Welcome to Lola

Hello and welcome to Lola. She is a very sweet Dachund. 

Sadly on her holidays in France, her spinal disk burst and she needed emergancy surgery. The great vets in france fixed her up a treat, all in time to get home and recouperate. Slightly more relaxed home care stratgy than we use here though!

So once home she came to us for physio. She is recovering really well. She had some mild ataxia in the hind and particularly on the left side. We set her up with a home regime. We have now seen her for her follow up today and she is doing great! Improving so fast, which is lovely as mum felt her recovery had slowed down, so its great to see the boost we could give ger. 

Keep up the good work Lola and family. 

Welcome to Maisy Moo

Hello and welcome to Maisy Moo. 

Such a sweet labradoodle. 

She has come for physiotherapy for a grumbeling cruciate. This is where the criciate ligament only breaksdown a little bit. Its enough to show subtle symptoms but not be a big life impact. But you have to be aware as sadly it can fully rupture at any point. 

This was noticed during a routine vet exam. The vet saw she has muscle wastage and puffy knees on one side. So x-rays were taken. The specialist saw them and felt she was not a case that needed surgery at this stage. So she is having conservative managment. 

She is having accupuncture and responding very well. Her mum noticed a significant change in her energy level after this. And she is having physiotherapy with us.

This is a case for ultrasound therapy along side the home excercise regime. 

So we have set her up and she has her plan.

Keep up the good work mum amd Maisy.

Puppy Massage DVD – Nearly 1 year anniversary

Puppy Massage DVD - Nearly 1 year anniversary

Puppy Massage DVD - 1 year

Puppy Massage DVD


Puppy Massage DVD - Nearly 1 year anniversary. So incredible how time flies!

We released the Puppy Massage DVD on 20th August 2016. So it will be 1 year old in just 5 days! You can reminisce on our launch day here.

Over our year the DVD has become very popular and now has multiple stockists and remains highly supported. We were even in Crufts 2016 being sold on the Photizo stand as a great compliment to their photizovet, photo-therapy machine.

Puppy Massage DVD at crufts

Puppy Massage DVD at crufts

We are keeping our introductory price for the full 1 year, but then it will be going up to the normal price of £15. But we will do free Postage and Packaging. So get your copy now, before the price change.

The benefits of massage are well known. This DVD is good for the whole family to use and is designed to:

  • Teach how to create a relaxing environment at home
  • Show excellent relaxing massage techniques
  • Increase circulation, which helps more valuable nutrition which is carried in the blood, get to all the areas its needed for a growing or healing body
  • Get the puppy used to being handled all over its body which reduces stress during a veterinary examination so the vet will be highly impressed
  • Increase a trusting and loving bond
  • Help move any toxins after exercise
  • Encourages the release of hormones that make you feel happy
Puppy Massage Launch team photos

Paws in the Park.
Donna Wills (centre, back) with her team on the Animal Physiotherapy stand.

Review from the President of the British Veterinary nursing associationImage result for 5 star images

"Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with yourBVNA Logo puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well being of your puppy" - Samantha Morgan

Review from Beverly Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today MagazineImage result for 5 star images

“Every dog wants their owner to watch this!” DT logo 2014
“If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."

Find out more one our Puppy Massage DVD page.


Welcome to Jake

Hello and welcome to jake. 

This hansome cockerspaniel was rescently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis. 

Both owner and vet agree conservative managment is ideal in this case and not surgery. 

So he has come for physio. He had already responded well to the accupuncture which relieved the pain. Having done our assessment, we have set him up with a home regime. This includes a little weight loss, muscle building, some adjustments to his home life and some stretches. 

We are confident he will feel better soon. Once we get his hips doing a more comfortable level of healthy excercise, and we get some muscle built up, this will support the hips further and keep him comfortable and slow the progression of the arthritis. 

Good luck mum and Jake, you're going to be fine, fit and healthy. 

Welcome to Pip

This beautiful labrador is so lucky to have such a great mum. She started to age and slow down. She went to the vets and had all the usual arthritis treatment. But mum wanted more for her Pip. So she found us and got booked in. 

On exam, this actually was not a simple old age arthritis. Not that any arthritis is simple! It was more that there was a neurological issue. So the nerve health is not ideal. 

So we have set her up with a home regime that concentrates on nerve health and strengthening. This should slow down her deterioration.

We'll have you feeling better soon Pip. Keep up the good work mum! 

Welcome to Maisy

Hello and welcome to Maisy. 

She is a much loved springador and has come from a line of loved dogs as this is the daughter of a client now bringing her own dog in. That makes you realise how many years you have been in the industry!

Maisy had some mild issues when she was only a year old and so had some investigation amd diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. She managed to resolve those signs easily and has not shown further issues for over a year. 

But then she had an incident where she came back from her day out incredibly sore and couldnt get herself in the door over the step. She was clearly in pain. But some rest seemed to resolve it very quickly and when she saw the vet it had almost resolved. She came for physio anyway as mum wanted to make sure there was nothing serious going on. 

We did a full assessment and found her mobility to be very good in general, but there were some tweeks that could improve her body. The history suggested she may have hurt her back or neck. There was some range of movement issues in the neck, and the abdominal muscles were not as strong as we'd like. 

So we set her up with a home regime of doggy sit ups and neck muscle strengthening. Mum already had an excellent walk regime and she was well muscled everywhere else. 

Hopefully the insident wont happen again, but of it does, mum knows where we are. Keep up the good work mum and Maisy.

Welcome to Lucy

Hello and welcome to Lucy. She is a beautiful labradoodle and has been doing great for many years. But one day she ran off in her play and had an accident and ruptured her criciate ligament. It is suprisingly easily done and something we see frequently. 

She ended up needing to see a specialist who did a TPLO procedure to fix the stifle (knee). 

She has done wonderfully following the surgery but she does now need physiotherapy to regain lost muscle and get some confidence in the limb. 

We have set her up with a home excercise regime. She is doing really well and we will have her feeling loads better very soon. 

Keep up the good work Lucy and family!