How to treat the exotic patient

How to treat the exotic patient

Donna Wills of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd Presents "How to treat the Exotic patient".

Exotic Patient - Skunk

Exotic Patient - Skunk

Her 12 years of animal physiotherapy and 17 years of being a qualified veterinary nurse, has meant she has had some interesting patients to treat over the years. As a result, she has become well versed in building a strategy to approach taking on unusual species.

Donna is delivering the CPD, which is 6 hours, in Bracknell on Saturday 28th October 2017. It is best suited for student or qualified Animal/veterinary physiotherapists, who are looking to be able to handle the unusual cases. It is the second time for this lecture to run and has been requested again as it was so well received. Its is ran in conjunction with TCAP

Many species are covered, but the aim of the course is to teach you how to approach the investigation of the new patient type, so that you will be able to feel confident when anything comes to you.There are many things to consider when starting any new case, but with new species comes new things to consider when working out the problems the patient faces in their life, how to know if they are in pain, and how to get the patient to do the exercise program you need to set. And also what exercises do you need to set! There will be detail for Rabbits and some practical time, as these are the most common exotic species. They are also a fast growing popular pet. They are becoming seen as house companions more and more and so the desire to have them treated with all the same level of car as a dog, is growing.

Donna has had great success treating many species.

If you would like to know more, please contact us. Spaces are very limited, to give lots of opportunity for interaction.

Had paralysed front leg, but all functional with some physio!

Exotic Patients

Exotic Patients

Welcome to Marley

Hello and welcome to Marley. This is a very sweet Rottweiler. I am very proud to say that he accepted me as my friend very well and it was great to offer him a kind experiance, as he doesnt like the vets and a muzzel is needed there. Its always so lovely when we can put our patients at ease. He laid down in a fully exposed position and clearly not a worry in the world.

This is an interesting case. He is 11 years young so no spring chicken. But just over a week ago, he went to the vets for a dental with no lameness. He came home fine. But was then lame the following day. The vets have been very thorough and there are several possibilities that range from a tumor to infection. His lameness was sudden onset and sever. 

He has come for physio so we are all working together as a team for the best possible outcome. On arrival he was very sore and only toe touching. So we would say 9/10 lame. He had his session, which did not show many issues, but he was highly relaxed by the massage and particularly on the right elbow. We set him up with a home regime and  this did include a weightloss diet. 

I am pleased to say that he walked out full of the joys of spring. He pulled his dad and had a little trot and was more like 7/10 lame. What a great result of our first session. Also showing how strong massage can be for pain relief and endorphine. 

Keep up the good work mum and dad and Marley. We'll have him feeling better soon. 

Welcome to Kano

Hello and welcome to Kano! He is very hansom with his super floppy ears! 

But he is only young and already having mobility problems.

Mum and dad were sensible owners and tried so hard to get a german sheppard with good safe breeding, but alas, he has hip dysplasia and some lower back spinal issues and degenerative joint disease (arthritis) already!

He is doing well though amd has come for physio to keep him on track with minimal drug use. 

His muscle bulk is actually quite good. But his lifestyle must be managed to avoid excessive strain. We have had long discussions about a suitable excercise plan that suits him mentally and physically. we have also given him a home excercise regime that will work on specific areas in the hind. He has taken to this all very well. 

Keep up the good work kano amd family!

Welcome to Monty

Hello and welcome to Monty. A rarely seen flat coat retriever. Full of way too many beans!

This is a very unusual story and shows the versatility of an animal physio!

He has been poorly for some time. His life has been a history of itchy skin investigations, that then became a serious head tilt and distress. He ended up down the emergancy vet and having a CT scan. Turned out he had got an inner ear infection. This was not a simple case. It was sever and actually caused some facial paralysis leading to him dribbeling a lot and having to have eye drops as he couldnt blink. 

Over time it has improved and he has learnt to cope really suprisingly well. He eats and is not nautious. But he has now suffered some serious muscle loss on the right shoulder due to improper body use, and the final worry for his mum was when she noticed a lump on the shoulder. 

So he was referred to us. 

This has been a great case to get stuck into. Firstly we must report that in his first trip, he was so hyper and on edge that he was difficult to calm and so difficult to assess, but we perservered. Who can blame him after all his proding and poking. His second session was a different story! He came in like a grade A student and laid on the floor for his full body assessment and massage and stretches, like an old hand. He was so calm. Its always so lovely to see them come round to the idea of physio so quickly! 

On his assessment we saw he had marked muscle loss that needed addressing. The blink reflex was there. The lump on the shoulder was the Acromium, which was a normal part of the shoulder, but it does feel like it had grown a spur, but it was not restricting his range of movememt and was not sore. So we are not worried about that. 

So we set him up with a home regime of some muscle building in the shoulder. We also got mum to do some work with the blink reflex to encourage them neural pathways. 

