Welcome to Widget



Hello and welcome to Widget. Such a lovely cat. He shares a home with our Smokey.

This little bean managed to escape thier garden through a hole a fox must have dug. Mum has an amazing safe garden, but foxes are fast workers and cunning!

Widget must have somehow managed to get home. He was seriously injured and the vet said it was most likely he had been hit by a car. Well done him getting home!

He had a seriously broken pelvis and spine. He had surgery at the specialists. They warned mum of the high risk of the procedure, but there was no real alternative.

Widget made the most incredible recovery! He now moves so well you would not know he had a hip joint removed and had so much damage.

Mum asked us to do an assessment and treatment to help him stay well and mobile.

We did identify some stiffness and low level discomfort in the sacrum. So we did a treatment and set mum up with some home stretches and massage to keep him comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and widget!

Welcome to George



Hello and welcome to George. A beutiful and very loved shit-zu cross.

He has been referred to us because he has been lame in his forelimb and the vets were unsure as to why.

So we had a big chat and did our assessmemt. We actually found very little wrong in the exam. Some mild crepitis showed there was a problem in the wrists, but it didnt seem highly painful.

On chatting we discovered he actually walk for hours and hours 4 times a day. He is also over weight. His amazing mum is 81yrs young and deteremind to get out and about. She loves her dog and treats regularly.

But it was clear that as most of us age we reduce our excercise, but George had not. So we set him a new home regime. It required less walk time, but still the frequency. Mum can still take him out but perhaps relax on a park bench for a while. And of course, he needs a diet.

We also gave a weightshift excercise as there was a mild reduction in muscle bulk on the lame leg.

We are pleased to say that the new regime has worked a treat. He has not been lame since. Both mum and George are happy. He still has to loose some weight but for now, its excellent news that we are on the right track.

Its tough when dogs get older and we often dont realise thier life needs adapting to thier new needs rather than our own. But remember: Dogs age almost thier whole life in approximately 10 of our years. We dont change much in 10 years, but none of us are doing the same when we are 20 as when we are 70yrs....

Keep up the good work mum and George.

Welcome to Clyde



Hello and welcome to Clyde. Such a pretty bean and so sweet.

He is a rescue and soon after mum got him, he looked lame. This got severe quickly. After much investigation it was clear he had a sever hip problem and needed the hip joint removing.

This procedure is not uncommen. He was making good progress and had done hydroytherapy. But the progressed started to decline so he has now come for physiotherapy.

We have set him up with a plan to encourage him to glently use the limb more and therefore gain more confidence in it. This will also help him gain muscle and flexability and in the end, get him back to normal limb use. Thats the plan!

Keep up the good work mum and Cylde.

Congratulations to Winston!



A big congratulations to Winston! The happy winner of our crufts 2018 prize draw!

His mum is over the moon!

She attended crufts this year and purchased one of our Puppy Massage DVDs. She has been enjoying it immensily and so has Winston! She also put a wonderful review in the facebook page. Thank you!

She is now looking forward to trying out the treats in our canine pamper hamper, to help with his occational stress and anxiety.

Its wonderful to see Winston with his prize.

Get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD today!

Thank you again for Pooch amd Mutt amd Adaptil for adding your products to our Canine Pamper Hamper!

Welcome to Smokey



Hello and welcome to Smokey. Such a beautiful Brittish shorthair. He really is lovely.

His mum made such a huge effort to keep him safe and happy. Then he had an accident when he fell in his own home. He hurst his knee and had surgery at an amazing referal specialists.

Sadly there was a complication and vast amounts of scar tissue developed in the capsule of the knee. This meant he developed severe restriction in range of movement. This happened very quickly. She came for physio to see if it could help. Mum was wonderful and had seen a physio very early but it had not worked out, so she changed to us for help.

We tried a few things but sadly the scar tissue was very bad. The treatment that seemed to provide the most relief was the intrasound.

Sadly the limb deteriorated and the lateral hock ligament broke down. Ligaments are amazingly strong but require use to maintain that strength. Reduced use of the limb meant the ligament health reduced.

So Smokey is now going to have the limb amputated. This seems sad. But actually it will mean he is pain free and able to move without the difficult limb in the way.

Animals can do so well on 3 and Smokey will too. He will be far happier. He will join the amputee club. It has many members, including our own dog!

Physio is a wonderful tool but sometimes the body has other ideas.

Keep up the good work mum and Smokey. You worked hard to preserve the limb. But he will be fine without it.

Welcome to Tinsel



Hello and welcome to Tinsel. Such a sweet rabbit with a very loving mum.

One day she was out in the garden and her mum just noticed something wasn't right. She rushed over and she was paralysed in her back legs.

So quickly to the vets. They did x-rays and discovered it was not a broken back. But there was some possible intervertebral disk disease with some spondylosis.

Mum was determind to not give up so she has been caring for tinsel who has remained in very high spirits and very mobile.

So she came for physiotherapy. Her digital flexor tendons had started to tighten, so we gave mum some massage to help those stay comfortable. There was some hip stiffness. Tinsel has actually got some hind movement so this needs to be encouraged and the spinal weakness and instability also needed addressing. So we have given her excercises. This includes work on a wobble cushion. She has taken to this very well.

Keep up the good work mum and Tinsel!

Welcome to Clover



Hello and welcome to clover.

Beautiful cross bread. She has managed to get early ago degerative joint disease. Also known as arthritis. She is not quite 4 yest but its clearly been an issue for a while.

She has had CT scans in both her hocks. Only 1 is suffering. But she is coping incredibly well. This type of arthitis in the hock is not the most common, but we have seen it a few times. We are glad she is getting with the physio now as it will help keep clover comfortable for longer.

Keep up the good work mum and clover!

Welcome to Akemi



This feels like a blog about the last one in our 3 part series! This sweet Akita is best friends with Marveric and Zev.

Akemi is also getting old and was in need of some extra care so her vet also referred her to us. Our assessment showed she is doing amazingly well but also had one limb showing the starts of problems. So we have set her up with a home excericse regime to start to relieve her issues and rebuild her confidence and use of that limb.

We know mum will do a great job! Keep up the good work mum!

Welcome to Zev



Hello and welcome to Zev. Such a lovely and chilled Tamaskan. Beautiful dog.

His mum has 3 dogs all now in thier golden years. She has been seeing us with the one with stifle issues. So she decided it was time to get them all seen and treated.

Definitly a good idea mum! They certainly appreciated the treatment. Dogs do all slow down with age, but that doesnt mean there is nothing we can do. We can isolate the problem zones, make them feel better and therefore improve the quality of life. This quite often gives them a good spring in thier step and keeps them happy and healthy for longer.

For her we did find some issues and stiffness in the right hip and left fore.

So we did some massage and stretches and sent her home with a home regime.

Keep up the good work mum!