Get ready for fireworks season – Puppy Massage DVD

Puppy massage DVD

Puppy massage DVD

Fireworks season is fast approaching. We all know how stressful it can be for our dog, and therefore, for us too!

There are lots of things we can try to help with the stress. We have to work to find the best solution for the individual dog.

Our solution is massage. Donna Wills of Animal physiotherapy Ltd produced the Puppy Massage DVD to help teach owners how to do basic safe massage, in the comfort and security of thier own home. Meaning pure relaxation for both owner and dog. Great for any age, not just puppies, the techniques can be learnt young and implemented throughout life.

The fireworks season is long and intense. Our behavioural advice has all been overseen by a highly qualified behaviourist, Kris Glover, so that you will have the best chance to make this work well for your dog. We reccomend that the massage is learnt early before the fireworks begin, or simply get your dog used to it when they are not likely to be going off. Then when you are your dog are used to the process (this may not take many sessions) in anticipation of fireworks, set your home up as relaxing for your dog as possible and do your main massage time early evening, before they start, so as to put your dog in a highly relaxed state. The massage releases endorphines and seretonin, all making your dog more relaxed and less likely to react. You can enhance the environment by having relaxing music in, dog relaxaion sprays, and even some chamolime tea. The more options you use, the better it all works. Setting this all up in advance of the fireworks is important as this allows the dog to not associate these things with the impending fireworks. If you wait for fireworks, then set it up, it can make the 2 associated.

So with your home and dog relaxed, you should both be able to enjoy the night. If your dog does start to hear them, they may come to you for reassurance. Its vital you stay calm. As your dog is now used to the massage and doesnt associate it with only the bad fireworks, you can use it to add reassurance as needed and it will reinforce the calming.

We all know fireworks is hard on most dogs, and the severity of thier anxiety does vary. But if we can implement a healthy thought process to it all young in life, then it will stay that way.

So get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD today. As featured in Crufts extra. Supported by T.V. vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS and 5 star review from the president of the British Veterinary Nursing Association, and Dogs Today magazine editor Beverly Cuddy.

Welcome to Reggie



Hello and welcome to Reggie. Such a sweet dog, though a little on edge.

His mum noticed he has been lame in a forelimb. It was always intermittent but it needed investigating. The vet saw him and couldn't find anything. So, as a drug free option for investigation, he was referred to us to see what we can find.

This option often works out really well as we specalise in mobility issues. But sometimes we also don't have x-ray eyes. We set Reggie on a new excercise regime to help see if we could stop the lameness, but as it was intermittent, no lameness was seen for a while, but we couldn't be sure if that was our regime or the pattern for the issue.

There were many possibilities, including corns. This breed are susceptible to corns and they can cause odd lameness patterns, but until visable, we can't easily identify them. This possibility remains on the table.

The lameness is seemingly reducing in frequency but possibly increasing in severity when it does come on.

So we need more investigation. Mum knows x-rays are an option but is worried about the anaesthetic. So we have suggested she look into thermal imaging. This is done conscious with high sensitivity cameras and a report is given from a vet. It may still not reveal an answer but its a safe investigation.

Keep up the good work mum and team. We'll get the answers soon!

Welcome to percy



Hello and welcome back to Percy. He properly refused to show anyside other than this one, so it must be his best side!

He came to us for a luxury massage a while ago. His mum is super aware of bodies and how easy it is to not notice age or injury creeping in, so she came to us for an MOT.

Percy is doing fabulously. But its always nice to hear it be official. Another real positive to getting annual assessments, is that your therapist can be aware of how the body is changing and how it was in its prime. Not every person can touch thier toes, so if they get an injury and still can't touch thier toes it may not mean much, but if you were more flexible before, it is nice to know the difference as it will show you need more help to return to normal function. As therapists we can work things out without an early age assessment, but its very helpful to have one on board.

Owners can then get hints and tips on body improvement and not just injury recovery. Its not just cars that benefit from the MOT safty check.

Well done mum and Percy, keep up the good work!

Welcome to Mabel



Hello and welcome to Mable. She is so so sweet and so so loved. Her dad noticed a lameness and wanted to ensure she had the best care, so instantly found us for physiotherapy.

The lameness was really very subtle and quite honestly on arrival to us, it wasnt noticable.

But thats ok. Any lameness of only 5 % or less is undetectable to the human eye, add that to a happy dog excited to be somewhere new, and it becomes even harder for low level lamemess. Thats fine though as our hands are our most important tool in ailment detection. Lameness is a complex subject.

