Welcome to Rene

Hello and welcome to Rene. Such a cute and loved boxer. 

Sadly one of his spinal disks exploded under pressure and some of the disk material has bruised his spinal cord. Luckily for him, it moved quickly and the pressure was quickly relived meaning he could start healing. 

He went to Fitzpatrick referrals and has managed to avoid surgery. Awesome news. He has been referred to us for physiotherapy to regain his balance and proprioception. He has been left weak but this can all be developed amd improved. 

He is making great progress, though he is not keen to allow mum to be involved. 

So we have set Rene up with a home regime and given mum some easier excerises to achieve so that hopefully Rene will be more compliant.

Keep up the good work Rene and mum!

Physiotherapy on the exotic patient CPD

Yesterday we delivered training titled "Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy in the exotic patient". CPD is an essential part of staying current and being good at your profession. Many prefessions are obilgated to do a set number of hours to ensure they maintain thier qualification.

So we delivered this CPD to ensure physios are able to feel confident doing physio in the more unusual pets. But this did extend to the less unusual pets. Most physio courses focus on dogs and horses. So we developed this seminar to cover cats, rabbits and other species. 

Following the CPD the delegates were able to see how to look at the body of any specie and assess it. They would know what to look into to descover potential weakness that specie may have, in advance of seeing them. They then learnt how to assess the patient type. This included animals you may not concider good candidates. We can do physio on zoo animals and animals we can't touch. Its more challanging but its not impossible. They finally learnt ways of developing and adapting excercise regimes. 

It was a small group so that we could have some hands on time and not scare our rabbits. We had excellent feedback and it was very well recieved. 

Thank you to The Rabbit Crossing Rescue for providing 3 happy bunny's for the session.

It was held at Bracknell Leisure center which was a lovely venue. Thank you.

It was wonderful to meet so many lovely physios and student physios, keen to work on other patient types.

Welcome to Wellington

Hello and welcome to Wellington. 

Such a sweet old man. A rescued boy. He is now 12y young and was doing really well in life. But then he got very lame. Mum was not sure what was going on so she went to the vets. But they were also puzzled by the changing findings. So he had a CT Scan. This gave some clues to some problems in the body, but the findings didnt really reveal the cause of the pain as it didnt really all fit together. 

Rimadyl was tried and didnt really help so Gabepentin was tried and this has helped greatly. 

So he has now been referred for physio. 

Well, there are still not a lot of clues to work with but we definitly have some clear issues to start work on. 

So we have set mum up with a home regime that will increase his confidence in his leg and gain his strength. And we have temporiliy reduced his walks to see if that stops the lameness whilst we gain some strength. 

Good luck mum and Wellington. We'll have you feeling better soon.

Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy. This sweet labradoodle started showing lamness in a hind limb back in May. 

The loving mum did all she could to try to fix the problem. This meant x-rays at the vet, which showed nothing, changing excercise plans, hydrotherapy and land treadmill. She then decided to see us and try physiotherapy. 

Well alot of time has passed so we had a long chat about what has gone on. We found that the compensating limb was tense and there was some back pain. 

We have decided to address the clear issues and take the issue back to the start and start the investigation all over again. Mum has had to restrict this dogs movement for quite some time so its currently not normal. We are going to work back towards a more normal excercise plan and see how the body addresses this. 

The body is a wonderful thing and does what it can to heal and so sometimes our job is to guide it back to normal use as bad habits can form when there was a period of injury. 

This is a very interesting case and we look forward to getting you back to normaility Poppy. Keep up the good work mum!

Welcome to Loki

Such a total sweetheart. Mum decided he needed to learn to be calm as he was quite crazy. Rescue too, he was keeping mum on her toes! 

Mum was great and had a behaviourist help, but it was still not totally the answer. She saw our Puppy Massage DVD and requested a 1 to 1 lesson. 

We were very happy to offer this. As usual, Loki came in full of beans and bouncing around the room. But we had it all under control. After a very short time, Loki began to relax. The massage was taught. Mum learnt some techniques. Loki's favorite massage was the abdoman, also known as the belly rub! But it was the back massage that made him calm down enough to find out what areas he liked being massaged best. 

Loki was a total star and mum was so happy to see him so calm. 

If you want to learn the joy of home dog massage then get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD or request your 1 to 1 lesson by contacting us.

See our 5 star review given by mum on the reviews!

Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy. 

Poor little cockerpoo. She is only 8 months old and already had a nasty accident. She is a super lucky girl! Hit at 50mph and just had her fractured pelvis! But it was a nasty fracture in 3 pieces, and took fitzpatrick referrals to fix it. 

They have done a great job and she is recovering really well and walking like nothing ever happened. 

But she lost alot of muscle through the earley stages and the vets also discovered she had a luxating patella also causing her problems.

So she has now come for physiotherapy to help rehabilitate all the issues. She is doing great so muscle building is the main aim. We have set her up with a home regime and hope the luxation frequency will gradually reduce. 

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.

Remember to update your pet microchips!

The Rvcs sent out a story reminding people to update thier pet microchips. 

Its a very good point so we thought we would remind you all too. 

It doesnt take long and its essential it doesnt slip your mind. If you need help, contact your local vets. 

Dogs and cats may not get back to you if you dont do it. There is always so much going on in a house move, so remember to write this on the massive to do list. 

If you're not sure if your details are correct then contact the chip company to double check. 

Puppy Massage DVD at Discover Dogs

Puppy Massage DVD at Discover Dogs

Puppy Massage DVD at Discover Dogs

Puppy Massage DVD at Discover Dogs


We are proud to announce that the Puppy Massage DVD will be available at the Eukanuba Discover


Eukanuba Discover dogs is one of the biggest dog shows in the UK and is a world class show. It is the biggest dog show in London. It has many exhibitors. But most importantly, its a great place to go and see what things you can get for your dog, and to grab some bargains!

There is always a wealth of exhibitors from dog food to beds and even some of your medical supplies. There is lots to see and do and a great atmosphere.

We are proud that we are going to be part of the exhibition, with a stand at this prestigious event.

Come visit us at stand 16 (very close to the entrance). October 21st and 22nd at the famous Excel in London.

You can go to thier website to get tickets in advance. They can also be purchased on the day. Its a great reason to visit London and the Excel is in a beautiful river side setting with beautiful views.