Welcome to Loki

Such a total sweetheart. Mum decided he needed to learn to be calm as he was quite crazy. Rescue too, he was keeping mum on her toes! 

Mum was great and had a behaviourist help, but it was still not totally the answer. She saw our Puppy Massage DVD and requested a 1 to 1 lesson. 

We were very happy to offer this. As usual, Loki came in full of beans and bouncing around the room. But we had it all under control. After a very short time, Loki began to relax. The massage was taught. Mum learnt some techniques. Loki's favorite massage was the abdoman, also known as the belly rub! But it was the back massage that made him calm down enough to find out what areas he liked being massaged best. 

Loki was a total star and mum was so happy to see him so calm. 

If you want to learn the joy of home dog massage then get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD or request your 1 to 1 lesson by contacting us.

See our 5 star review given by mum on the reviews!

Welcome to Pip

This beautiful labrador is so lucky to have such a great mum. She started to age and slow down. She went to the vets and had all the usual arthritis treatment. But mum wanted more for her Pip. So she found us and got booked in. 

On exam, this actually was not a simple old age arthritis. Not that any arthritis is simple! It was more that there was a neurological issue. So the nerve health is not ideal. 

So we have set her up with a home regime that concentrates on nerve health and strengthening. This should slow down her deterioration.

We'll have you feeling better soon Pip. Keep up the good work mum! 

Age Concern Bracknell Joining us at Paws in the Park

Age Concern Bracknell joining us at paws in the Park

We are so pleased to have Age Concern Bracknell joining us at Paws in the Park.

Age Concern Bracknell are holding a charity stand. "Local charity helping the elderly. We use PAT dogs to assist with our elderly patients and keeping the elderly in their homes helps to keep their beloved dogs in their own homes with them. For some elderly people, their dogs are their only friends."

This great Bracknell based charity has a day centre based in Worlds End for dementia patients. They meet twice monthly in Priestwood community centre and have various events for members of the public to attend and join in. Find out more on their website.

Paws in the Park is 20th August 2016 11-3.30. Braybrook Park, Makepiece Road, Bracknell. We cant wait to see you all there!

The important community event is sponsored by Duncan Yeardley, family run estate agents.

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016

Major Sponsor of Paws in the Park 2016

Featuring the premier viewing of the Puppy Massage DVD

Digital upload instructions. Puppy Massage DVD. Release date 20th August 2016

Puppy Massage DVD. Release date 20th August 2016