The credits for the Puppy Massage DVD

The credits for the Puppy Massage DVD

Puppy Massage DVD. Release date 20th August 2016

Puppy Massage DVD

Here is the credits to my wonderful backers and people involved in the production of the DVD!

The biggest thank you to my wonderful Kickstarter backers. We have 27 wonderful backers! And we couldn't be more proud! We have to give the credits to them.

We are successful kickstarters! We were 133% funded!

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This DVD has been brought to you with the full support of these wonderful backers. The Puppy Massage DVD is here now, thank you!

Brian Sidebotham

The Mitchell Family - also providing make-up and staring in the DVD

casting2impress - Also providing photography and some acting talent



Margaret Darby

Thameswood Veterinary Clinics

Xavier and Claire Singer

Forest House Veterinary Group - Also providing a location for some of the set


Performance Accountancy - Also providing our accountancy services and Audio equiptment

Performance Accountancy

Donna Coats

Susan Lewis


Izzy Taylor

Rosemary Scales - Also providing promotional equipment and music talent

Hansome Ben

Photo by Adam Trewartha

Kayo Ohnari

Harvey The Lifestyle Dog

Matt Wanless

Oscar Pet Food

Barbara Moss

CS Hydro-Physio

Aquatic Canine Therapy - ACT Now - Newbury -Also providing a puppy for a cameo and some acting talent

 Aquatic Canine Therapy Ltd

Brad Hudson Carpentry

Claire Hudson - Also providing the Puppy star! And some acting talent

Kerrie Bainbridge

Archway Vets

Archway Veterinary Surgery

Hamish and Judith

Elizabeth Schram

Anna Jensen

Thank you, amazing backers!

The credit doesn't stop there though. Great thanks goes to  the rest of the team:

Donna Wills - Puppy Massage teacher

Cute puppy!


Puppy Star - Imola

Adrian Hamilton - Camera man and Editor

Claire and Brad Hudson - Puppy star provider/ mum and dad!

Chrysa Charitou - On set Photographer

Alex Mitchell - Make-up artist

Sarah Blandford - Location provider

Logan, Dexter, Benji, Silkie, Lloyd, Gunner, Missy and Milo - Dog stars

Alex Viveash - Spaniel puppys

Lisa-Marie Porter - Labrador Puppy Stills

Susan Livsey - Actor

Barbara Frame - Actor

Doug Frame - Actor

Jo - Actor

Dean Vizer - Actors

Margaret Darby - Actor

Behavioural consultant - Kris Glover BA (Hons) MSc (CABC) CCAB

Kris Glover

Photo by Chrysa

Puppy Massage DVD

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