We work closely with the individual patient, veterinary surgeon and you, the owner. We form a bespoke program of treatment dedicated towards the patients personal needs. This treatment program will be revised and updated as the patient improves.

Methods vary for each case and usually involve manual manipulations, massage and stretches. Various state of the art equipment may also be used where appropriate.

The treatment program is likely to include exercises for you to do with the patient, and physical tasks and challenges to improve the patient as they progress. When all the elements are put together the result is a wholesome programme of treatment and rehabilitation designed to help the patient heal at the fastest pace possible. This is the best result for both patient and owner! We look at the whole patient to cover any new issues that may arise as a result of the initial problem. For example, a limping dog will often get back pain too, as they are using their body in the wrong way for a prolonged period of time. We ensure you are both able to do the programme and edit it if the patient or owner struggles.

The first session is very focused on bonding with the patient, as well as investigation into the issues. It is important to bond, as this will gain the patients trust for future sessions. The first session will take approx 1 hour. Following sessions will take approx 30 minutes.

Following the session plenty of fresh water must be provided. Some dogs respond by being sleepy for the rest of the day, as they are so relaxed. Others respond by being more energetic as they feel so much relief.

Full support is given to you during the difficult and emotional time of rehabilitation.

Almost all animals can be treated. Most animals enjoy the treatment and relax into the therapy.

Equipment may include:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - Its multiple settings make this for many things including encouraging bone deposition, reducing the degenerating enzymes associated with Osteoarthritis, pain relief, reduction of swelling, increasing blood flow, soft tissue healing, stimulating endorphin release and much more.

Ultrasound - The best electrophysical agent for ligament and tendon healing.

Intrasound - Used to free muscle adhesions, increase blood flow and relieve muscle spasm and knots.

Static magnets - Increase circulation. Used for many ailments.

Red Light Therapy - Can relieve muscle spasm, encourage endorphin release, increase blood flow, relax the patient, encourage wound healing whilst discouraging scar formation. This decreases the chance of white fur growing over a scar area.

Blue Light therapy - This kills bacteria in a wound and so is used with the red light. It also helps other skin complaints heal.

Thermo therapy - To relive muscle spasm and increase blood flow

Cryo therapy - To reduce inflammation

Muscle Stimulator- To rebuild muscle

Neurotrac - Aid incontinent patients regain bladder control.

TENs machine - For pain relief.

This is a brief summery of the machines available and only touches on their various capabilities, so please contact us to ask more.