Welcome to Monty

Hello and welcome to Monty. Beautiful Maincoon. We are seeing a few of these lately and both with hind limb issues.

This one has had mobility troubles in the hind since he was less than a year old. Having seen the specialists he was diagnosed with bilateral hypdysplasia and luxating patella. Both are not too severe but all together add up to some discomfort.

He is keen and happy and still likes to climb, though jumping is difficult. So we can manage this with some muscle building.

So we have set him up with a home excercise regime. Yes, we can get cats excercising! 

Good luck dad, keep up the good work. We'll have you feeling better soon Monty!

Welcome to Missy Moo McFeisty

Hello and welome to little Missy Moo McFeisty!

Proving there is no patient we can not tame and treat! Her mum was most impressed at how well she came round to her massage. Though there is still some way to go before we can achieve a full body assessment.

This poor little bean fell out of a tree approx 3 years ago and has had a bad back ever since. She was seeing a chiropractor but has now decided to try physiotherapy.

We have done our assessment and set mum up with a new home regime which includes cat sit ups, to strengthen the core and support the back more. 

Keep up the good work mum. Missy is a very loved cat!

Welcome to Mack

Hello and welcome to Mack.

Such a sweet old man. Sadly age has got to his hind legs and he has lost muscle and got weak. He has arthritis in them.

But that doesn't mean there is nothing we can do! We have lots of options to give him a new lease of life. Following our long discussion about the home life, past and present. We have done our assessment and first treatment and set him up with a more suitable home regime. This means changing the walk regime to one thats a bit more suited, some diet adjustments and a weightshift excercise to help him build some muscle.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Mack. We'll have him feeling better soon.

Welcome to Swagger

Hello amd welcome to Swagger.

This dog is way too much like my own dog! Gorgeous border collie. Sadly he wasnt watching where he was going and ran into a post!

He did some serious nerve damage to the brachial plexus and radial nerve.

He has now come for physio but the injury occured 3 months ago and veterinary progronosis is not good. So we have set Swagger up with a home excercise regime to see if we can make some progress. But as he inly 2 years old, he can lead a very happy life on 3 legs and we can take care to look after the remaining limbs.

Good luck Swagger. Stay happy. Life on 3 can be fun too!