Donna Wills PGC A Phys, RVN

Donna Wills PGC A Phys, RVN. Member of IAAT, BVNA and RAMP - Founder of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

Donna Wills, an animal physiotherapist, who passed her post-graduate qualification in animal physiotherapy with distinction in 2005. Prior to thei she qualified as a verterinary nurse. Donna is RAMP (register of musculoskeletal practitioners) registered and registerd with the RCVS (royal collage of veterinary surgeons). Donna offers physiotherapy to all animals in need of the therapeutic touch.

Her nursing work also included specialising in emergency and critical care nursing for a time. Donna has worked in this profession for many years and is a member of BVNA (British veterainry nursing association).

Donna has a life time experience in working with many species including domestic pets, equine and farm animals. She has also cared for many exotic and zoo animals.

As part of her training in physiotherapy Donna had to write a dissertation. For this she did an extensive study into the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) in the canine suffering with osteoarthritis. This study did help to prove its effectiveness. She was delighted to find that treatment using this new technique had a significant positive effect on animals suffering with osteoarthritis. She also achieved a distinction for this study!

Donna is now an accredited practical trainer for new animal physiotherapists. She has also done many lectures in this field.

Donna has been the driving force for the company and has done large amounts in promoting the effects of physiotherapt to the general public and veterinary professionals alike. She has covered large areas of the south of the uk, but has down sized to make space for family life. Donna was even head hunted to provide the service for Harrods, London when they had the pet spa there.

Donna has grown in the profession to beome a known name, and even has her own DVD now. She is well established and many vets rely on her for their patients pysiotherapy needs.

Donna Wills had lectured at the following establishments:

  • Multiple veterinary practices
  • BVNA Congress
  • BVNA regional meeting
  • Improve international in the uk and in Denmark
  • Excel, London - Rehabillitation congress
  • Dog owner education Show
  • Training collage of Animal Physiotherapy
  • Justo Development

Donna Has also written multiple professional articles for several publications including:

  • Veterinary nursing times several times
  • Veterinary Times
  • Veterinary nursing Journal
  • Animal Therapy Magazine

More famously you may have seen her on the T.V. as she has appreared on Ch4 sunday brunch and Crfts extra, ITV Allan Titchmarsh Show and daybreak. She has also been featured on BBC London radio 3 times. There has been multiple publication globally, that have featured her work in this industry.