Body condition scoring

Body weight is a really important part of staying fit, healthy and mobile. When doing an initial assessment of mobility we will always look at body weight, to see if the patient is carrying more weight on their joints than they should, or if they are too thin and therefore possible don't have the energy and nutrition needed for successful healing.

We also have learnt that fat is pro inflammatory. So it encourages inflammation in the boy. Many of the issues we are trying to sort out involve inflammation, so we know reducint fat will in turn help with that inflammation, and that will help with pain relief. We know that just 10% body fat loss (in a dog who is 10% over weight) offers the same in pain relief as taking your Nsaids (non-steroidal anti-iniflammatories). Thats drugs like yout Metecam, previcox or Onsior.

Hills have just produced 2 videos to help owners do their own dog or cats body condition scoring. The score is a simple 1-5 and only requires your hands and eyes.

So have a look!

Dog video:

Cat Video: