Welcome to Georgie

Hello and welcome to Georgie.

What a cutie. She was a happy little bean one day and then paralysed hind limbs the next. Scary stuff for mum and dad. It was all very quick and her new vets were incredibly fast and supportive. She was sent quickly to the referral center who did an MRI and saw she had compression of the spinal chord, as the spinal disk had popped. 

She quickly had surgery, called a hemilaminectomy. This meant they cut a hole in the spinal bones and took out the disk material. 

She has since had a great recovery and has gradully had more use of the hind legs daily. She was sent home with a physio program. But we have now taken over to update the regime and keep the recovery optimum rate. 

We have set georgie up with some gentle excercises to improve her proprioception and balance and strength. We have also shown mum and dad some gentle back massage to aid healing.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Georgie. 

Welcome to Chole

Hello and welcome to Chloe.

This is a well loved labrador. She has kept the vets busy with many illnesses over the years. But she keeps fighting and her wonderful dad really does do all he can. 

She was diagnosed with elbow dyspasia fairly early in life. They tried conservative management but in the end needed surgery. She had an arthroscopy and had some bone removed. But she also had some revolutionary treatment. She had stem cells inplanted too!

There has been some improvement but its not solved the problem so she is now in for physio too. This is quite normal, as gold stand care plans use mulitple disaplines to get the best program of care for the patient. 

Chloe now has a new home regine and excercises to help relieve pain in the elbow and keep her active and comfortable for longer. 

Keep up the good work dad and Chloe!

Welcome to Peaches

Hello and welcome to Peaches.

She is a very young lady whos raduis and ulna insisted in growing at different rates. This is relativly common in some breeds and it varies in severity. For her, one leg needed surgery. 

Her surgery has been incredible and she is recovering really well. We have given her a regime that has taken her right through rehab from the earliest stage if healing, which is great. She is still in her road to recovery, but we are building her strength and confidence in her limb whilst also providing the bones the time they need to heal. 

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Peaches. You are doing great! But Peaches, you need to stay calm for a little longer!