One to one calming massage lesson

Our calming massage lesson has been designed to teach you individually. You will learn the skill to calm your dog, cat or rabbit down, in a stressful situation.

This maybe in the vets, another house, car journey, in the park or when fireworks start. The skill is useful and versatile.

The session is for one hour and is designed to give you the information to effectively and safely deliver the calming touch when needed. One hour means you have the time to learn just enough during your busy life.You will learn all massage techniques needed to deliver the calming touch needed in your pets time of stress.

By attending this session you will be able to confidently calm your pet when they need your help and emotional support.

Worry is quite difficult for any pet and any owner. We like to ensure our loved ones feel safe and happy at all times. But sometimes this doesn't happen. Many things can influence and cause this. Massage can be used to correct it.

Learning massage techniques like this works well in conjunction with the other forms of therapies, or on its own, depending on how worried your pet gets.

Contact us for more information or discuss your pets needs.