Welcome to Poppy



Hello and welcome to Poppy. Such a sweet dog. She gets lots of cuddles!

She has been a healthy girl. But she has had some lameness in the fore limb. She saw the vet who diagnosed collateral ligament damage.

On exam we couldnt find much other than with the wrist/carpus, so she is doing well. But she had some muscle wastage which happens with lack of use. So we have started her on a program that will reduce impact on the limb, reduce inflammation, build muscle. We have also started ultrasound therapy.

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.

Welcome to Dennis



Hello and welcome to Dennis. Sweet man with a lovely nature. Mum was worried as he has started to slow down on walks. So she felt it was a good idea to have his mobility checked.

Well this is a fantastic idea as it keeps you aware of how the body is doing and gives us an opportunity to make any tweeks and improvements before they get serious.

We did notice there was not as much hind limb muscle as we would like to see. This is not unusual in this breed. But knowing that, doesnt mean we have to accept it and not improve the situation.

So we set mum up with a home excericse plan and some muscle building. Clearly we cant do a high levels of cardio with a pug as they have small airways. But we are so pleased to see that mum has embrased the excericises and got him working our on his wobble cushion!

Well done mum and Dennis! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Islay



Hello and welcome to Islay. Beautiful little labrador. She has enjoyed life to the full and has been a working dog.

She came to see us as she was lame after having a mamory tumor removed. She has had a long history of mamory tumors so this needed to happen.

On exam we found she had quite a painful back and there was a lump under her left armpit. This was a the lame limb. But actually her joints were in incredibly good condition and her flexibilty was good.

We set her up with a home excercise regime to get her gently reusing the body. She very much appreciated her back massage. We will see her again next week and see how she has progressed.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Islay.

Welcome to Holly



Hello and welcome to Holly. Beautiful oldie golden retriever. She actually shares her home with Hugo who we have talked about before.

Her parents have brought her in as she suffers arthritis and she has neurological weakness in her hind.

On walking in we could easily see some of the issues. We did her assessment and found all the problems. She very much enjoyed her massage and stretches. We set her a home regime that would build her strength and challange her proprioception. We also taught her dad home massage.

We are so pleased to report that in her return visit she had already made vast improvement. Her dad said she was full of the joys of spring. She had walked further and been more active. And on our second assessment her strength and balance already looked better.

Keep up the good work dad and Holly!

Welcome to Gunner



Hello and welcome to Gunner. Hansom labrador. He has a neurological episode. He had sever whole body weakness that looked like his hind was paralysed. He saw the referral specialist and no formal diagnosis was concluded.

Over the weeks that followed he made am amazing recovery and now he is nearly recovered. However, mum noticed that he is still having some troubles.

On exam we could see where some of his issues still lay. In humans we might regard this as fine motor skills, like trying to write. Our dogs dont have thumbs so thier fine motor skills are not quite so fine, but things like balance are affected, and how well he can correct himself to stop a fall. So this was reflected in him not being playful.

We can help with this. We have set a program that focuses on his proprioception. When this improves his strength and balance will also return.

We look forward to getting him back to enjoying a good play again. Keep up the good work mum and Gunner.

Welcome to Katie



Hello and welcome to Katie. Such a beautiful labrador.

She is young and silly and managed to rupture her cruciate ligament in her knee.

Mum was well experianced with this and got her straight to the referral specialist. He did his procedure to fix it. She has turned out to be one of the best recoveries we have ever seen!

She is using the limb so well. Our biggest challange is keeping her calm whilst the bone has time to recover fully.

We have set her muscle building program up and kept it gentle but progressive.

Keep up the good work mum and Katie.

Welcome to Mela

Hello and welcome to Mela. Such a sweetie. Sadly I forgot to take her photo!

She is a very young little cockerpoo and still growing into her body. But it has been noted that she is having some problems.

She has been seen by the referal specialist who noted atrophy of the fore limb, and elbow dysplasia. She also has a luxated patella.

So she has come for physiotherapy to help.

There is lots that can be done, but it does require hard work to get elbows comfortable and somtimes surgery is the only answer. It takes a team of people using all thier skills to get the best outcome.

So we have set Mela up with a home regime that will allow her to burn her energy, but not aggrivate the elbows further. She has some strengthening to do as we need to rebuild the lost muscle. We are focusing in the elbow at the moment and then will work on the patella in time but her pain level is our priority.

At Animal Physiotherapy ltd, we pride ourselves in staying in top of all the new information and studies being done on mobility and evidance based practice. Elbow dysplasia is an area where more information is regularly comming out and vets are trying hard to make elbow replacement more successful. We are certainly seeing elbow dysplasia diagnosed more frequently now. Its highly likley its not more common, but is better understood and therefore diagnosed faster. This is great news for our dogs as it means they can get the right treatment faster.

If you are suspitious of your dogs elbows then pop to your vets to get them checked out. Early detection and early treatment can mean less arthritis later on.

Keep up the good work Mela and mum

Purton Vets – Stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD

Purton Vets - New stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to announce a new stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD, Purton Vets!

Purton Veterainry Group have seen how wonderful home massage can be, so they have joined the others in stocking the Puppy Massage DVD on thier shelves for thier clients to buy.

To get your copy of the DVD, you can click the link in the corner, or visit Purton Veterinary group, or see our Stockists page to see where you can pick up your copy.

The Puppy Massage DVD has a big fan base and has been featured on BBC London radio and Crufts Extra.

Now stocked at Purton Veterinary Group

Now stocked at Purton Veterinary Group


Welcome to Morgan



Hello and welcome to Morgan. Handsom labrador and so sweet and gentle.

He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Most of his life this has not shown as an issue. But mum started to notice issues in the last 6 months. He was sent to a referal vet who also diagnosed laryngeal paralysis, making surgery too risky. He also noticed neurological deficits.

Morgan started hydrotherapy and also started stronger pain relief and has been sent to us for physio.

We have done our assessment and seen that it also looks like there are also some signs of elbow dysplaisa. Its little suprise as there is elbow dysplasia present in 70% of dogs diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We found poor proprioception in the hind and muscle loss.

We have set Morgan up with a home regime that encourages hind limb flexability and increases hind strength and proprioception. He did find this a challage so its enough work for this week. We also made the walk regime more managable.

We look forward to making a big difference. Keep up the good work mum and Morgan.

Welcome to Milly



Hello and welcome to Milly. She is not camera shy!

So cute. She has come for physiotherapy to give her a chance at avoiding surgery for her luxating patella. She is very young still but her luxating patella are quite severe. Her patella does seem to get stuck out of place and it is on both sides.

She is giving it a good go and has started hydrotherapy too.

Mum has worked really hard and we have had to make adaptions to the program to make it work around her life too. This is all fine.

Patellas are hard work to fix with physio but its always worth a try as we often have good success.

We have given lots of muscle building to help keep them stable.

Keep up the good work mum and Milly.