Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and seasons greetings to all our patients and clients. 

We have had another wonderful year. We have treated an incredible number of patients. We have made many lives better and that makes us proud. 

Over the year we have seen some welcomed changes to the profession. It is becomming regulated and we are pleased to say Donna Wills is on the RAMP register and so is on the new register for animal physiotherapists. 

We enjoyed going to Discover Dogs with our Puppy Massage DVD and being welcomed onto BBC London Radio to feature the DVD. 

We have also delivered several lectures this year and help to pass on knowledge to the next generation of physios and to vets and vet nurses. 

We have continued to stay at the top of our game by attending continual professional development and learning updates. This was best achieved at Vet fest where Donna got her hug with Supervet Noel Fitzpatric, and Webcon, where some incredible globally acknowledged names in rehabilitation, all got together to use technology to its fullest and teach us via video live link on the internet. Technology really is helping us stay current, so there is no excuses not to!

We also got a new bed for our patients! We have to keep them comfy. 

We are looking forward to our well needed rest over Christmas and we look forward to wonderful things ahead. 

We wish you all a wonderful 2018.

Christmas tree for the dog walkers of Bracknell in Swinley Forest

Christmas tree for the dog walkers of Bracknell in Swinley Forest

Welcome to Tia

Hello and welcome to Tia. She is a very sweet Jack Russel. 

She has a happy life at home with her fellow dogs. But one day, less than 2 weeks ago, she went to run around the corner to greet her dad as usual, and 2 of her legs didn't work. Dad rushed her to the vets, who then sent her straight to fitzpatrick referrals. There she had an MRI and was hospitalised for 4 days. 

She was diagnosed with a fibrocartilagenous embolsim. This is where some spinal disk material ends up in the spinal blood supply and blocks it. This causes spinal cord damage and therefore interupts the signals flowing through it. This in turn shows as paralysis. 

We are pleased to say Tia has already made some progress. 

We have set her up with a home excercise regime to get her nerves firing and functioning regularly. This will work towards encouraging the healing process and maintaining some muscle. She is already able to stand and take weight through the 2 effected limbs, so no we have to work on getting her to move them. Sometimes its hard to find the correct motivation but we hope we have worked that out for her. 

She has a very dedicated family. So keep up the good work dad, mum amd Tia. 



Welcome to Humphrey

Hello and welcome to Humphrey! What a lovely boy. We are pleased to now welcome the whole family as we also treat his brother from another doggy mummy! 

Poor Humphrey was happy and enjoying life when he suddenly went seriously weak in the hind. This breed are known for thier spinal issues and weaknesses. So mum got him to the vet but sadly he was not immensily compliant so he was put on cage rest, anti-inflammatories and to see us. 

We are pleased to say that he had made great peogress all by himself in only a few days! This is great news. But we are now managing the recovery as its important we look at reasons why it may have happened and address any core strength issues as these support the back. We also dont want him doing too much before he is genuinly recovered and off the medication. 

So we have set Humphyrey and mum up with a home excercise regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Humphrey!



Welcome to Esme

Hello and welcome to Esme. She is a very sweet pug and been impressivly active in her happy life. 

In the last year her parents have noticed some moments of weakness in the hind and this has progressed to more serious weakness. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but not spinal issues. 

So they have come for physiotherapy. This is wonderful as there is lots we can do. We have set Esme up with a home regime that focuses on proprioception work. This will work to improve nerve function and increase strength, co ordination and balance.

Mum, dad and Esme are all very dedicated. Keep up the good work! 😊



Welcome to Chewy

Hello and Welcome to Chewy. 

This rescue Akita has been through a lot in life. But he is well loved now. His mum is so dedicated to making sure he is ok. 

He is a challange as he is one of the very few patients who does not like being touched. So its a very gentle approach. 

He rescently had TPLO surgery on his knee and his recovery was mediocre so he needs a bit of help to get his confidence in the limb and build some muscle. 

Its ok even if we cant touch the patient as much as we would like. Its easy to see the problem when you watch him move and we can set easy excercises to gently work the limb without needing to pull him around. So this is what we have done. In time we hope he will learn to trust us and we will build our relationship. In the mean time, we are pleased to say that our point was already proven and mum reported Chewy is already making great progress and getting back to his old antics within just a week!

Keep up the good work mum and Chewy!



Welcome to Puppy

Hello and welcome to puppy. Such a dear little tyke. She had a tough start in life but is very loved and cared for. 

She was doing well in her development. But then slowly started to look like she was not making the same progress as the litter mates. Mum was so good. She quickly decided to get a physio and came to us in just over a week. 

Its hard with a puppy as they are young so we have to give them enough rest time as they tire quickly. Thier nerve cells are also not myleanated so the dont conduct signals quickly. We don't want to do direct strength training in a young puppy. 

So we carefully set a regime with priprioceptive work and balance. 

Keep up the good work mum and Puppy.



Welcome to Fudge

Hello and welcome to Fudge. What a sweet little pea. 

Fudge has been well cared for and loved and has had more than his fair share of medical problems. He has spent many years with syringiomeglia, which has been well managed. 

But the wobbles in the body have meant there has been a serious over use of one fore limb and the toes are really paying the price. He is now having lots of therapies to help with his arthritis, and we are one of them. 

He is coping so well, but he is sore. So we have given his mum a more managable home regime so that he does do excercise, but in bite sized chunks. We have also shown them how to do digit manipulatiin to keep the paw more comfortable and a weightshift so that he knows he can still use the limb he has lost faith in. 

Keep up the good work mum and Fudge. He will be feeling better soon. 



Welcome to Vida

Hello and welcome to Vida.

Sweet little border collie. She has been referred for lameness in her right hind limb. She saw a vet first to start the investigation. But the vet is also unsure what is going on. So she has been sent to us to see if we could find some more information and make her feel better in a non invasive way. 

On our exam we did find a few issues. So we have set up a home regime that will allow healing and shown mum how to do some home masage to also promote healing. This may well be a soft tissue injury. Dogs can certainly heal from these on thier own, but correct physiotherapy will help the healing be more focused and so get the desired end result quicker. In time we will do a return to work/daily life program and get her fully back to her old self. 

Keep up the good work mum and Vida.

Love to all our missed souls

I want to raise a glass this winter and send love to all our missed souls. 

It is always sad when a loved one passes. In this profession we often treat older pets. I dont tend to mention individuals who have passed as its a sad time for the family and its a private and personal time. 

But I wanted to do a toast to all my passed and missed patients. I get very attached to my patients. I spend so much time with them and build real relasionships. I love learning thier individual quirks and seeing how each one is special in thier own unique way. 

Winter is a tough time of year on our bodies, for both people and pets. 

So to all my lovely passed patients. I miss you all, and I am so pleased to have been a part of your lives. You are missed by many.

Love to our missed souls.

Love to our missed souls.

Welcome to Tootsie

Hello and welcome to tootsie. She is a little sweetheart.

This little bean has been referred for hindlimb lameness and spondylosis. She has had an issue for a little while and so the muscle has also wasted. 

This is a complicated case. It may require significant investigation as the vets are also unsure of why she is lame. There were a few findings, but none really fit the bill to cause this lameness. 

Having done our investigation, we found some areas that needed work and treated these. We have also set her and mum up with a home excercise regime to start rebuilding her confidence and strength in the limb. Her lameness level constantly varies so there is lots to take into concideration. With strength in the limb she may feel happier to reply in it once again. 

Keep up the good work mum amd Tootsie. We will have you feeling better soon!