Welcome to Khioni



Hello and welcome to Khioni. This is a very sweet dog that had a mild, but noticable lameness in the fore limb.

These amazing owners were determind to fix the problem. So they had all the tests under the sun, at one of the top referral centres....

Sadly, no diagnosis found. So she opted for physio.

We did our investigation and didnt find alot either, but we did still have a game plan, as the lameness was only seen during trot and no other gait.

We also know pain can be very complicated sometimes and so there may no longer be an actual stimulus for pain, but a memory of pain.

We did massage as the main treatment and started some strengthening excercises to ensure the strength was good, and slowly increased the excercise. Its going to be a journey.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Khioni.

Recyceling pet food packaging

We are pleased to share how you can recycle your pet food packaging!

See the picture for all the information you need including drop off areas.

We are also happy to help keep this simple. So if you are one of our clients, just bring your packaging that is elligable on the list above, to your next appointment and we will take it for you. Afterall, better to make 1 car trip than many.

Thank you to everyone who does thier bit to help save out home! Well done!

Passed the RCVS audit



We have been audited by the RCVS (royal collage of veterinary surgeons).
This is a necessary part of being an RVN (registered veterinary nurse).
We are audited to ensure we are doing enough CPD hours, or continued education.

We are proud to say, we flew through and it proves the RCVS are happy we have stayed high in our standards and kept our education fresh and up to date.

We believe this is an essential part of being the best rehabber we can be. We pride ourselves on being up to date and we thrive on new information.

The industry is evolving fast and as science progresses we learn new things daily. Its tough to keep up, but specialising in rehab does mean we docus our efforts in this one area of mobility. Its a big area, but it does mean we can be at the top of our profession.

So if you have any questions get intouch, or even post them on our facebook page.

Since we do all learn something new every day....happy learning everyone!

Welcome to Rudi



Hello and welcome to Rudi. This is a very special dutch kioni. A real fluff ball!

Sadly he managed to rupture both his cruciate ligaments. His recovery was going well, but mum wanted some further help so they were referred to us for Physio.

This was much needed as there was conciderable muscle loss, which suggests the cruciates were grumbeling away.

So we have set a home excercise regime and Rudi is doing really well. The biggest challange for Rudi is his behaviour. He definitly rules the roost! But its fine. We are well versed at working with the more difficult patients and we can still have a great effect on them.

Keep up the good work mum, careers and Rudi! He has quite a big loving care team!

Welcome to Charlie



Hello and welcome to Charlie. It was lovely to see a standard poodle as they have become quite a rare breed.

Charlie was a lovely, but quite nervy boy. He has been quite weak in the hind so mum felt physio would help. She had tried hydrotherapy but as he was quite stressed, it wasn't really working out for him.

We did his assessment and set him up with an appropriate home excercise regime. He took to it well.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Charlie!

Welcome to Nelly



Hello and welcome to Nelly. This very cute labrador has elbow disease. Also know as elbow dysplasia and developmemtal elbow disease.

This is incredibly common and its severity varies. It is a nasty dysfunction of the elbow that leads to pain, cartilage damage and eventually arthitis. Getting help early is essential.

Nelly did have her elbow arthroscopy, where they go into the joint with a camera and clean out any damamged tissue. But she was still lame afterwards. This is quite comon as sometimes the damamge is so severe by the time surgery is done.

So she was sent to us for physio. We work on maintaining joint range of movement and strength which will support the joint. All this provides comfort and pain relief.

Nelly now has her home regine and is improving.

Keep up the good work Nelly and family!

See gravity force in action on limbs.

One of my clients kindly filmed this video when she was at the beach with her dog.

It clearly shows gravity force in action. Our dogs body and limbs go through a lot during ball play. Here you can see how the paw prints change depth in the sand dramatically, when the ball is clearly caught. You then see the instant direction change too.

We are not saying to never have fun. But its always worth bearing this information in mind, especially if old or debilitated. Its worth also keeping it in mind when young, to help avoid excessive stress and strain that can lead to disease or injury.

Thank you for the video Kathryn. Its wonderful to share examples and see proof of these issues. We can learn so much from sand.

Welcome to Storm



Hello and welcome to Storm. Such a happy, massive labrador.

Poor thing has been suffering arthritis in his hocks from an early age. It was so bad that he was referred to a specialist orthopeadic surgeon who felt the only solution was an arthrodesis. This is not uncommon and involves using a plate to stabalise the joint. Once stable, bone forms and no movement is allowed. As a result there is no longer pain.

However the recovery was complicated by an infection getting in. So Storm had a long time on antibiotics and restricted excercise.

He was eventually referred for physiotherapy to help. He was very painful and still holding the limb in the air most of the time.

We gave him a gentle excercise plan to slowly get him to have some faith in the limb and place it on the ground.

We are pleased to say that with teamwork, between us and the vets, we are starting to make some headway and Storm is now using the limb. We will continue to rebuild his muscle and look after the other limb too.

Good luck storm, mum and family!

Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. This is a very sweet and excitable dog who loves to have a lot of fun!

Monty was out having fun in a lake, when he came back severly bleeding. He had managed to cut right through 5 of his digital tendons on his hind limb!

He had emergancy surgery to repair the tendons, but wound breakdown was a high risk due to how dirty the wound was, and putting so much pressure through the paw.

His poor owner was actually mid move and so raced home to be with him. He had an amazing care team on his side.

He came for physio as he was unsuprisingly lame. We opted for ultrasound as this is the best treatment of choice for ligaments and tendons.

We followed out 8 weeks plan and he very quickly regained his comfort. We did a gradual return to work program so it would add the right level of stress through the healing tendons.

We are pleased to say, Monty is already back and happy and enjoying some off lead time. We remain cautious as the remodeling process will continue for a year, but his care team are excellent and his owner has been through this injury himself so has lots of sympathy.

We also want to add that the owner was amazing. Him and his friends went to clear the lake out afterwards, but sadly they could not find the item that did the damage. Sadly it is the risk of swimming in lakes as we can't see into them well. One peice of advice we do give regarding lakes, is that it is better if they don't jump off the side and only go in if they can walk in.

Well done team, dad and Monty!

Welcome to Scarlett

Hello and welcome to Scarlett. A very nervous standard poodle. But very sweet.

Her mum told us at the end of the session, that she had never laid down in a therapy session anywhere before. So we were super proud of how well she relaxed for us!

She was no stranger to physio, but her mum decided she needed to try somewhere closer, so she came to us. She has had chonic back pain for many months. So we did our assesment and treatment. We were pleased to say she responded really well to the massage. So we set her up with a home massage regime and some core strengthening work.

She is doing really well, though it has been complicated by other illnesses that have occured during our time together. But mum is doing all she can to keep scatlett happy and comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and Scarlett!