luck Harvey and keep up the good work dad. 

Welcome to Wuffa

Hello and welcome to Wuffa

Such a beauty. He is a 50:50 westie cross mini poodle. He has the test to prove it! 

He has rescently been diagnosed with a grade 1 luxating patella. Something we see quite alot these days. 

So he has been referred for physio. We have done our assessment and got him in a strengthening program for the hind limbs. We are also getting his mum to do lots of ice packs after walks to keep inflammation down. In time the patella will luxate less frequently and eventually stop completly. 

Good luck mum, dad and Wuffa. You'll be better soon!

Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy.This very beautiful girl is young, full of life and very spritly! 
But sadly she has been having trouble in her elbows. Mostly in her right side. Xrays showed sclerosis. There was minimal change in the left side thankfully.

So the vet has referred for physio. She is also likely to have an arthroscopy by a specialist. This means they will put a camera in her joint and use some access points to clear out any dead tissue in the joint that is causing pain. This is a great example of physio and vets working together for a multi modal approach to best care for the patient.

She is doing really well and we have set her up with a sensible home excercise regime. We need to gently rebuild lost muscle in the right fore. We will hear soon, about the specialists view and next steps.

Well done mum and Poppy. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Cody

Hello and welcome to Cody. He is a lovely Dachund. He has been referred regarding luxating patella. So his knee cap is slipping off to the side. Dogs cope with this suprisingly well. But it is almost certain that dogs with this will develop arthritis in the knee far sooner in life, so it needs sorting. 

We get the owners doing a regime of strengthening and muscle building to help to jeep the knee cap in place. This is done along side a program of cryotherapy (ice packs) to help reduce the inflammation that is caused each time the knee cap slips. 

There is a long journey ahead for Cody but we'll get there. Good luck mum and cody. 

Welcome to Ernie

Hello and welcome to Ernie.

He is a beautiful British blue but he looks and acts like there is some Bengal in there! 

He has got very early onset arthritis in his hips. So he has had to have both hip joints removed. With 4 months between surgeries, he has recovered very well. He is now in for physiotherapy to help with the second side.

He is recovering very well. He was a challange to treat and he was not happy to be handled. But we could still manage an assessment and setting a home plan that his mum could manage. Its all going very well and mum is happy to have a good home plan to aid and enhance his recovery. This plan will encourage better range of movement and therefore better comfort in the joint.

Keep up the good work mum and Ernie!

Welcome to Hugo

Hello and welcome to Hugo. This young man is a very happy chap. But he has had some trouble with his elbows. This can happen a little more frequently in these front heavy breeds. 

He was referred to a specialist and who did an arthroscopy to shave and remove the excess bone and damaged cartilage. He had to have this done both sides. It was a total success! He was walkong better almost immediatly afterwards! Well done to the surgeon and Hugo.

But we also need to do some physiotherapy to ensure the best recovery and to help his mum prevent the arthritis comming back as quickly, and keep him comfortable for longer. 

Well done mum and try to calm down a bit Hugo! He's a happy boy!

Welcome to Suzi

Welcome to Suzi. We don't see many Airdales these days. She is very sweet. She has had many many issues with her health in her life. Thank goodness for an amazing mum who has not given up on her. As a result of so many problems, her arthritis was actually the least of the worries. But as she has got better, it has  become a concern.

So her vet reccommended physio and she came to us. Her hind limbs were the area that everyone thought was the worst. But this was largly due to her being so protective of them. She does prefer to not be touched. I'm not suprised after all she has been through. 

Here, we like to put our patients at ease and make them comfortable and happy. This relaxed state makes for a better recovery and better compliance. So we put her at ease and whilst she had her odd moan, we were able to do far more than the owner expected and not a muzel in sight. She allowed lots of massage and really her right shoulder seemed to have the worst issues. So we sent mum home with a new home excercise regime to help, and taught her some home masssage. 

Suzi has now been back once and she is doing so much better even after just one session. So we have treated again and updated the home regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Suzi. 

Welcome to Bentley

Hello and welcome to Bentley. He is full of beans! 

Sadly as a result he ruprured his cruciate ligamnet. At first it was thought to be his hips but an xray showed his hips were fine but his cruciate ligament had a full rupture!

So he has had a TTA to stabalise the stifle or knee. He is now in for his rehabillitation. 

His complication is that he has lost quite a bit of muscle and is now quite determind to lean on the good leg. Understandable, but not great for getting his muscle built up. 

So we have started him on a program that will build comfidence in the limb amd muscle. We also need to improve the range of movement in the knee as its a little restricted. But he's not looking sore and is a super happy dog, desperate to get out and about again. 

We'll have you out and free soon Bentley! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Peanut

Hello and welcome to peanut. Such a good name for this little chap.

Poor bean. At just 8 months old he had an accident and dislocated his left elbow. Such an incredible dog though. He has not let it show. His mum could see something was wrong, but he kept running and jumping like nothing was wrong! This is not unheard of, but it is rare. 

We saw this chap and it was clear there was need for further vet intervention so we did some massage to relieve any discomfort and muscle spasm and he was off to the vet the following day. X-rays confirmed the diagnosis and the owner has had to speak to the specialist to decide the surgical outcome. 

Meanwhile this incredible dog remains happy and bouncy and full of beans. 

We will see him again soon, but likely, after his operation.

Good luck mum and peanut.