On exam we found a few small issues going on, although not directly associated with the limb in question. This creates a great challange and we love pushing our minds to explore the body as a whole. The issues we found in the hinds can cause weight distribution changes and these can look like lameness and cause some lameness as the body starts to be used differently.

So we did our massages and stretches and sent her and dad off with a home regime. We are pleased to report that dad was instantly impressed and the lameness was not visable the following day. She has continued to be better since the home regime kicked in. Mable is in incredible condition, especially for her age. A wonderfully vigilant owner has a big part to play in that. He already had an excercise regime that included multiple walks in a day, and its a wonderful shout out to all employers who let people take thier dogs to work!

Keep up the good work dad and Mable!

Welcome to Barkly



Hello and welcome to Barkly. Such a sweet staffie. They do know how to do cute soppy face!

This little licky one has elbow dysplasia. Such a common problem, and no one can deny, a hard one to fix. But we can most definitly help with comfort and optimising joint health. They don't always need surgery, but they will all benefit from complimentry care and tweeks to life that will reduce pain and increase range of movement in the joint amd inturn increase comfort and muscle.

We have done our treatment and set a new home regime that will help build strength in the limb and reduce pain.

Keep up the good work mum and Barkly!

Welcome to Bruno



Hello and welcome to Bruno. A very excited and happy labrador!

He showed some issues which concerened his parents so they investigated his hind. It turned out he did have mild hip dysplasia. He also seemed to show some mild back pain.

He has been sent for physio so he can be managde conservativly and without medication or surgery for as long as possible.

We have set him on a home regime to get his strength up, though weightloss is the biggest factor in his plan.

His mum and dad are well on board with what to do and they are moving forward, amd keeping a diary so we really can monitor the progress.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and bruno.

Welcome to Maverick



Hello and welcome to Maverick. Such a sweet little bean. This little angel had more than his fair share of anaesthetics. He has been a long sufferer of corns in his pads and had heart surgery. Then to top it all off he ruptured his cruciate ligament in his knee.

She had surgery and it went really well and he is now having physiotherapy. There has been significant muscle loss as the physio was not started until several weeks post operativly, but its totally fine as we can still sort it all out. We have started Maverick in a plan to get the muscle rebuilt gently but swiftly. He has got started on his return to work excercise program and he is doing wonderfully. We'll have him fighting fit in no time.

Keep up the good work mum and Maverick.

Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. This is a very sweet dog who has such loving caring parents. Monty really does come first in thier life.

He has clearly got a few skeletal issues as his posture is not ideal and he has a very undershot jaw. But he doesnt let anything get him down.

He was diagnosed with serious luxating patella and surgery was performed. He was doing well, but there was a clear issue a few weeks later. A revision surgery corrected the meniscus that had also become folded and damaged and the pin was removed.

His recovery was good, but his parents knew it could be better. There was a lot of muscle loss, which was understandable, but needs correcting.

So they have come for physiotherapy. We have set Monty and family, up with a home excercise regime. He is finding it a bit weird to get used to, but this is normal. No one likes change. But mum and dad are persisting and doing a wonderful job at the diary too, so we really know what is going on in the recovery.

Keep up the good work Monty, mum and dad!

Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. Such a sweet Brittish Blue. He is the apple of his mums eye!

She noticed he was very sore and lame and saw the vet for help. There was question over the diagnosis and he was put on room rest for 6 weeks. But the x-rays revealed hip dysplaia. Yes, this is common in cats too!

So he was referred to us for physiotherapy. We have set him up with a regime to build muscle in the plevis that will offer more support to the hip. We have also started him on home stretches for flexability and pain relief. He has taken to it all very well. But in all honesty, at first he was not keen on the idea of massage. But we persisted with a gentle regime that gradually introduced the idea to him. He is now getting more and more tolerant, and its highly likely that its because he can feel the benefit.

Monty was never an avid hunter but we are pleased to report that since starting the physio, we had a rescent update, that he had given hunting a go and caught a pigeon! So we may be working our magic a little too well! Don't worry, mum saw and the pigeon is fine

Keep up the good work mum and Monty!

Welcome to Stella



Hello and welcome to Stella. This very sweet dog came with her buddy for physiotherapy.

Her mum was worried she had a sore back so she saw the vet. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and mild lower back pain.

She has now come for physio for management. This is great as it has all been picked up really early which makes it all really easy to make tweaks to the lifestyle and help her stay comfy for longer.

She is doing really well. We have given her a few excercises to maintain hip range of movement and comfort and strength. Her body weight was also discussed which is great as that easily sneeks up and its much easier to address early rather than late.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Stella!