Welcome to Hugo

Hello and welcome to hugo.

This handsom man partially ruptured his cruciate ligament. His dad has been keen to do lots of research and really work out the best options for hugo before commiting him to major surgery. It is fair to say that no surgery is without risk, so well done to him for being so vigilant. He is also being very sensible and working with the vets advise to ensure he is safe to wait.

So Hugo has come for physiotherapy to work on the muscle building in the limb. This will add more support to the joint and give it a better chance of healing. Hugo is actually doing very well and has already recovered immensily from the original injury, so he maybe one of the lucky few that can manage the cruciate repair conservativly. The investigation and care plan will continue as we want to ensure we dont put him at a higher risk of arthritis complications later in life. 

Hugo is a lucky boy with a dedicated dad. Keep uo the good work Hugo and daddy.



Welcome back Monty!

Hello and welcome back to Monty. This sweet old man now, originally came to us many years ago following cruciate surgery. It was very successful and he did really well. But arthritis was inevitable. 

So he has come back to us in his golden years. We are pleased to report that actually, his knees are suprisingly good! But he is a bit weak in his hind. We have no doubt winter aches and pains are setting in. 

He actually does have quite a sore neck. Whilst this could be unrealted, we are mindful thst during the injury and recovery phases, dogs do put a lot of stress through thier neck as they limp and head bob. So this is not totally unsuprising. 

So we have done a good deep massage session and set mum up with a home excericse regime, with some range of movement work, a more managable, little and often walk regime and some strength excercises. Mum is doing really well and Monty is responding very well. That is one dedicated family to Monty. He is a lucky man and very loved. 

Keep up the good work Monty and mum!

Puppy Massage DVD loved by BBC London Radio

Wow what fun! We have just been on BBC London radio, barking hour with Anna Webb and Jo Good. 

So much fun. Such a great interview! So great to meet the lovely Anna and Jo again. Great theme of oxytocin today.

So if you want to get you copy of the Puppy Massage DVD in time for Christmas then click here

Puppy Massage DVD at BBC Lindon Radio

Puppy Massage DVD at BBC Lindon Radio

Welcome to Jemima

Hello and welcome to Jemima.

Such a cute old lady. Very calm and very much enjoyed her treatment. 

She is well loved and cared for. She has had a few illnesses in her life. She has had pancreatitis and both of her cruciates have ruptured. This was 3 years ago now and her recovery was very good following TTA procedures. But she is now seeing us for her arthritis. In the last week her dad has seen her quickly deteriorate. The vets have done a full check but not found anything.

So she was referred for physio for her arthritis. Actually we were suprised to see how good her joints were! Her lameness suggested we were going to see big problems. But although she did have significant muscle wastage, she was actually showing good range of movement. 

So we did a full body massage and her stiffness was greatly relieved. It actually left us wondering if she has picked up a nasty achy muscle virus. 

We have given dad a home regime and we will see her again next week to see how she has gone. She deffinatly appreciated her massage! 

Keep up the good work dad and Jemima!



Welcome to Milo

Hello and welcome to Milo. This very sweet golden retriever has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. 

Such a vigilant dad, he worked hard picking his puppy, but sadly hip dysplasia is very common. So he is now doing his best to do all he can to help his boy. 

So he awaits specialist opinion, and in the meantime he has decided to get physiotherapy. We have also advised hydrotherapy. 

So he is actually doing really well, as dad noticed the signs so early. So we have set a muscle building program to add support to the hips. 

We will have you feeling better soon Milo.


Welcome to Milo

Welcome to Buttons

Hello and welcome to Buttons. Quite apt timing to have a buttons, as panto season approaches! 

But this was no laughing matter for this family. Poor Buttons ruptured his cruciate ligament. His surgery was delayed as he also has skin allergies and so skin infection was a complication that had to be resolved before surgery could happen. This is to insure there is no post surgical infections. 

The surgery was greatly successful and he was instantly more comfortable on the leg. He is now 4 days post surgery and already bearing more weight through the limb. 

We are now guiding the physiotherapy and teaching the owner what to do. Its early stages so its all about hot and cold compresses and passive range of motion to keep him comfortable. We will update the regime again next week. 

Mum has been a super star looking after him. Keep up the good work mum and Buttons.

More about our Discover Dogs day and T.V. interview 

We really did have a fantastic time at Discover Dogs at the excel in London. We have been going through the photos and it was lovely to relive it. It was so hectic, thats things happened before you even had time to think. 

Like being interviewed for T.V. We are no stramger to this process but it was very unexpected! We hope to recieve the link to the show soon. But its a popular online show called "why should I give a s***t". So the interviewer goes to various places to find out why he should care about things. It was highly umexpected to be asked a question like that at a dog show! So that was weird and it made us conclude how strange we find it when someone doesnt like dogs! Its like an underground world we just dont mix with! So strange. But we can't deny, he was a lovely man with a lovely T.V. crew. 

There were crowds of people at our stand watching the demo and the t.v. interview and showing great interest! We were highly unique. 

We were glad to get our evening fresh air on a bridge over the Thames. That was much needed time out. 

We certainly hope to see everyone again there next year. We had a wonderful spot next to the southern lurcher rescue, who worked so hard to fund raise. Such a lovely happy team! And we were opposite Iams and next to wags & weddings. They all made for a happy weekend! 

Thank you everyone! 

T.v. interview at discover dogs

T.v. interview at discover dogs