Welcome to Jasper



Hello and welcome to Jasper. We have never seen a red maincoon before! Beautiful! And such a darling cat.

He has got a very loving mum. He managed to fracture his femur. It was seen quickly by the referral vets. It was pinned. But sadly this failed and he had to have revision surgery. This was to have the femoral head and neck removed.

His highly vigilant mum came for physiotherapy to ensure the best recovery, as she was encouraged to do so by her vet. We are so pleased that vets are now embrassing the benefits of physiotherapy for animals as much as they do in the NHS for people.

We started jasper on a muscle building and flexability programe. He took to it very well and as a result, his recovery has been outstanding. Keep following and we will post a video of him having some of his massage. Cats love physio too!

Keep up the good work mum and Jasper!

Welcome to Yogi



Hello and welcome to Yogi. This lovely labrador is so sweet. Sadly he has struggled over the years with dysplasia in both elbows and hips. He has generally coped well. But in the last few years he has started to struggle.

His lameness varies. One minute he can be sound and the next minute he can totally lame. It is always in his elbow. Its quite likely its actally a nerve being trapped or a piece of free cartilage moving around and getting compressed. This can be incredibly painful.

This is very hard to treat effectivly. So in this case we are working on the pain control in the situation. This can be managed with massage and thermotherapy. We also work to maintain the muscle in the limb so that it doesn't deteriorate when lame. Muscle deterioration will add to the pain.

Keep up the good work yogi and dad!

Anna Webb from BBC joining us!

Anna webb

Anna webb

So we have the amazing Anna Webb, co presenter of the barking hour in BBC London Radio, joining us at Crufts! Come along and meet her at 4.30 of the Thursday!

Anna is comming to learn some massage techniques. Anna is an incredible lady with a huge passion for dogs, especially her babies. They go everywhere with her and are so loved. Massage is a regular part of thier lives already. So Anna wants some extra tips to make her home massage even better.

Donna met first met Anna when she was the physio for The pet spa at Harrods, and working as a window display with her dog, Logan (he will also be at Crufts to meet). They have since done 2 radio features together, the latest being in the Puppy Massage DVD in Novemeber. We can't wait to meet her again!

Hall 1 stand 36! Soon after her BBC radio broadcast, The Barking Hour.

See you there!

Win our canine pamper hamper at crufts!

Canine pamper hamper

Canine pamper hamper

The count down is on and we are Crufting!

Come buy your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD, hall 1 stand 36 and get free entry into our prize draw. We will put in 1 prize for every 100 DVD's brought (whilst stocks last).

We cant wait to see you! Such an exciting week! Keep following for updates on our crufting!

Welcome to Heidi



Hello and welcome to Heidi. She is a beautiful young pointer. She is only 17months old.

One day she was out having fun and then went very lame. After a trip to the vets and some Nsaid's she recovered quickly. The vet had warned her it may be a cruciate rupture. As she recovered so fast and well, mum didnt worry further.

But then a few months later it happened again. So this time mum decided she wanted to try physio to see if that would help.

So we have set her up with a home regime that will build muscle and encourage good use of the limb again.

But sadly its diffucult in dogs over 15kg if it is cruciate damage. So we are giving it a go, but mum is aware she may need to go back to the vet for furtger investigation if we dont get good results soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Heidi. Surgery is always scary, so its worth exploring all options before making your decisuon, if you have the luxury of time.

Welcome to Hershy



Hello and welcome to Hershy. She has been doing very well in her later years but has sadly rescently deteriorated and needs some more help.

She has a calcifed disk in her neck, possible intervertrable disk disease and possible cruciate ligament disease. She has seen a specialist.

She has now been referred to us for physiotherapy to keep her comfortable.

We have done our assessment and set her up with a home regime of gentle range of movement work and some strengthening.

She has a very caring mum and together we can keep her comfortable in her golden years.

Keep up the good work mum and Hershy!

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. A sweet dog but very anxious.

He has been plaged with issues for most of his life. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This was then managed but is a life long problem. Mum soon realised that it was not the whole story. She felt he was still in pain. He was referred to a specialist. Though the issue remains a mystery.

So Bertie has been referred for physio to help manage the pain. We have set a gentle home regime to maintain strength. So far, we have had some progress so this is excellent news as this is such a mystry problem.

Keep up the good work mum and Bertie.

Relaxation music in our canine pamper hamper prize

Updating you on the items in our Canine Pamper Hamper!

We have a relaxation music CD in the hamper. We have several prizes available.

For details of the competition and to get your free entry into the draw, come and visit us in hall 1 stand 36 at crufts next week! Get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD and start massaging your dog in the comfort of your own home.