Puppy love

Meet Danny! So so cute! Danny is the latest puppy to reap the rewards of dad learning to massage.

Danny's dad has witnessed the power of massage for dogs for himself, and so, when he got his new puppy he decided the first thing he was going to do (after vaccinations) was get himself the Puppy Massage DVD so that he could learn to massage Danny and make him feel calm and happy and confident with touch. He knows first hand, that this will become immensily valuble in later years too.

Keep up the good work Dad. Danny is such a lovely little pup, though he wont be little for long! It makes us so happy to see such love and care for new additions to the family.

Welcome to Benny



Hello and welcome to Benny. So beautiful. We do have a collie crush. Benny was full of nerves when he arrived at the door, but we are so pleased to say that his mum commented that he has never setteled so well anywhere before! We do feel its so important to put our patients at ease.

Benny was a rescue and has such nervousness. Mum has done so well at working through the issues. She has done lots of training and classes. But it became evident that he had some issues in his hind. He actually saw quite a list of therapists before he got to physio, but we are glad he has got here now.

On assessment it was clear that he did have emotional issues and that can manifest in the body and make minor ailments seem much worse. After all, pain is a responce of the emotional region of the brain. Hence why we can control it, and why we all experiance different levels of pain, with the same pain stimuli.

We did also find some hind muscle imbalance and there was tension in the illiopsoas muscle on the left side.

So we have discussed the findings with mum and set her up with a home excercise regime to build up the right hind.

Keep up the good work mum and Benny and we'll be on top of the problems soon.

Arthritis care tip

Here is a quick Arthritis care tip!

If your dog has a weak hind you need to build thier strength in the hind to give them more support. The usual excercises can get a bit boring so here is a tip that can be great for both you and your dog!

Now its summer there are beautiful medows and long grass around. Take advantage and walk them in this.

The height of the grass will make them lift thier head high and they are more likely to engage thier hinds to drive forward, more than they do in short grass. They also need to pick thier limbs up more, which increases range of movement and with that, they improve thier ability to balance. You also get a cushion effect from the soft ground so there is shock absorbtion for the joints too. So its a great work out! As a result, its also very tiring so you may only need to do half the time of the normal walk. It also may require walking somewhere you dont usually go, so this is great even if its only done once a week.

But with all good fun comes a word of warning. It can be easy to loose you dog in the grass so keep your eyes on them all the time, incase it is a bit much for them. And also be aware that this is grass seed season. Grass seeds are a nightmare if they get into the body. So after the walk check for seeds in ears, eyes, and paws. If you see one get it out, but be carful you dont push it in further. If in doubt, nip to the vets for a helping hand. Vets do deal with grass seads all the time. They are anoying and suprisingly common, but also not common enough reason to avoid the beautiful medows in my opinion.

Happy walking!


Welcome to Sandy



Hello and welcome to Sandy. She is so sweet and actually a very good healer! She had a total hip replacement not that long ago and recovered really well. But she is also accident prone. She managed to severly sprain her hock on the other hind limb. She saw the referral specialist, who put the limb in a brace and allowed it to be supported through the healing phase. The brace was gradually reduced in strength so that more support was done by the dog and it could strengthen. This is how braces should be done. As a result the recovery was brilliant. But she has now come for physio to strengthen her limb and get her back to normal life.

Dad has been great at following the program set and she is recovering well. This all takes time and involves gradually building the load and stress put through the limb so thay the strength is rebuilt and no more damage is done.

She will soon be back to normal. Keep up the good work dad and Sandy.

Welcome to Poppy



Hello and welcome to Poppy. Such a sweet dog. She gets lots of cuddles!

She has been a healthy girl. But she has had some lameness in the fore limb. She saw the vet who diagnosed collateral ligament damage.

On exam we couldnt find much other than with the wrist/carpus, so she is doing well. But she had some muscle wastage which happens with lack of use. So we have started her on a program that will reduce impact on the limb, reduce inflammation, build muscle. We have also started ultrasound therapy.

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.

Welcome to Dennis



Hello and welcome to Dennis. Sweet man with a lovely nature. Mum was worried as he has started to slow down on walks. So she felt it was a good idea to have his mobility checked.

Well this is a fantastic idea as it keeps you aware of how the body is doing and gives us an opportunity to make any tweeks and improvements before they get serious.

We did notice there was not as much hind limb muscle as we would like to see. This is not unusual in this breed. But knowing that, doesnt mean we have to accept it and not improve the situation.

So we set mum up with a home excericse plan and some muscle building. Clearly we cant do a high levels of cardio with a pug as they have small airways. But we are so pleased to see that mum has embrased the excericises and got him working our on his wobble cushion!

Well done mum and Dennis! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Islay



Hello and welcome to Islay. Beautiful little labrador. She has enjoyed life to the full and has been a working dog.

She came to see us as she was lame after having a mamory tumor removed. She has had a long history of mamory tumors so this needed to happen.

On exam we found she had quite a painful back and there was a lump under her left armpit. This was a the lame limb. But actually her joints were in incredibly good condition and her flexibilty was good.

We set her up with a home excercise regime to get her gently reusing the body. She very much appreciated her back massage. We will see her again next week and see how she has progressed.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Islay.

Welcome to Holly



Hello and welcome to Holly. Beautiful oldie golden retriever. She actually shares her home with Hugo who we have talked about before.

Her parents have brought her in as she suffers arthritis and she has neurological weakness in her hind.

On walking in we could easily see some of the issues. We did her assessment and found all the problems. She very much enjoyed her massage and stretches. We set her a home regime that would build her strength and challange her proprioception. We also taught her dad home massage.

We are so pleased to report that in her return visit she had already made vast improvement. Her dad said she was full of the joys of spring. She had walked further and been more active. And on our second assessment her strength and balance already looked better.

Keep up the good work dad and Holly!

Welcome to Gunner



Hello and welcome to Gunner. Hansom labrador. He has a neurological episode. He had sever whole body weakness that looked like his hind was paralysed. He saw the referral specialist and no formal diagnosis was concluded.

Over the weeks that followed he made am amazing recovery and now he is nearly recovered. However, mum noticed that he is still having some troubles.

On exam we could see where some of his issues still lay. In humans we might regard this as fine motor skills, like trying to write. Our dogs dont have thumbs so thier fine motor skills are not quite so fine, but things like balance are affected, and how well he can correct himself to stop a fall. So this was reflected in him not being playful.

We can help with this. We have set a program that focuses on his proprioception. When this improves his strength and balance will also return.

We look forward to getting him back to enjoying a good play again. Keep up the good work mum and Gunner.

Welcome to Katie



Hello and welcome to Katie. Such a beautiful labrador.

She is young and silly and managed to rupture her cruciate ligament in her knee.

Mum was well experianced with this and got her straight to the referral specialist. He did his procedure to fix it. She has turned out to be one of the best recoveries we have ever seen!

She is using the limb so well. Our biggest challange is keeping her calm whilst the bone has time to recover fully.

We have set her muscle building program up and kept it gentle but progressive.

Keep up the good work mum and Katie.