Welcome to Olive



Hello and welcome to Olive. Such a cute pug!

This one has quite a story. I'm always a sucker for a happy ending! This little bean was rehomed via battersea dogs and cats home. Poor thing contracted mange and her original owners couldnt cope. So she got taken home with a staff member for foster and never went back. Well done mum and dad!

The new parents have looked after her so well ever since. But as she has aged a bit of intermittent odd gait started to occur. The vet saw her and felt she had a luxating patella. This is certainly a common issue in this breed. Depending on its severity, it can be something where surgery can be avoided if mum and dad can put in the work to help rebuild sufficient muscle.

On exam her patella did luxate once and there were some hints of arthritis, but her muscle was not too bad which was good news. Catching early is very helpful.

So we set them all up with a home regime to build strength in the hind, and help keep the patella in place. We also found some back pain so we are also working on that with massage and core strengthening.

Keep up the good work mum and dad! We are confident she will be able to rid herself of the luxations soon!

Welcome to cassi



Hello and welcome to Cassi. Such a sweet little labrador. She has been very well for a lot of years. Her mum is super vigilant and looks after her joints well. But in the last 18 months she noticed some changes and one of her back legs starting to have some problems. These seemed neurological. An x-ray showed low level change and nothing of great significance. So she decided to try physiotherapy.

We have done our assessment, and made some changes to her life that are more suited to this life stage. This has included changing the walk into 2 smaller ones so she has the same amount, but its more managable. We have also given her some excercises to keep her nerves more active. These have been balance excercises. We also noticed some issues in the fore limbs, so we have given some appropriate massage.

Keep up the good work mum and Cassi!

Welcome to Chilli



Hello and welcome to Chilli. Chilli is such a sweet old man. He is now 16y! He has made it through most his life pain free. But he slowed down in the last year. In the last 3 weeks he really got lame in one leg and it looked more like there was a possible spinal problem effecting his nerves.

Mum decided it was time to get some extra help and make his golden time more comfortable. So we have done our exam and found some issues. We did a treatment and set mum up with a home excercise regime to keep Chilli more comfortable. Some of this regime include excercises to improve nerve health and co ordination, this will in turn improve mental health as well as physical health. At 16y he is a very old man, but that doesnt mean there is nothing we should do.

Keep up the good work mum and Chilli.

Arthritis care tip

Here is a quick Arthritis care tip!

If your dog has a weak hind you need to build thier strength in the hind to give them more support. The usual excercises can get a bit boring so here is a tip that can be great for both you and your dog!

Now its summer there are beautiful medows and long grass around. Take advantage and walk them in this.

The height of the grass will make them lift thier head high and they are more likely to engage thier hinds to drive forward, more than they do in short grass. They also need to pick thier limbs up more, which increases range of movement and with that, they improve thier ability to balance. You also get a cushion effect from the soft ground so there is shock absorbtion for the joints too. So its a great work out! As a result, its also very tiring so you may only need to do half the time of the normal walk. It also may require walking somewhere you dont usually go, so this is great even if its only done once a week.

But with all good fun comes a word of warning. It can be easy to loose you dog in the grass so keep your eyes on them all the time, incase it is a bit much for them. And also be aware that this is grass seed season. Grass seeds are a nightmare if they get into the body. So after the walk check for seeds in ears, eyes, and paws. If you see one get it out, but be carful you dont push it in further. If in doubt, nip to the vets for a helping hand. Vets do deal with grass seads all the time. They are anoying and suprisingly common, but also not common enough reason to avoid the beautiful medows in my opinion.

Happy walking!


Welcome to Holly



Hello and welcome to Holly. Beautiful oldie golden retriever. She actually shares her home with Hugo who we have talked about before.

Her parents have brought her in as she suffers arthritis and she has neurological weakness in her hind.

On walking in we could easily see some of the issues. We did her assessment and found all the problems. She very much enjoyed her massage and stretches. We set her a home regime that would build her strength and challange her proprioception. We also taught her dad home massage.

