Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. Such a sweet Brittish Blue. He is the apple of his mums eye!

She noticed he was very sore and lame and saw the vet for help. There was question over the diagnosis and he was put on room rest for 6 weeks. But the x-rays revealed hip dysplaia. Yes, this is common in cats too!

So he was referred to us for physiotherapy. We have set him up with a regime to build muscle in the plevis that will offer more support to the hip. We have also started him on home stretches for flexability and pain relief. He has taken to it all very well. But in all honesty, at first he was not keen on the idea of massage. But we persisted with a gentle regime that gradually introduced the idea to him. He is now getting more and more tolerant, and its highly likely that its because he can feel the benefit.

Monty was never an avid hunter but we are pleased to report that since starting the physio, we had a rescent update, that he had given hunting a go and caught a pigeon! So we may be working our magic a little too well! Don't worry, mum saw and the pigeon is fine

Keep up the good work mum and Monty!

Welcome to Stella



Hello and welcome to Stella. This very sweet dog came with her buddy for physiotherapy.

Her mum was worried she had a sore back so she saw the vet. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and mild lower back pain.

She has now come for physio for management. This is great as it has all been picked up really early which makes it all really easy to make tweaks to the lifestyle and help her stay comfy for longer.

She is doing really well. We have given her a few excercises to maintain hip range of movement and comfort and strength. Her body weight was also discussed which is great as that easily sneeks up and its much easier to address early rather than late.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Stella!

Welcome to Esme



Hello and welcome to Esme. A beautiful rescue collie cross.

This very sweet dog had been diagnosed with spondylosis. She was starting to show more symptoms of discomfort, so she decided to try physiotherapy.

We know that spondylosis, which is arthritis of the spine, is brought on by the spine trying to stabalise itself. It grows extra bone in order to be more stable. The instability is often due to poor core strength. So the aim of the physio is to reduce pain and improve muscle and support to the spine. This is achieved with a personal excercise regime.

Esme is getting in well. Keep up the good work mum and Esme.

Welcome to Lola



Hello and welcome to Lola. Such a sweet labrador.

Sadly this girl developed tendonitis of the achillies tendon. It really has enlarged considerably. She was assessed by the referral center who felt physiotherapy was the best solution and ideally with ultrasound.

We have started Lola on a new home excercise regime, and ultrasound regime. It will take time for this to work but she is already feeling more comfortable, waggly and happy.

Keep up the good work lola and mum!

Welcome to Caymen



Hello and welcome to caymen. Such a sweet and cuddly Eraser. Not a common breed at all, so lovely to see.

His mum is so loving and vigilant. She saw some movement in his back that she worried was back pain.

So she came for physio to make sure there was nothing to worry about and get some help if anything was found.

As it happened the movement seen was normal reflexes so he was fine. But it was great to highlight some other areas for improvement.

So moral of this blog. Always good to go for an MOT as you never know what you might find. If you are ever worried, always worth getting a check up as it means alot to sleep well at night. Seemingly random findings are not likely to be a serious problem, but treating them early and making small adjustments can extend how long there is before that small issue becomes a big one, so well worth doing.

Well done mum! Keep up the good work. We love that all our clients are so loving and caring.

Paralysed rabbit recovery

We introduced Tinsel many months ago and shared her story. She had sudden onset paralysis. Her x-rays showed no break but she was given a bleak prognosis as disk damage was suspected. She came for physiotherapy.

She has made an amazing recovery. It didnt take that many months, but it did take us a while to get the video up. Sorry.

Well done Tinsel and mum!

Welcome to Tonka



Hello and welcome to Tonka. Possibly the most humungous dalmatian we have ever seen!

So so sweet. His mum felt he had been very uncomfortable for a week and it had got progressivly worse. The vet also was unsure of what was going on but found some possible back pain. So he was sent for physio.

On most of the exam there was very little to find. Until we did a spinal extention check and found some discomfort in the lower back. Its possible this is linked to disk problems.

So he has been referred back to the vets for further investigation and referral.

We await the specialists report from the x-rays, but there was an amazing odd turn of events. When asleep it was noticed he had incredible amounts of stomach gas. This is often associated with a GDV. Since having this reduced he has been much better! Its is highly unusual for this to happen with so little symptoms as GDV can be fatal within hours.

So this fascinating case is keeping us all on our toes and reminding us all to think outside the box. We look forward to more information from the orthopeadic specialist.

We will then likely work on core strengthening programes.

Keep up the good work mum and Tonka. We'll have our answers soon!

Welcome to Buddy



Hello and welcome to Buddy. A very cute Sproker.

He had a run in with a car and dislocated his hip. Sadly it wouldnt go back in well and it was discovered that he also had hip dysplasia.

So he had to have his femoral head and neck removed.

His recovery seemed good but he has never used the leg fully since. So he has started hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to get him confident in the limb again.

Its important that with this type of surgical procedure, they get using the limb again quickly. The physio helps them do this confidently so they don't fear the limb use. The hip is very clever and forms a false joint out of the scar tissue. But its important we help allign the healing tissues correctly so that a good range of movement is maintained. This will allow the most comfort life long.

Keep up the good work mum and Buddy!

Welcome to Olive



Hello and welcome to Olive. Such a cute pug!

This one has quite a story. I'm always a sucker for a happy ending! This little bean was rehomed via battersea dogs and cats home. Poor thing contracted mange and her original owners couldnt cope. So she got taken home with a staff member for foster and never went back. Well done mum and dad!

The new parents have looked after her so well ever since. But as she has aged a bit of intermittent odd gait started to occur. The vet saw her and felt she had a luxating patella. This is certainly a common issue in this breed. Depending on its severity, it can be something where surgery can be avoided if mum and dad can put in the work to help rebuild sufficient muscle.

On exam her patella did luxate once and there were some hints of arthritis, but her muscle was not too bad which was good news. Catching early is very helpful.

So we set them all up with a home regime to build strength in the hind, and help keep the patella in place. We also found some back pain so we are also working on that with massage and core strengthening.

Keep up the good work mum and dad! We are confident she will be able to rid herself of the luxations soon!

Watch “Cat massage in physiotherapy session” on YouTube

We just wanted to show you how much cats love massage and physiotherapy.

We have shown videos of other cats enjoying it in the past. But this man was so cute we had to share it with you all.

Jasper had his femoral head and neck removed and very much appreciated his physio.