Luxury Massage

Seeing how relaxed and calm the patients became following massage and the positive effects it had on the patients, we decided to extend our services and offer luxury massage to all dogs and cats. This means its open to all, and not just those who are injured, in the same way that we may visit a massage therapist without being in need of physiotherapy.

We are delighted to be able to offer relaxation and comfort to all dogs and cats.

So go on, give your best friend the loving gift of massage!

Available in:

  • Clievden house hotel - a 5 star hotel that welcomes owners and their dogs.
  • Bracknell in a homely, non veterinary environment

Massage begins with craniosacral massage. This puts the dog or cat at ease with the therapist, so they can enter a state of total relaxation. Following this, the full body massage begins. This is based on the Swedish massage technique. This offers all the benefits of human massage, including increasing circulation, movement of toxins, release of endorphin (the body own "feel good" hormone), muscular relaxation and emotional relaxation.

Pheromone therapy is also used to asist in the relaxation process. This is best described as a totally safe and natural scent that only a dog or cat can detect. It is dog or cat specific. It acts on the dog to cause them to feel as they did when they were puppies suckling from their mums. For cats, its a synthetic version of their facial pheromone which they rub on everything they love. This leaves them feeling safe and content and ultimately has a calming effect.

Boxed Luxury gift package

This package includes:

  • 1 hour full body massage on an orthopaedic bed. This allows full circulation around the whole body during massage
  • Pheromone therapy
  • A healthy meal of home cooked organic chicken breast with rice and peas
  • Complimentary tea/coffee for the owner's
  • Cats just get the chicken!




This is also available for horses, but is slightly different as we would need to come to you! Contact us for details.

They enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of their own yard!