We are so pleased to report that in her return visit she had already made vast improvement. Her dad said she was full of the joys of spring. She had walked further and been more active. And on our second assessment her strength and balance already looked better.

Keep up the good work dad and Holly!

Welcome to Gracie



Hello and welcome to Gracie. This feels like the last in a 3 part series! Gracie is best friends with Smokey and Widget.

Mum loves Gracie to bits and could see she was looking old in her golden years. She decided to get her checked over. We did find stiffness and areas that needed some help. We did a treatment and deep tissue massage in the areas of need. We also set a home excercise regime to keep gracie supple and comfortable.

Changing the home regime to suit the lifestages is essential to a comfortable life. Every body is different so we cant say every 6 or 8 year old should be treated the same. After all, there are amazing 90 year old humans doing marathons! But thats not for us all. So we have to respond to the needs of the individual. So if you think your loved one is changing a little, maybe its time for an assessment so we can make sure your excercise regime suits them and they are getting the most out of thier life.

Keep up the good work mum and Gracie!

CPD in osteoarthitis staging for Purton vets



An amazing CPD delivered to an amazing vet practice. Purton vets had part 2 of thier 2 part CPD in staging arthritis. This is all in the name of working together to deliver gold standard arthritis care.

It was greatly enjoyed by all. Thank you Purton Veterinary group!

Purton veterinary group CPD

Thank to Purton Verterinary Group for hosting us yesterday. We delivered some training in staging osteoarthritis. This meant they are fully up to date in being able to deliver gold stand arthritis care.

Arthritis is something we are passionate about treating. It can last for a significant proportion of the patients life. It does not have to mean life is compromised. Good management means life is enhanced and pain is reduced. We always wish there were as many interventions in human treatment of arthritis as readily available.

So they now are a team all well versed in how to help you manage you pets arthritis. We return soon for part two of the lecture, teaching them some hands on techniques.

Welcome to Boo



Hello and welcome to Boo. Oh such a cute jack russel with such lovely parents.

He has had a happy life. Then he suddenly became very ill and vestibular syndrom was diagnosed. This is a nasty illness with unknown causes. It effects the inner ear. It makes the dogs eye track side to side (nystagmus), causes a severe head tilt, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Some dogs can be so severe that they roll over and over. Luckily it was not quite so bad for Boo, but it was bad enough. His recovery was quite quick thankfully. And whilst most of the symptoms have resolved, he has been left with an aweful head tilt.

Dogs are incredible and able to cope and get used to life on the wonk. But its not nice for thier muscles. The body does compensate, but there is over use of the leg you lean on to and the balance is a struggle.

So physio can help. We have done our assessment and set a home excercise regime. This includes home massage and a series of excercises designed to promote balance. Luckily for him, his mum is a massage therapist. Lucky boy. We are also pleased to report, this os one of the few dogs I get to see at his age with no arthritis signs. Amazing!

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Boo. We'll have you feeling better soon!

Welcome to Rosie

Hello and welcome to Rosie. She is such a dear little dog and well loved.

Sadly she has become sore and lame over the past few months. Her mum remembers the first occurance like it was yesterday! She ran after a rabbit amd that was that.

She recovered very fast though which was wonderful, but alas, the lamness came back regularly. The vet noticed the muscle atrophy and felt it was a mild cruciate disease.

So she has now come for physiotherapy. The criciate ligament has not ruptured fully and she is a small dog so she is more likely to be ok without surgery. Age is not on her side either, so although she could cope, it may not be the best option for her. So we are all trying the less invasive options first.

We have done her assessment and treatment and set her up with a home excercise regime. This does include some weightloss.

Mum is fully on board and we are likely to use ultrasound soon and get hydrotherapy involved in the multimodal approach to healing this patient.

Keep up the good work mum and Rosie. You can do it!