We are so pleased to say, mum was so impressed. Just 1 week later, the eye is blinking more now and the muscleh has started to rebuild already! There is still a long way to go but we know mum can do it and so can Monty. He is now quite used to life on the wonk so its hard to convince him to walk with his head in a more normal position. But he will lay calmly and sleep straight so he is a happy boy. 

Keep up the good work mum and Monty!

New Stockist For Puppy Massage DVD – Worcestershire Animal Therapy

New Stockist For the Puppy Massage DVD - Worcestershire Animal Therapy

We have a new stockist for the Puppy Massage DVD, Worcestershire Animal Therapy.

Puppy Massage DVD - 1 year

Puppy Massage DVD


They see how important this is for their patients and clients, and see how this will aid

the owners in learning how to massage their dogs. This basic, but thorough massage guide is a strong basis for the therapist to build on for the specific patient requirements.

Worcestershire Animal Therapy is a mobile based company offering Laser therapy treatments. Emily is currently studying as an animal Physiotherapist and so shortly this will also be added to our list of current services. Emily is a registered veterinary nurse (RVN) with years of experience with animals. She is dedicated to improving the lives of all animals but has a specific interest in Arthritis management. Emily also has a certificate in feline medicine and enjoys treating all sorts of species. Janine is an animal nursing assistant that also works alongside with Emily offering Laser therapy. She is dedicated to ensuring all their patients get cuddles and treats!

Worcestershire Animal Therapy has an online shop. They are a team of 3, offering home LASER therapy, Equine massage and other home services like nail clipping.

Worcestershire Animal Therapy


Welcome to Maverick

Hello and welcome to Marverick.

So sweet. He is a mix of staffordshire bull terrier and Akita! I've never seen such a small Akita. He is so sweet. 

But he has had problems with his back legs since his mum had him. He is a rescue. 

He had a luxating patella and ruptured criciate a few years ago and this got corrected surgically. He recovered well. But then the same has now occured on the other side. He does have a very upright hind confirmation so he does put a lot of strain on his cruiate ligaments. 

So he has now had his corrective surgery and with yet another new method of fixing a cruciate rupture. They were unable to fix the patella this time as it was so fixed in its luxated position. 

He has now come for his rehabillitation. He is doing really well. We have set mum up with some massage to help with the scar tissue so less adhesions are formed. We have also given gentle muscle building and a gentle excercise plan. He is doing well but it is clear that he is finding the recovery quite hard so we are giving him plenty of time to rest too and not pushing him too far too fast. 

Both mum and Maverick are doing great. Keep up the good work! 

Welcome to Domino

Hello and welcome to Domino! 

This is one loved little man! His mum met us at a local dog show and decided she must book him in for a luxury massage! 

He had no issues that needed attention, but that doesnt mean they can't enjoy a massage just like the rest of us. 

Both mum and Domino really enjoyed the treat and said they look forward to the next one! 

It was a total pleasure Domino. 

Welcome to Murphey

Hello and welcome to Murphey. 

He is a young labrador, but he is massive!

He got lame and was sent for investigation. The usual elbow dysplasia was suspected, but this time it was OCD in the shoulder. So he had an arthroscopy. 

He recovered really well and has now come for physiotherapy for the last leg of his rehabilitation. He had some more muscle to rebuild and his range of movement needs to be built up again. This wont take long. 

His complication is that he is a young and excitable dog, so we have to be mindeful of allowing him enough excercise so that he doesnt go crazy when he is let out, but also giving his shoulder time to heal. 

So far we are achieving this well. But consultations are interesting. But we all cope just fine! 

Welcome to Ted

Hello and welcome to Ted.

Such a sweet boy, but will not be anything other than the center of attention! He is so funny! He makes consultations interesting! 

He has been diagnosed with luxating patella. So his knee caps dislocate regularly. Its not severe and so mum didnt notice. It was picked up during a consultation with an emergamcy vet when he was visiting with a different issue. This can regularly be the case with this ailment.

His own vet reassessed it and said not to worry. But mum wanted help to get on top of it as she could see there may well be future damamge and discomfort if this was left. 

Mum was totally right! Though the vet was also right not to panic mum, as a low grade luxating patella is not delt with surgically, but it is improved with rehabilitation. So we got him in. Our assessment showed the patella was much more lax on one side, but he was well muscled and the luxation reduced easily. 

So we have set him up with a home regime to strengthen the muscle further and post walk ice packing, to reduce inflammtion caused with each luxation. 

He is getting into the swing of doing his home regime well. 

Well done mum and Ted. Keep up the good work! 


Layla is now wearing doggles to help with her light sensitivity she has developed. 

This is an update on Layla. She originally came to us with hind limb weakness. This was quite some time ago now. She is doing really well. Its more neurological than arthritis for her. 

As she has aged she has become increasingly light sensitive. This has made her jumpy as she sees shadows move. She is 14 years now so options are limited. So mum found her these doggles! 

She has been wearing them proudly on walks and around the home. She could not be happier. They are working a treat and she is far less reactive. 

Good find mum and well done Layla for wearing them! You look great!