Welcome to Mister Mack

Hello and welcome to mister Mack. 

This is a much loved labrador. He was rescued and soon after, the vet diagnosed elbow dysplasia. This has been managed conservativley and mum has done a wonderful job of getting him to 9 years old with very little intervention. She did a great job and soon after diagnosis she took him to see a physio for a home regime, and to a hydrotherapists. 

Now he is starting to struggle again so she felt it was time to see a physio again. We are pleased she did as there is so much we can do. Having done our assessment we could see how wonderful the hind legs were, but we needed to get some more use in the front. So we have done a treatment and set mum and Mister Mack up with a home regime. This includes some passive range of movement, a new walk regime, diet and some muscle building.

Keep up the good work mum and Mack and we'll see you again for a follow up soon. 

Welcome to Obi

Hello and welcome to Obi. 

Such a loved and handsom man. He has come for a mobility assessment as his mum takes him to agility. We have been treating his much older best friend for a while, so mum felt it was time to check him too. 

We were pleased to see there was not too much going on. But we found the odd issue. This was great, as early detection means it can get addressed before its serious enough to show a symptom. 

We gave mum some home excercises to help correct the problem and we will see Obi again if he needs to come back in the future. 

Well done mum and Obi!

Welcome to Xana

Hello and welcome to Xana. 

This sweet french bulldog is meeting her greyer years so dad decided it was time to get her a massage. 

She had one of our luxury massage experiances. She loved it completly and relaxed. Dad felt she was so much happier and more comfortable afterwards. She will probably come back for proper physiotherapy sessions in future to help keep her comfortable as she ages.

Lovely to meet you you Xana and dad! 

BIG Welcome to Swagger!

Hello and a big giant welcome to Swagger.

Such a sweet dog. We cant go into the whole history. But his fore leg got paralysed and the injury was sever. There was a grave outlook from the vet specialists and we didnt get to meet him until 3 months after the accident. The best option was to remove the leg. Swagger is now super happy and has been rehomed to us! 

We stand by our word, that dogs can cope well on 3 legs and live long happy lives. We have many 3 legged dogs we treat and now Swagger can join the happy party of disabled dogs that dont need any sympathy because they are totally fine and happy.


Happy on 3!

Welcome to Flossie

Hello and welcome to Flossie!

Not to much to say about this beautiful girl. Such a good mum. She has been well cared for all of her life. Mum has taken her to agility for fun originally, but it turned put they were rather good at it! So she is now grade 7! 
She rescently became officially middle ages so mum felt it was time to have her body assessed and make sure she was in peak condition. I am pleased to say she absolutly is! Only 1 pectoral muscle was a little tight. That is impressive.

Well done mum for doing all the right things, like warming up before competing!

So we semt her off with a clean bill of health and we'll see her again when mum wants another MOT.