Welcome to Deckland



Hello and welcome to Deckland. He is a very big and beautiful german sheppard.

One of the ailments they are famous for is called CDRM. This means they get very weak in thier hind. So Decland has been suspected of this disease and sent for physio.

Although this is a progressive disease and does get worse with time, there are things that can be done to slow it down.

The physio here is designed to keep the nerves fireing so they remain healthy for longer. Its also important this is managed correctly, as fatigue and over work can do the opposite and make the problem worse, faster.

So we have set Deckland up with a sensible and achievable home regime.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Decland.

Welcome to Charlie



Hello and welcome to Charlie. This is a very sweet dog, but also, such a challange!

Charlie is very nervous, but totally handlable. But it does make the excercises a challange.

There was very little to find in Charlie. The vet also has not found the reason for the lameness, so we are working together on our hunt for an answer. There is a suspition that its neuroligical.

So we have set Charlie up with a very gentle home regime that will encourage good movement and gentle muscle building, and continue our investigations.

Keep up the good work mum and Charlie!

Welcome to Billy



Hello and welcome to Billy.

This very sweat dog has highly compassionate owners.

His dad saw he was getting weak in his hind and wanted to make sure he was doing his best for him.

So he came for his physio assessment. He was not doing badly at all, but we can always make improvements.

So we set a home regime to help him be more comfortable. It was important we worked on strength building and keeping his nerve healthy and functional.

Keep up the good work dad, family and Billy!

Welcome to Max



Hello and welcome to Max. Possibly one of the noisiest patients we have ever had....luckily I have found that having a child has helped me learn to filter out noisy protests!

He has had a history of biceps tendonitis so his mum brought him in to make sure he is doing ok. Thay both love to do agility, but she is very sensible and keeps it low level and in his comfort and enjoyment zone.

We are pleased to say, that whilst we did find some issues to tweek, his biceps tendon was seeming very happy, so great news.

We have set sone excercises to gently fit in with normal life and help correct the other smaller issues.

Keep up the good work mum and Max!

Welcome to Doug



Hello and welcome to Doug. This is a very lovely pug who has really been through the mill.

He alreafy had a mast cell tumor removed 18 months ago, which is a very nasty tumour. He did recover well from this.

But he since started suffering with his luxating patellas. His knee caps were dislocating.

So he had surgery for this. He had a lot of muscle loss on one side so we have set up a regime to get his confidence in the limb and get him rebuilding his muscle.

This does take time but he is making good progress. Keep up the good work mum and Doug!

Welcome to Star



Hello and welcome to star. This is a real sweetie and not too much to tell!

Star had a highly vigilant and caring mum who wants nothing for the best for her furbabies.

She does agility with them and likes to ensure they are in the best condition, even though its all for fun and love.

So she has come for physio as historically she has had luxating patellas. She has also been doing lots of things to help with this ailment in the past too.

So we did our assessment and found the patellas to be quite stable at this time. This was great news for mum as she could breath a sigh of relief.

So we set up with a regime to maintian the muscle bulk and stability and preserve all the good work. But we also made sure the regime was achieivable so there was not too much to do on a daily basis.

Star is doing really well. Keep up the good work mum and Star!