Welcome to Elwood



Hello and welcome to Elwood. Such a sweet kind natured man.

Sadly he has very sore elbows. He has has arthroscopy for his elbow dysplasia on both sides.

Elbow dysplaisa is a really nasty disease and can be so debilitating. We see alot of it.

We can help Elwood become and stay more comfortable, but it will never be fixed as the cartilage in the joint is so damaged.

But we have set Elwood and his family up with a new regime to keep him comfortable and allow him to build some muscle.

Keep up the good work mum and Elwood!

Thank you from Owlsmoor Primary School

We wanted to share the thank you from Owlsmoor primary school.

Last month we spent a day telling the students of Owlsmoor primary school, what its like to be an animal physiotherapist, what we do, and how we do it.

It was well recieved at the school. But we have been really touched by the wonderful book of thank you notes they sent in reply. Below are just some of the many pages.

It would seem we have had a positive impact with this profession there so hopefully there will be plenty of new blood to follow in our footsteps.

Good luck to anyone with thier dreams and asperations. Animal physiotherapy is a dream career and we are so proud to be able to help so many patients every day.

Welcome to Mia

Hello and welcome to Mia. Such a sweet lady. She really is a heart melter!

But so crazy! She ran into a horse jump and managed to fracture her spine in her neck. She was instantly rushed to the vets who quickly sent her to the RVC for specialist investigation. Amazingly very little issue was found! But the fracture was nasty and in a very delicate place so she was given strict cage rest to allow it to heal and be safe.

She has since come for physiotherapy as she has random moments of lameness and pains. However this is only the start of her story as it is seeming incressingly complex and her symptoms are baffeling even the most amazing specialists.

We are keeping her comfy and she is having fun. But this is quite an incredible case and just shows how the body never ceases to amaze and pose challanges.

Well done mum and Mia. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Buddy



Hello and welcome to Buddy. Such a cutie border collie.

Buddy has a highly vigilant mum who noticed he was a little lame at his agility class. Taking no risks she got him assessed and referred for physio. On assessment there was very little sign of issue until the forelimb was supinated. This is a particular movement, and if it elicits discomfort it is highly likely there is elbow dysplasia.

So we referred back to the vet who has initated referral to a specialist. As a physio we can help with elbow dysplasia. But its a complex disease and if its possible for us to get a formal diagnosis following better diagnostic imaging methods, then this is ideal. Afterall, we dont want to cause further cartilage damage unnecessarily.

So we are maintaining Buddy with non impact muscle work so no muscle is lost, just whilst he await his referal appointment and we look forward to the official diagnosis. Sadly elbow dysplasia is very common so its highly likely this is the issue.

Good luck Buddy! Keep up the good work mum!.

Get your Puppy Massage DVD in time for christmas

Christmas is fast approaching so get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD in time for christmas.

It makes an awesome gift for any dog lover. Massage is great for any age dog and this DVD teaches home massage in a safe and easy to follow guide so its great for the oldies too!

This DVD was featured in crufts extra back in March and Clare Balding and Alan Carr both loved it! It also has the support of T.V. vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS and has a 5 star review from the president of the Brittish Veterinary Nursing Association.

Created by Donna Wills, RAMP and RCVS registered animal physiotherpist amd veterinary nurse. She has many years as an experianced musculoskeletal therapist and lectures in this field.

Get your copy today!


Welcome to Coco

Hello and welcome to Coco. This very cute and young Cockerpoo got diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

Poor mum was worried sick that this meant a life restricted to lead walks and no fun. So she booked into Animal physiotherapy.

We did an assessment and got down to business. This dog is destined to a long and happy life. He can and will still have fun! We have made some changes to home life, but more importantly, we have helped mum understand the disease and so therefore understand how to aid it. We have given a home regime that will rebuild muscle and support for the hips.

We are pleased to say, mum has been back for one follow up so far, and she was over the moon to see her dog so happy as he has already made progress and is acting more like a happy puppy should.

Well done mum amd Coco, keep up the good work!

When your patients are just too cute!

Sometimes, when your patients are just too cute, you just have to have a cuddle!

Anya loved her treatment and had to follow up with a cuddle.....as do so many of my patients!

And then cuty Mia tried desperatly to not fall asleep during her massage and was rudely awoken by my giant squidgy hug!

Sometimes (alot of the time) all professionalism is thrown aside for a more important patient cuddle 😊

Welcome to Masey

Hello and welcome to Macey. Such a sweet hungarian visla. But so timid.

She has started to show issues in her hind so came to us for an assessment. We found she has some neurological deficits and hind limb weakness.

So we set her a home regime. Every patient is different, so even though this was a very similar to another new case we had come in earlier the same day, her regime was still very different and suited to her individual needs.

Keep up the good work Macey and mum!

Welcome to Tyson



Hello and welcome to Tyson. Such a sweet dog.

He has been referred by his vet because he seemed to loose the muscle in his hind very quickly. This is generally not a very good sign and can be associated with a few things.

So we did our assessment and it was clear that he had some neurological deficits. His nerves were not working as well as they should be. This can account for rapid muscle loss.

His joints were actually quite good so we could rule out arthritis being a main factor.

So we set his owners up with a home regime that focused on nerve health. If you can imporve or at least slow the nerve degeneration, you will improve the muscle bulk in turn.

Mum and dad were also amazing because they noticed early and so we are able to make good changes whilst he is capable of implementing them.

This will be a life long change for him. There is no quick fix that will mean he no longer has this issue. So mum and dad will have to be commited to a home regime long term. But we do pride ourselves with working with the mum and dad to make a home regine that suits both patient and parent as it is all most effective if easily achieved.

Keep up the good work mum and dad!

Welcome to Faith



Hello and welcome to Faith. She is a very sweet little heinz 57! She was brought over from Romania by Help for Hope. Her story is that she was kicked so hard her back was broken. At this time she also had a very young puppy and was still feeding him. So a vet took her in and did spinal surgery. But sadly she remained paralysed. She still has her puppy and continues to be a good mum!

Sadly she was left for months with no rehabillitation, which makes this whole process much more diffucult. But she has now at least, got the care she needs.

We did an assessment. Her hind limb use is very poor but there was a slight sign of engagement of muscle in the Right hind. Amazingly, in the first session we got her standing and taking weight and attempting to move her paws to step. But she does prefer to drag herself as this is now a more effective way to move for her and therefore faster.

Her bladder control is less then ideal which is not usually a good sign, but her ability in just one session give us great hope. We have given her a robust home regime!

We have videos to follow so watch out for them!

Keep up the good work mum and Faith. This one is a family affair so its great you have so much support!